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  1. I have Corsair Vengeance 2000s. They are really rather awesome - in spite of being a gaming headset they have a very good balanced sound. Definitely not the muddy-sounding bass-emphasising rubbish I've come to expect from a gaming headset. They also have simply brilliant battery life, are extraordinarily comfortable and have pretty awesome wireless strength. I really like them.
  2. Referring to console players as 'peasants' is arrogant, elitist and rude. You're directly insulting and classing them as a lesser being on the basis that they play on a console instead of a computer. It's not a joke. It's a clear cut insult.
  3. Let's see your phone render Gran Turismo 6 at its native resolution of 1440x1080 upscaled to 1920x1080.
  4. Mm. I'd be quite interested in reading that if you do find it.
  5. I agree. I dislike such arrogant and elitist terminology.
  6. Precisely. It's akin to complaining that a Bentley is overpriced. You can get a car which performs just as well if not better for less money - but there's not a chance in hell it will be as well built, as luxurious or as brilliant.
  7. Mine are the HD 465s. They were discontinued and aren't too easily available anymore, and they're really not good enough to bother searching around for unfortunately.
  8. Yawn. The jokes about the Mac Pro looking like a trashcan were crap months ago, and it's not like they're getting better with age.
  9. As far as I can tell, the following sites and services are currently down: EA login servers Battlelog (both for BF3 and BF4) Mass Effect 3 servers Origin (store still works however) Steam store This is getting ridiculous. Screw this guy - I wanted to play some goddamn Mass Effect 3!
  10. Unfortunately not. You can alter the brightness of both the unpressed and pressed keys, but not the speed at which the light fades in / out.
  11. I am agreeing with you! From all benchmarks I've seen, the 4770k performs insignificantly better than a 4670k. But it still performs better. I was just saying that in the strange circumstance that you encounter performance issues caused by hyperthreading (which I must say I've never heard of before) you can easily remedy the issue by disabling it.
  12. In so much as there are a million alternatives to Microsoft Office, a million calculator apps and a million fart-sound apps. There may have been many others, but Bump was pretty much the standard. The 'Original and Best', if you will.
  13. I'm well aware of that. However, in terms of the general performance and experience a 4770k will perform the same as a 4670k and sometimes slightly better. I've never seen benchmarks or even discussion of it performing 'worse' before. Besides, if hyper-threading causes issues with a game then you can simply disable it.
  14. For me personally I'd consider a Shield because it's a decent portable gaming device which provides a decent method of controlling games. In spite of having a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I don't particularly enjoying gaming on it. Touchscreens (at least in their current form) are not a sufficiently tactile or ergonomic control method - until we see advancements in the technology in order to make it so, having dedicated buttons and thumbsticks remains the superior option for the majority of games. The only reason I'm not getting one yet is because it's hard to justify when I already own a capable Android smartphone and tablet, plus it's not available in the UK yet.
  15. As others have said, the i7 4770k is overkill for gaming. You're unlikely to see a noticeable or worthwhile boost in performance over the likes of a i5 4670k. For gaming in general the 8350 will not be quite as good as a 4670k or 4770k, as most games only use a couple of cores at most which puts Intel chips at an advantage owing to their better performance per core. There are a few games in which the 8350 performs better than even a 4770k I believe, but not many. As for whether the next generation of games will perform better with an 8350 remains to be seen, though personally I am doubtful.
  16. Bump is an application used for quickly sharing files between two smartphones in close proximity to one another. It functioned cross-platform between Android and iOS (I'm uncertain if there were eventually Windows Phone and BlackBerry versions) and allowed users to share photos, contact information and documents between one another. The idea was that to share the files, both users simply need to lightly 'bump' their devices together to initialise a file transfer. It actually worked quite well in my experience.
  17. Interesting stuff. Being from the UK, I don't really pay that much attention to US cellular providers. But I've seen quite a few interesting news articles over the years about T-Mobile in the US and they genuinely seem to be the only large cell provider who actually care about moving things forward, improving the experience for the customer and making everything better. Good on them!
  18. Stupid move in my opinion. I've never understood why Google do this again and again. Why not maintain the products of the company they've acquired so long as the product is popular enough to warrant it? Bump is one of the most used smartphone applications in the world, it seems like a stupendous waste to simply kill it off. :mellow: Typical Google indeed.
  19. Personally, I feel Battlefield is yet another step backwards for the franchise. I dislike the approach they have taken to gameplay, not to mention the plethora of technical bugs and issues which continue to exist..
  20. You're still going around claiming that the Mac Pro has two R9 270s? :mellow: Show us benchmarks for the important things. 3D modelling and animation work, for example. Workstation cards are superior to gaming cards for such things.