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  1. I can be the judge of that. You were needlessly being a bit of a dick. Don't.
  2. Thread moved to the Member Reviews section. @zMagix17 Please check out the sections of the forum before you post a topic, to ensure that you're posting it in the most appropriate one. Also welcome to the forums.
  3. Thread locked. Please read the Tech News section's Posting Guidelines before submitting a topic. This topic was already posted here. Edit: Additionally I've removed a few replies to this thread which were blatantly unhelpful or unconstructive. If a thread is posted to the wrong section please report it to the mod team, don't reply to it with condescension or spam.
  4. Thread cleaned. Please keep the discussion civil. Discussing a difference of opinion is fine; calling each other dicks and children because of it isn't.
  5. Thread moved from General Discussion to Cases and Power Supplies. @WolfLoverPro Please check for a suitable subforum for your thread before posting it in the General Discussion section. GD is for threads which don't belong to a specific section of the forum but are still tech-related.
  6. Hey all, I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to push the badges out. Unfortunately I've been quite ill and busy over the Christmas and New Year period and haven't had the time or ability to start assigning them. But at last, the badges have been handed out! The event badges should have been handed out to everyone who met the requirements for them. If you believe you were supposed to receive the badges and they haven't appeared on your account yet, please send me a PM and I'll sort it for you. Hopefully though everyone has received their badges without issue. Thanks for your patience everyone!
  7. @carpentry2010 Please edit your topic to meet the Tech News section's Posting Guidelines. Just as a reminder for everyone, if a topic violates our Community Standards or a section's posting requirements, we ask that you report it to the mod team and leave it for us to deal with. Technically it's against the Community Standards to "backseat moderate", which includes telling a fellow user that they've broken the rules.
  8. I suppose we can add an example of clickbait to the rules. Something like "Samsung and Verizon are working on a 5G Smartphone even though it could give you cancer" would seem appropriate.
  9. Ultimately, this would segment the community and create two groups; a privileged few who can contribute to the section without restriction, and a 'lesser' majority who cannot. It's important to remember that we are first and foremost a community forum, not a tech news forum. Our tech news section is intended for the entire community to contribute to and participate in; locking off access or providing only an 'elite group' with higher privileges goes completely against the community ideals of the forum. It's worth pointing out perhaps that around 4 years ago now there were discussions on the creation of "The Official LTT News Team", with the intention of promoting higher-quality news content on the forum and opening the possibility of more original content as opposed to the largely reposted content we have right now. Ultimately however this idea was rejected for technical feasibility reasons, as well as for introducing the same issues mentioned above - it would fragment the community and create an unwelcoming atmosphere for users new to either the Tech News section or the forum itself. Instead, the Tech News rules were created - and whilst there have been some niggling issues from time to time, by and large they have had a dramatically beneficial impact on the quality of submissions and even replies in the section. We are always open to recommendations, suggestions and ideas on how we can keep the tech news cleaner and less "clickbait-y". But we will not be implementing this specific change.
  10. Ţ̶̢͓̭̝͌̅̒̓h̴̨̆̅̍e̷̘͛̀͊͗̌ŗ̴̻͛́̕e̸̢͉̝̱̎'̶̭̳̮͔̘̉̂͂͝s̵̛̘͑̄͌̐͝ ̶̺̬͚̹̈́́̓̈́b̵̲̝͕̗̖͗͛̈è̴̢̩͎̮͈̏̀̐e̶̛͕̤̜͋́̋̊̚n̸̲͇͕̭̰̠̋̀̌̋ ̷̛̳̮̳̹̥̲̅ä̵͉͉̹̝́̑̄ ̴̢̭̩͍͇̜̄̑̇g̶̮͖̮͈͓͕̒͆̈́̃̓͠ḷ̶̀͠į̸̛̳̞̂̋͐t̷͍̻͑̂͗͋͝c̵͓͚̦̘͓̮͒h̶̢̳͕́ ̸̢̛̜́͂̂͘ǐ̴̗͙̫̗̻̽n̸̜͗͑̒̍̕ ̷̨̜̺̏͗̋̃̓̚t̶͈̣͙̓̓h̵̝̪̎͘̕é̶͚͓͓̽̍͑̅̚ͅ ̷̞̇̇̌̔m̷̮̈͊͘a̸̖̯͕̓ṱ̶̢̹̙̰̋̌̔r̸̯͚̭̺̘̃̓̓͗̅i̶͓̥̝̩͝ẍ̷̱͙̓ The main Folding badges are in theory supposed to be tiered, so when you fulfil the requirements for the next tier of badge it replaces your old one. But owing to the way our badge system works sometimes mistakes or oversights can be made. If anyone has multiple of these badges then the lower-tier ones can be removed on request, or will typically be removed when a badge is next updated.
  11. I usually link to whichever site a user prefers to use, or copy over the link from an old badge. I'm guessing your old badge linked to the F@H site, or I made an oversight. Either way, I'll update your badge shortly.
  12. Thread cleaned. As per the Community Standards political discussion isn't allowed. Whilst this thread is inherently political to an extent, it is not an appropriate place to begin discussing international politics or the merit of various countries' actions. Keep things civil and respectful please, and keep political discussion to a minimum - otherwise this thread will need to be locked.
  13. It's up to you. By LTT staff do you mean forum staff or LMG employees? If it's the former feel free to add whoever you want, if it's the latter though I'd maybe suggest adding just the one.
  14. @LoMaDoBl Thread moved to Cases and Power Supplies section. Please check the forum to see which section your topic best belongs to before you submit it; the General Discussion section is intended for tech-related topics which don't exactly belong to a specific section.
  15. @The_Tron Please edit your post to comply with the Tech News Posting Guidelines. Quotes from an article must make use of the editor's quote function in order to clearly indicate that they originate from the linked source.
  16. Yes, however the last part of the rule is quite important: If you believe a member to have broken a rule of the Community Standards or indeed section-specific posting requirements, please leave it for the mod team alone to handle.
  17. Please ensure you follow the Community Standards, as backseat moderation is not allowed. @The_Tron I know it seems somewhat pedantic, but please use the text editor's built-in quotes feature to encapsulate content quoted from the source you link. It is technically a stipulation of the section's posting requirements, in order to more clearly distinguish between quoted and original content.
  18. Welcome to the community.
  19. @MythicalToes Thread moved to the "Graphics Cards" section. Please check the forum to see which section your thread best belongs to before submitting it; the General Discussion section is only intended for threads which don't belong to a specific subforum.