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  1. An extra 200mAh is unlikely to make an altogether gigantic difference. There are more important factors at play - the power efficiency of the components used for example, and the power optimisation of the phone's software. The iPhone 6 only has a 1715mAh battery yet manages to get for the most part comparable battery life to most other flagship devices, for example.
  2. By having a few advantages that most people overlook. The PS4 in particular with its excellent memory bandwidth should be able to last for a while. Keep in mind that from an ease of development perspective for third party title developers, the consoles are usually more attractive than PC. People always look at consoles exclusively based upon their hardware and never get a full idea of their capabilities as a result. The Xbox 360 only had a triple core PowerPC CPU, 512MB of RAM and a GPU which was only slightly ahead of the highest end GPU available on PCs of the time. In spite of that it was able to be supported and run all of the newest games for around 10 years. The biggest criticism and problem developers had with both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 was that they didn't have anywhere near enough RAM - the Xbox One and PS4 have fixed this. At the end of the day, the power of the hardware doesn't matter, it's what the developer does with it. There's a reason Nintendo's games are usually so well received, and there's a reason first party titles usually look quite a lot more impressive than third party ones on the consoles. Developers right now usually fail to make a particularly good game on any platform because they settle on making an 'acceptable' game on every platform. The consoles shouldn't be blamed for poor PC releases; the developers of those titles should be.
  3. Come again? Since when has almost 3000mAh of battery capacity been 'very poor'?
  4. You'd think with it being so cold in Scotland we'd get snow all the time. But no, all we ever get is wind and rain.
  5. I'm surprised, and impressed, that Apple are taking such a great stance on this. I fully agree with what they say. I only hope that more companies begin to adopt this outlook on the user's right to privacy and security.
  6. 10/10 for fixing your signature. We don't count the contents of a spoiler towards the 3-line limit. Provided your signature doesn't exceed 3 lines when the spoilers are closed, it's all good.
  7. 7/10. Docked 3 points for exceeding the 3-line signature limit.
  8. Provided this topic remains light-hearted and no-one starts taking it too seriously (one way or another), I see no problem with keeping this open. That said, if anyone starts to be mean-spirited or offensive I won't hesitate to lock this thread and rain warning points upon those responsible. Insulting fellow members isn't cool - so keep it civil!
  9. It's not realistic to expect a device with an 800MHz single-core CPU and 512MB of RAM to perform well when tasked with running an OS version and software that it was not originally designed for. It's a minor miracle that they kept it updated for as long as they did and that it works as well as it does. If you want to discuss planned obsolescence, consider this - the Samsung Galaxy S3 shipped with Android 4.0.4, an OS revision launched on June 6th 2012. Its latest update was Android 4.3, an OS revision launched on October 3rd 2013. So the Galaxy S3, one of the most popular smartphones of all time, only received 16 months of updates.
  10. It's possible that mod is causing the issues. Some games tie certain mechanics to the framerate for various reasons, especially when the game is primarily developed for a console where the framerate is typically locked to 30 or 60fps. Consequently, unlocking the framerate on such games can cause unforeseen and sometimes weird problems.
  11. Happy new year everyone.
  12. Whiskers

