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    O'Fallon, MO
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    Car modifying. Computers, just recently (Yes, I'm a noob at custom builds as I'm sure y'all figured).
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    Naval Serviceman


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    Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5
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    EVGA SuperSC DDR4
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    MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G
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    Phanteks P400s
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    Seagate 2tb HDD PNY 125GB SSD
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    Corsair CX750M
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    AOC Q2778VQE
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    Corsair H75
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    Corsair Strafe rgb
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    Razar Naga Molten
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    Windows 10

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  1. Okay. So I just tried it and nothing happened. The CAPS lock light on the button itself and both the power buttons are on constantly, but nothing shows on either screen. The normal or the monitor from my desktop. So that just means something inside is damaged right?
  2. I'm dumb. Didn't even think about that. Have two monitors for my home desktop. I'll try that now and let you know. Thanks
  3. Sorry, forgot a few things. Running Windows 10 (The update right before the most current on, since I was trying to power on to update anyway). With a GTX 970M GPU. Can't remember the CPU off my head, but it should be round that same ear as the GPU I would assume.
  4. Hello all, I am having a problem with my laptop. Right as I'm needing it for school... Lol. I just recently fully recharged it back to full after a while of sitting. I then turned it on only to find that the screen never lit up and went to the home screen. I looked up something on Asus' website and went by what they said to do. I took the battery out and plugged the laptop back in and then powered it back on. That did nothing to help. Still shows the power light on, but the screen never turns on. I then reinstalled the battery and tried to turn in on again. Still nothing happened with the screen. Every time I try the power light saying that it's properly powered on lights up, but nothing ever shows up on the screen. I let it sit for about 15 minutes at one time and it still did nothing. Just looking for further suggestions since it's obviously not the battery that's the issue. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello all. I just had a random thought, seeing as all the new AMD CPUs have come out. In a strictly gaming scenario, is the CPU's IPCs really the only spec you need to worry about? (Along with clock speeds, I know) Cuz with GN and everyone's reviews of the new Ryzen 5 CPUs, it seems like that's the case. For example, I have a 7800x and 1080ti in my rig and play at 1440p. (Thought I needed the enthusiast platform to stream and game, but now know I don't and no longer stream. Long story lol) Not upgrading, just wondering. In my case, could you swap the 7800x out for like the new Ryzen 3600x and still just play games perfectly well at 1440p? Seeing as the higher the resolution, the more work is put on the GPU itself. Would a CPU lower than an i7 or Ryzen 7 bottleneck a 1080ti or higher GPU even at 1440p? Just keep wondering about this after the new releases.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion man. I just ended up going with SpeedFan and manually controlling the fans. Can't really figure out how to set up the sensors to speed the fans up when the temps get higher, but I'll play with it till I do
  7. Hello all, I have an x299 system with a 2080ti Founders that I'm running. I've never really had to set up a fan curve or watch for thermals before. I have Corsair maglev fans in my case. Two 140mm intakes and one 120mm exhaust. My CPU is air cooled with a Noctua DH-15, I think it's called. I have an AsRock Tiachi MOBO and just recently set up their fan settings. But now it just sits the fans at their lowest available setting or something like that. What is something I can do or download and use that would be most beneficial to both my CPU and GPU. As I'm not super worried, but slightly worried about keeping temps down on my Founder's Edition card, cuz we all know they're not as good as other aftermarket coolers. Thank you in advance!
  8. Alright yeah, that's true. I forgot about that. I read that on another forum, but they were talking about something else, so I wasn't sure if that would be the same issue. I'll have to do that though
  9. Hello all, I just bought a 2080 ti Founder's Edition from Best Buy online about a week ago. Worked perfect and was amazing. A week a later, it's having crashes with that windows warning of "your graphics rendering device has stopped responding" or something of that nature. I understand they were plagued with the artifacting issue, but I never heard of any constant crashing while gaming like this. My old 1080 ti did perfect no matter what. And that was a Founder's as well. Is it an RMA type of issue or something to do with drivers or something? Thanks in advance!
  10. Okay, just did. Thank you very much! I'll test it to make sure in a second here. I just looked up what that is and why that makes a difference. Sounds like it's my fix. I sound dumb for not knowing... Lol
  11. Hello, I have two 1440p monitors, my gaming one which is 144Hz and my second that's on 60Hz. I like watching Twitch streams while in q for matches in games. I have a 7800X CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 1080ti. When I watch a stream on the other monitor as of recent, it dramatically kills my fps on my gaming monitor. I've always turned the streams down to 720p instead of 1080p60 so I would have good frames still. But now I get like close to 70 and sometimes less than 60 frames when playing games and watching streams. Is this a hardware issue, could it be a driver issue, or could it be something I'm not doing right? Thank you in advance!
  12. Sorry. Disregard. I didn't know until further reading that Paraflexcables actually makes the entire cable for you to just install yourself. I'm dumb. Lol
  13. Hello all, I had a Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom in the past and sold it (regret it every day). Also don't want to pay $150 for the Finalmouse NInja Air58. Lol. I now have a Zowie S1 and love the shape so much. But it has a flexible rubber cable. I was wondering if there's any companies that do para cording for mice? I mean, I could do it myself I guess. The mouse comes with extra feet. But I'd rather not if I don't have to do it myself, never have before. Thank you in advance!
  14. Yeah, I don't go crazy with any of that stuff, so mainstream will most likely be my next upgrade once the next gens of cpus come out from both sides. Yeah, I'm just one of those weird people who doesn't like to uninstall many games and stuff, even when I know I won't play half of them or use certain software I have downloaded... Lol. I'm running a 4TB WD hard drive as bulk game storage right now with a WD M.2 for OS and other software like OBS and what not
  15. Yeah, that's why I was asking the question. I don't really take use of most of what x299 has to offer. I'm only running one M.2 drive, one HDD, and one GPU. So I don't really need all the lanes it has. I guess it's nice if I ever get into any editing of any kind, but I'm not very creative, so I doubt I will.. Lol. Most I would ever do is go all SSD storage with multiple 1TB or 2TB SSDs and raid 0 them. Which you can easily do on the mainstream platform as well, unless I'm mistaken