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  1. If you really like or need wireless, there's not a direct upgrade to the G700s available yet; the closest thing is the G900 (or the G903, which is the same mouse but with support for Logitech's wireless charging mousepad). It's a great mouse, but it has a very different shape and size and much fewer buttons than the G500s has, so it might not be the right mouse for you.
  2. My ThinkPad X230 still has that resolution. :'(
  3. Starbucks charge for Wi-Fi where you are? Here in the UK it's still free as far as I know.
  4. I think someone mentioned earlier that they're really inconsistent from one branch to another, and that's been my experience too. My local Starbucks are alright, one slightly further away that's consistently rubbish then there are a few closer to the middle of town that are really good.
  5. Impossibru. You can't put too much caramel on a caramel macchiato.
  6. As I said to dizmo, if you want to discuss this please send me a PM about it. As it stands right now, it's a rule of the forum. If a user does something wrong we want users to report it to us and we'll take care of it; the mod team will not unilaterally punish people for making a mistake, and most of the time we'll simply inform the user of why we took action and explain the importance and relevance of the subsections of the forum. Please don't post more responses about this in here. The OP is looking for help choosing a new phone, not for a discussion about backseat moderation.
  7. If you want to discuss it, feel free to send me a PM; let's keep this thread on-topic.
  8. Please just report it to the mod team and we'll take care of it. Backseat moderating is against the Community Standards. Thread moved to Phones and Tablets section.
  9. Thread moved to "New Builds and Planning" section.
  10. I've hidden some posts in this thread. Please discuss the topic without resorting to personal attacks on those you disagree with. Just because someone holds a different opinion than you do doesn't mean it's acceptable to suggest they're a shill or that their opinion is invalid. Keep it civil, or the thread will be locked. Let's not ruin what can be an interesting discussion.
  11. It is Apple's fault. And I say that as an iPhone owner myself. The non-Plus model iPhone has notoriously poor battery life and has ever since the 6 was launched. The 6S improved it (or worsened it depending on the silicon lottery) then the 7 improved it again and also the 8 again; but the improvements were relatively minor and the effective battery life is still very short, especially for screen on time. The smaller the capacity the faster the phone will discharge. By putting such small capacity batteries in the iPhone (the non-Plus models aren't even 2000mAh) Apple are ensuring that people will burn through the lifespan of the Li-Po battery faster than if it had a larger capacity battery. It's the only reason I have a 7 Plus instead of a 7; the battery capacity on the base model is just ridiculous. Even on the 7 Plus it's ridiculously small for such a large phone, not even reaching 3000mAh.
  12. Topic previously posted here. Also, please read the Tech News and Reviews section guidelines here. Thread locked.
  13. I don't think this title is very accurate. Their Authenticator app seems to be insecure, but so far as we know that doesn't extend to the main LastPass app itself.
  14. The standout RPG for the Xbox 360 was Mass Effect, but that was also available on the PC and was also ported over to the PS3 later on. I can't think of any 360-specific RPGs that would make the console worth playing. There were some decent exclusives such as Halo and Forza, but if you're not really interested in those... I'd say there's pretty much no reason to get the console.
  15. I never had a BBOS device, my first BlackBerry was the Z30 which ran BB10. App shortage aside I loved the phone; even with fairly heavy usage it lasted me an average of 2 days, with light usage it could easily last 3 or more. Unfortunately their Android phones suck. The KEYOne is sexy but massively overpriced and I don't trust it after its issues with the screen falling out. And I'm massively butthurt because my Priv's final OS upgrade was to Marshmallow which launched a month before the phone itself did.
  16. Indeed. Sorry OP, but I'll have to lock this thread. Officially, you can only run macOS on Mac hardware.
  17. Hope you get better soon dude.
  18. The Passport Silver Edition was a huge improvement in that regard. Unfortunately it was also very expensive, not easily available everywhere (contract availability in particular was pretty much dead in the water from day one) and it was plagued by a few build quality issues. It's a shame BB10 never took off because I loved it. As a communications device BB10 phones were just so much better than any iPhone or Android phone were. But BlackBerry gonna BlackBerry, so they mishandled it every step of the way and ensured its death through their actions and inactions. Sad, it would have been super beneficial to the smartphone market to have had a third major smartphone ecosystem competing.
  19. This thread is over 3 years old now, and has technically been necroed twice. I think it's had its time. Locked.
  20. Because your thread is specifically about a monitor it best belongs in the "Displays" section of the forum, so I moved the thread there for you. When threads are posted in their appropriate sections, they're more likely to attract the interest of people who are knowledgeable on the subject; members who know about monitors and display technology are more likely to pay attention to threads posted in the "Displays" section than they are "General Discussion", for example. I was just giving you a heads up that it had been moved.