    Dutch Talk

    Noch, ik begon vroeger dit jaar Nederlands te leren.
  13. Whiskers

    Dutch Talk

    Gelukkig nieuwjaar iedereen.
  14. Just a heads up guys: discussion on how to obtain pirated content is not allowed on LTT. Feel free to talk about the legal sourcing of game ROMs and which emulators you can use etc, but please keep it at that. If pirating game ROMs is discussed in this thread, it will be locked. Thanks.
  15. Thread reopened. I've removed a lot of posts in this thread. Just a reminder - it is against the Code of Conduct to insult other users. If further arguing and insult throwing happens in this thread, it will be permanently locked. Keep it civil.
  16. Do you believe that a government or company can be trusted with access to the personal data of millions of people? Do you believe that they can be trusted to only seek out the data of those who commit crime, only use the data for those who break the law? Do you think that any group of people in this world can be trusted with such an absolute position of power? We, as citizens of evolved and cultured nations, are supposed to have the right to privacy and free speech. We are supposed to be protected by the legal principle that we are "innocent until proven guilty". When our governments decide that mass-surveillance is an acceptable means to track down those who break the law, they destroy those rights. By surveilling every citizen, they declare that they believe us all to be potentially guilty. No longer are we innocent until proven guilty, instead we are surveilled under the expectation of guilt. One may think that they are safe after having done nothing legally or morally wrong, but that is because they know what they have done in full detail and have full insight into their own actions and intentions. By searching through your emails, text messages, personal documents and web browsing history a third party will not have such insight and consequently they may well come to an inaccurate conclusion as to your actions or intentions based on circumstantial evidence. No-one is safe from such a system.
  17. I completely agree with Apple. If they have the ability to unlock a bad guy's phone, they have the ability to unlock a good guy's phone. They would have the ability to access every device and consequently hand over the data of every device. No company, and certainly no government, can be trusted with such a position of absolute power. If only the bad guys could be targeted, then having a backdoor to provide access to their data would be a good idea. But we do not live in such a world.
  18. Then stop perpetuating it. A joke is usually only funny for a finite amount of time. The #PCMasterRace rubbish has been going on for years. It makes us look like a group of egotistical asses trying far too desperately to justify our personal purchasing decisions by arguing about how superior they are to everyone else's. It's juvenile.
  19. Because for the majority of people, having an ugly external hard drive enclosure that requires both an extra data cable and power cable to an outlet to power it is ugly and inefficient. The PS4's internal storage can be upgraded by sliding a piece of plastic, undoing a screw and slotting in a drive. It's as simple as it gets. If someone can't do that then I'm not sure how they can play games in the first place.
  20. For this console generation, asking which is better is like asking whether purple or yellow is better. Neither is inherently 'better' - they each have their strengths and weaknesses, and both can provide an enjoyable gaming experience. Which is better depends on what specifically you are looking for. If you're only interested in playing third-party titles, the PS4 is ever so slightly ahead owing to more consistent performance in games and a generally higher resolution and framerate target across titles. (Contrary to popular belief from the PC gaming community, the majority of titles on the PS4 are rendered natively at 1920x1080, with a large number also targeting a framerate of 60fps) Short summary of plus points for each: Xbox One Xbox Live is more mature than PlayStation Network The controller is generally regarded as being better than the DualShock 4 The media functionality is significantly better. Upcoming locally-based (not streamed) backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles Exclusive titles such as Halo, Forza, Fable, Gears of War and Crackdown PlayStation 4 More powerful hardware, generally better performance in multi-platform titles Storage can be upgraded more easily PlayStation Now offering backwards compatibility with previous PlayStation titles (not local, streams online) Exclusive titles such as Gran Turismo, The Order: 1886, inFamous, Bloodborne, DriveClub, Uncharted and The Last of Us Ultimately, only you and your friend can decide which is best for you. They're both decent consoles and both have a good selection of games to choose from, so you shouldn't worry about making the wrong decision - there isn't such a thing this generation.
  21. If you still have the option, I'd advise against buying a TurtleBeach headset. They are, unfortunately, very cheaply made and very poorly designed products - they are notoriously unreliable, have very poor sound quality compared to competing products and are just generally not very good. If you plan on using the headset for communicating with users on Xbox Live, I'd suggest looking around to see which headsets are the best regarded which are compatible with the Xbox 360. If you don't care about having a mic and just want to use the headset for listening to game audio, you should look into buying a pair of decent headphones instead. They'll be compatible out of the box with basically anything that has a 3.5mm headphone port and will sound much better than a TurtleBeach headset.
  22. If you have any feedback for the forum: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/486528-forum-feedback/



      neat threads not there anymore ;P

  23. Disgusting. They are annihilating every UK citizen's right to online privacy - there is no justification whatsoever for the police being granted this much power. Why stop here? Why not mandate that each citizen must outfit their homes with CCTV cameras which can be monitored by the police 24/7? It would mean the police can catch anyone doing anything bad across the entire country! Fantastic idea.
  24. Disappointing, at least so far. The price is too steep and as someone who owns a BlackBerry 10 device right now the Priv is a bit of a downgrade in functionality, if anything. Having complete access to all Android apps is nice and all but I value having a stable, secure and responsive OS more than I do having all the apps in the world at my disposal. I'm sticking with my Z30 for quite a while yet.
  25. Unprofessional? Blimey, what rubbish. His comments are perfectly fair. I'm sure there will be other developers and consumers who will disagree with them, but that doesn't make his comments 'unprofessional'.