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  1. Locked. Please don't post the same topic multiple times. The original topic is still open and available for people to post in. We don't mind people bumping their own thread as long as they don't go over the top. Certainly it's preferable to bump one thread every now and again (no more than once every 24 hours, I'd say) than it is to submit the thread multiple times.
  2. Could you provide examples of this? I've heard this accusation multiple times and have yet to see an example of it.
  3. It heavily damaged the value of the pound, caused many companies to contemplate moving their base of operations to outside of the UK, already having an impact on the influx of foreign students studying in the UK, already having an impact on science funding confidence if not actual levels quite yet. And all of that before Article 50 has even been invoked. How has it allowed us to make strides towards being a more successful state? We've traded a position of relative power and authority within a strong union of allied countries for having a tiny bit more control over our own countries - most of the power we sought to get from leaving the EU is power we already have, it's just that our Government haven't wielded it properly. At the very least Brexit has divided the United Kingdom into two very clear sides - Scotland and Northern Ireland who strongly want to remain in the EU, and Wales and England who want to leave. I see no positives having come from Brexit yet, and I doubt we'll be seeing any soon.
  4. @Enderman @Nicholatian Tone down the hostility. It's unnecessary to throw insults at each other; either discuss your difference of opinion in a civil fashion or don't bother responding at all. And to be clear, this works both ways - accusing people of being a fanboy because they don't agree with your opinion isn't acceptable, and nor is telling them they must 'open their mind' just because they view things differently. Your opinion is not law. Keep it civil or the thread will be locked.
  5. Whiskers

    Is this okay?

    As long as you have a decent power supply (which you do, though a lot of people will want to argue otherwise) and you're not pushing your computer way beyond its acceptable limits (running CPU at a high voltage, CPU running at really high tempereatures etc), your computer should be fine running for extended periods of time. You might want to see if you can contact your ISP to enquire about your connection speed though. Sometimes they can fiddle with your line remotely to get you better speeds, if you're lucky.
  6. I don't hate Apple, and I generally like their products. That said, I entirely disagree with (and dislike) some of their design decisions. Their design focus is just in the wrong places at times. Apple used to be a company focused on the important things - user experience, creating practical and tangible uses for existing technology and functionality, making technology more simple and straightforward to use. But they're starting to reach a point now where they're going down the opposite path. Their decision to remove the headphone jack provides an inherently worse experience for users, as does the decision to limit battery life to accommodate making their devices less than a millimetre thinner. The iPhone 6, 6S and 7 all have far too little battery capacity - less than 2000mAh on a modern phone is ridiculous. iPhones may be more power efficient than most Android devices, but the difference is not great enough to make up for this inadequacy. The Samsung Galaxy S7 manages to contain a larger battery than the 7 Plus in spite of being only marginally larger than the 7. If Apple would give up with their relentless determination to make their phones as slim as possible, the non-Plus model iPhones would have adequate battery life. iOS started off life as a fantastic mobile Operating System. It was incomparable to anything else at the time - attractive, efficient, responsive, simple and most importantly intuitive. But over the years they've added so much more functionality, so many new features and so many new applications that it's a much messier experience. The functionality is great - but the interface was not originally designed with it in mind so they've had to figure out new ways of adding to the UI to accommodate the functionality. As a result you've got an absurd number of interaction levels, button combinations and navigational complexity to consider as a user. The home button, once dedicated to being just a home button, is now responsible for accessing your multitasking tray, Siri and even accessibility controls. But you can also switch between apps by using 3D touch at the edge of the screen. You have a notification dropdown available by swiping from the top of the screen - but also a quick controls centre available by swiping from the bottom. Quick controls used to be one pane with all controls easily accessible; now it's 2, with music controls separated from the rest. iOS, in my opinion, needs a fundamental overhaul in user interface design. They need to carefully consider how to better design the OS so as to allow functionality to be more easily and more intuitively accessible. Perhaps they could consider the implementation of a gesture based control system like BlackBerry 10 which I find to be significantly more responsive, efficient and simple.
  7. Let this be a warning to those participating in this thread, or any other: If you are unable or unwilling to assist the OP with their question, do not bother responding. If all you want to do is post to ridicule them or insult them, don't bother. If any more insults are thrown around, this thread will be locked.
  8. Moved to the Storage Devices section.
  9. Thread locked. Personal attacks on this forum are not acceptable; direct or indirect. This thread has descended into nothing worthwhile. I suggest all of you have a close look over the Community Standards.
  10. I think this thread has gone on for long enough. Plagiarism is already forbidden on the forum, and we will remove any such content when it has been brought to our attention. Swearing is allowed up to a point; this falls under the rules regarding freedom of expression. We generally frown upon 'garbage topics' regardless of where they are posted - so if you see a topic which you think serves no purpose whatsoever that should be removed, please report it to us and we'll look into it. As for an application process to be a mod, this is not feasible. By allowing applications we would be increasing the amount of work necessary to find a new mod considerably. The way we have chosen new mods until now has served us very well, and it is unlikely it will be changed any time soon. Thread locked.
