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  1. Try this may or may not work in your scenario 1) create or open this conf file: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/zz-nvidia-modeset.conf 2) add the following line: options nvidia_drm modeset=1 3) update your initramfs sudo update-initramfs -u 4) reboot Side note: are you using proprietary driver from under the additional drivers under settings?
  2. If I understood your question correctly this article has guide to disable and re enable. But as the poster above stated tape works well too.
  3. They are practically the same with some underlying feature changes but the main change you will see is the GUI interface. Some interface and GUI's are lighter / heavier (more animations and textures some carry less) this comes in handy when running on older systems or laptops.
  4. Could be a bios based issue, have your tried checking the core voltages etc in the bios? and if your board on cool-n-quiet mode?
  5. There should be a settings under WI-Fi > Modify network, advanced> manual you can add proxy settings I believe?
  6. If I am not wrong the 2016-2017 Mac Books have this issue due to the T2 chip. There is a work around you can use found here. This may help in your case but I have not tested personally.
  7. I mean it was working before right and just swapping the OS should not have cause it to fail to boot etc.
  8. Hmmm that's pretty strange, earlier when you were checking the hard drives did you open the laptop? If so maybe try making sure the drives are properly connected same for the ram if it is seated correctly? At this point for me I can only recommend trying to install Ubuntu and see if it runs stable?
  9. Have you tried installing win10? I'm just asking to see if its operating system based issue or even a linux based OS?
  10. Might need to checksum your windows 7 ISO file to make sure its file integrity is ok. The ISO file could be damaged or missing some data. If that checks out and the checksum comes back with no errors try using a different media creation tool. Example Etcher or Yumi USB tool's.
  11. If your running Solus does Unetbootin work for you?
  12. Could be the format of the drive, or etcher I have had issues with in the past. Have you tried another USB / another flashing software? I would recommend Rufus or YUMI.
  13. Have you tried using a different USB with a fresh macOS installer? Could be the current install media. (Worth a try had it happen before)
  14. In your firewall settings page try enabling "sshd-keygen-wrapper"
  15. You may need to enter the BIOS and change the ram speed profile. This can be done under the XMP profiles.
  16. Are you doing a manual install or a pre-made downloadable VM file?
  17. Ok, so what you need to do is using another mac or one borrowed from a friend etc, you will need to install macOS to a USB. Then use that USB to boot your current mac and reinstall the OS.
  18. Have you tried booting into the recovery options and reinstalling the OS from the recovery partition?
  19. I mean do you know the Type of Mac you are using like; MacBook, or Mac Pro etc?
  20. So if your Mac is failing to recover even through, Internet recovery you might need a USB that has macOS on it and try booting off that. Unless there is a problem with the Mac itself then the USB should work. Have you tried accessing the recovery partition?
  21. You should be able to put you device into DFU mode and restore / reset with itunes. How to here
  22. I would also recommend: Bartender (lets you hide status bar icons etc), Amphetamine or Caffeine (keeps your session from timing out they both do the same, first one is newer), iTerm is also a great terminal replacement and Find any file (a great search tool to search entire mac and connected drives for any file via name).
  23. No problems so far, have been testing it out since early beta. Been a fan of gnome not the Ubuntu version though so I installed a fresh base version of gnome instead of the bundle one. Other than that can't complain.