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  1. @meme123 Please post Linus-related memes in the Linus Memes thread. If you'd like this thread to be a general RTX-specific meme thread please edit the title accordingly and let me or another mod know then we'll unlock it.
  2. This article really is bordering on insanity. Real-time raytracing in a video game is impressive for sure, and I'm excited to see it adopted and improved upon over time. But that's the kicker; even if performance with RTX enabled is impressive it's ultimately meaningless if developers don't implement support for it in their games. And in spite of NVIDIA's boisterous claims that it "just works" it definitely requires the not inconsiderable effort of the game's development team to implement. I think that even if we're thinking of an ideal scenario, the first-gen RTX release is never going to have instant and widespread adoption - it will take time for developers to gauge their interest in it, let alone test and implement it. By the time developer adoption becomes more widespread the first gen lineup will probably be borderline antiquated. I entirely agree with Linus' comments on last night's WAN show here. The biggest concern for RTX in my view is the technology that'll go into the next-gen consoles. It's unlikely they'll feature an NVIDIA GPU and so far AMD haven't announced (or even been rumoured to have) a competing real-time raytracing implementation (Radeon Rays isn't the same thing). If all they have is support for software-implemented raytracing then it's very possible that developer adoption of RTX could suffer strongly as a result for the vast majority of multi-platform games.
  3. I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree then. I'm quite fond of it, personally.
  4. I'm saying that the marked difference in the style of the notch and consequently drastically different screen size in combination with the difference in fingerprint sensor location makes the Motorola P30 much closer in design to the iPhone X than it does the Huawei P20 in my opinion, yes. We're talking about how similar the phones look - you can't just say "but if it wasn't different in these ways it would look just like this phone"; those differences exist, and as a result the phone appears noticeably different. Again with the colour scheme aside however this is not so when comparing it to the iPhone X. I do agree that the colour scheme is incredibly close to that of the P20.
  5. You can see it in the very image of the P20 that you just linked.
  6. Presumably then the P20 is also indistinguishable from the iPhone X? The differences you point out are differences which (in isolation at least) copy specific iPhone X design traits. Yes there are similarities to the P20 - but the silhouette of the phone is somewhat different whereas it's practically indistinguishable from the iPhone. It also lacks the fingerprint sensor beneath the display which makes for quite a drastic difference in design between the two.
  7. I'd say in almost every regard besides the side buttons and colour scheme the P30 is much more similar to the iPhone X than it is the Huawei P20. The notch is a very important design detail and for better or worse it is a distinctive design trait of the iPhone X. Most phones introducing a notch have managed to differentiate themselves from the X - this is an almost direct clone however. As a result the phone from a distance appears pretty much indistinguishable from the iPhone X - and I'd argue that for anyone but the most avid techie out there, even up close (from the front) it would be difficult to see a difference, colour scheme aside.
  8. Colour wise perhaps. Design wise? Definitely not. The P20 is quite distinct from the iPhone X, this new Motorola phone is an almost 1:1 clone. The OnePlus 5 was widely criticised for how incredibly similar it was to the iPhone 7 Plus in design. This is much more similar to the X, comparatively.
  9. @DOGEY I have merged your posts together. If you submit a post and wish to add to it afterwards, please use the "edit" button located below it. It's a bit frowned upon to post multiple times in succession; you spam anyone following the topic and bump the thread with each post. I have also moved your thread to the "Graphics Cards" section, where it best belongs. Please check the forum before you post to see which of our subforums best suits the topic you wish to submit.
  10. Link removed. As per our Community Standards, we do not allow advertisement; eBay listings count towards this rule. If you want to suggest something for LMG to review feel free to post it in this thread.
  11. @FoxofGrey Please post Linus memes in the Linus Memes thread. If something breaks the Community Standards then please use the report button below it to bring it to the mod team's attention, and leave it for us to deal with.
  12. If you don't know exactly what you want as a tattoo, I'd suggest you're not ready for one yet. Once you have it you have it forever. Removal rarely works perfectly.
  13. Just a quick note for everyone - we usually prohibit AMD vs. Intel threads because they tend to descend into anarchy. We're going to keep this one open for now in the hopes things stay civil, but please help us to keep it that way. We all have our own opinions and feelings, please respect those of other users. Keep it friendly.
  14. 3 minutes, it turns out. Thread locked. Please don't resurrect a topic which has been dead for a year.
  15. The last time I heard this rumoured we ended up with the Nexus Q... I'm remaining pretty sceptical for now.
  16. Let's not resort to this kind of thing, shall we? If this thread doesn't remain a civil discussion on both sides it will be closed. Accusing someone of "shilling" just because you have a difference of opinion is not acceptable.
  17. What degrades the battery (for the most part) is charge cycles, and the SE doesn’t go through cycles significantly faster than the other devices. In spite of the smaller battery it actually has typically better battery life than the standard 6 or 6S model, owing to smaller power demands (smaller and lower resolution screen, no 3D Touch etc). Interestingly I’ve noticed significantly more users of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S plus suffering from battery degradation. I’m almost positive that Apple started using significantly lower quality Li-Ion batteries from the 6 onwards - my 7 Plus has already lost 12% of charge capacity with around 250 cycles which is a concerningly rapid deterioration in my opinion. Most reports of charge potential I’ve seen on the SE are still in the high 80 to high 90 percent range, which is decent. And also slightly angers me when phones that are a full year older than mine still hold more of their charge.
  18. As mentioned, there are too many legal concerns involved for something like this to be allowed on LTT. Sorry OP. Thread locked.
  19. I've always found it a bit of an odd criticism when people say "they're guilty of exploiting child labour and polluting the environment" of Apple and Apple alone. In isolation it's true yes, but you're ignoring the fact that Apple's competitors are pretty much all comparably guilty, some likely even more so. If you're going to criticise any one of them you should criticise them all in relation to their respective levels of guilt. It's also a bit odd to criticise Apple of all companies for engaging in "forced obsolescence". By and large their post-launch software and hardware support is considerably better than average; the now 5 and a half year old iPhone 5S still runs the newest version of iOS 11 and now that the early issues with it have been dealt with most users still seem satisfied with how the phone performs. They even continue to offer hardware repair options for devices all the way back to the iPhone 4S - can you say the same of Samsung, LG or any of the other big name competitors? Apple are an imperfect company with an arrogance problem they need to work on. Their software development side has been deteriorating for a good few years now and their internal development culture is reputed to be phenomenally toxic. They definitely need to improve in many ways... but product lifespans and post-launch support aren't amongst them.
  20. “Tech News” covers a massive subject area, and video games are entirely technological in nature. ESports are an important and ever-growing part of the gaming industry, and as such a noteworthy part of the tech industry. If you ever feel that a topic doesn’t belong in the section though please use the report system to bring it to the mod team’s attention rather than pointing it out in the thread; we know how to handle it, and we can take care of it as needed. It is our job after all.