  11. This whole situation is a mess and it's only going to get worse. England is looking like it's going to either have Theresa May (the woman responsible for the Snooper's Charter, woot woot), or Jeremy Corbyn as its next prime minister. And I'm not expecting Labour to do particularly well in the next general election, so we're stuck with a second Thatcher... The most concerning thing is the rapid increase in reports of racially motivated crimes and incidents. I heard recently there has been a fivefold increase in such after the referendum, and a lot of EU immigrants and foreigners living in the UK have been made to feel entirely unwelcome and even hated. Disgusting.
  12. Alright, thread re-opened. If any more insults, name-calling or crappy behaviour happens again in this thread it will be permanently locked, and those responsible will receive a good ol' barrel full o' warning points. LTT is not the place for being a dick to one another. Discuss your differences in opinion politely or don't bother posting at all.
  13. I did. I think it has potential, but like the main show definitely needs some work. It felt like the pacing was pretty off, and it felt sort of 'empty' to watch if that makes sense. Given time to improve though I have more faith in it being good than I do the main show itself.
  14. Mine is ~4.6MB/s right now. I'll hopefully be getting faster internet soon though so that should get to around 10MB/s whenever that happens. (So much nicer than my speeds before last month. I only had 3.2Mb/s for far too long. )
  15. Haha. Yeah, I've been pretty busy for a while. I just haven't had as much time available to do more than check my notifications and PMs. I have more free time available for now though so I can start interacting more frequently again.
  16. I'm not too sure how the system works in the US, but assuming it's anything like it is in the UK I'd suggest it'd be a good idea to get your license for riding a bike first then think of buying a bike later. That way you'll have some experience under your belt at least and will be in a much better position to judge what your riding preferences are and even if you like riding in the first place. (Plus with a license, you may have opportunities to go for test rides which would be the best way of determining if a bike is right for you or not.) That said, it totally depends on what you like and what you're comfortable with man. There's a lot more to bikes than just their engine size and power output, and not everyone has the same preferences or opinions on what constitutes a good beginner bike. Some guys find it best to start off on a 125cc, others prefer 300cc, others still prefer 500-600cc and some even jump straight into litre bikes. I'd say it's important that you try to test out a bike before you buy it, if you can. Make sure it's comfortable to sit on, try to get a test ride on it to see how it feels. Bikes are primarily about how you feel on them in my view, so it'd be pointless getting a bike that looks great on a spec sheet but you don't find enjoyable to ride on.
  17. Rubbish, pure rubbish. I was always going to have a problem with the show in that I've never liked Chris Evans. But I was cautiously optimistic regardless as I expected they would change the show up a lot, make it new and tailor it to suit the new crew. But no, it turns out they've just kept it the same. The minor tweaks they've made in places aren't enough to make it feel fresh to me. Top Gear was a character show. You don't take a character show then simply replace the characters; it makes no sense. To do the new cast justice the show needs a new format.
  18. My ideal phone is unfortunately one that has no chance of existing any time soon. Screen: 5" 720p minimum, 1080p maximum - OLED preferable, LED acceptable Speakers: Dual side-firing speakers mounted top and bottom (identical to BlackBerry Z30) Body: BlackBerry Z30, built out of metal instead of plastic. Also has a slider mechanism to facilitate a slide-out keyboard like the Priv - only good OS: An improved version of BlackBerry 10 with an updated Android runtime (Lollipop minimum) and (though this is impossible) Google Play Services Battery: 3500mAh minimum I love BlackBerry 10. As an OS, I still feel it's far better than either Android or iOS. But without an updated Android runtime and support for Google Play Services, it just doesn't have good enough app support.
  19. Windows 10 frustrated me enough that I went back to Windows 7 on my gaming rig. It generally worked well, then every so often would just randomly stall and stutter. I'd press the windows button and the start menu wouldn't appear until I pressed it another few times, or I'd press Win+L and it wouldn't lock for a few times. I also strongly dislike their actions in regards to user data tracking and the lack of transparency they provide to their users over such. Totally wrong.
  20. Yup. AMOLED is essentially just a marketing term for a specific variant of OLED; in reality however, almost all OLED technology these days is pretty much the same.
  21. Unfortunately, the answer is basically no. OLED displays work in such a way that each individual pixel is its own source of light. When burn-in occurs there is a physical defect which causes this; the pixels affected have been damaged such that they can no longer display the same levels of light as the others on the display.
  22. I've hidden the posts arguing about British English vs. American English. If you want to debate such a subject please make a new topic for it; and please keep it more civil than it was here. Some of those hidden comments were unnecessarily aggressive / offensive. Intentionally antagonising fellow members of this site is not acceptable, and neither is attacking people - for any reason. If you take exception to a comment or topic posted by a user please report it to the moderator team and we will take care of it. If any more arguing like this occurs in this thread, it will be permanently locked. Keep it on topic, and keep it friendly please.
  23. I love Linux because it provides the user with complete freedom to customise the OS as they want. You control what software you have installed, you control how the OS looks - and it's immensely lightweight compared to Windows. When I have a problem on Linux it's usually a case of going to the Arch wiki and fixing the problem quickly; when I have a Windows issue it's usually a case of Googling it only to find that few to no other people have reported the issue and there's no listed fix. The only reason I still have Windows installed is because of games. If game support was better on Linux I wouldn't want to use Windows at all; I don't like it.
  24. Not at all. They are comparable, but not identical. The PS4 has more graphics cores and superior overall memory bandwidth whilst the Xbox One has a slightly more powerful CPU on account of a higher clockspeed. There is definitely a difference in the capability of the two.