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  1. How much are you willing to spend on a case and the liquid cooling setup.
  2. Just measured a 360 monsta it has 1cm guards. I have a 480 here it also has 1cm guards. They must have changed it without mentioning it.
  3. Haha yea. Makes it a lot harder to spec of builds without having the product in your hands.
  4. I was gonna buy 5 until it was US only
  5. Interesting. I just measured one of the 360, they are 86mm total thickness with 1cm guards.
  6. I believe even TastyPC had mentioned it in her review of Alphacool Radiator Line. Let me get a good ruler out and do some measurements EDIT: @VSG @alpenwasser. Just did some measurements. The total thickness is 86mm and they do have 1cm gaurd along the edge of the radiator on both sides, which makes the radiator core thickness 66mm.
  7. Interesting, I swear I read that it was 10mm cards on each side. Just did a measurement, it is indeed 80mm. Don't I look silly
  8. WildTurtle

    840 EVO Series Solid State Drive, 250GB (CA) 160$

    I know what you mean, I live in Vancouver.
  9. The Core thickness on Monstas are 66mm. Radiators are 86mm thick with 10mm guards on both sides.
  10. Ahh very interesting. I think the radiator space I have will more than enough for my build. Especially with AP-15s @ 5V. I'm just glad my 4930k hits 4.9 ghz at not a stupidly high voltage
  11. haha that would be a dream Well Im going to be running the fans @ 5V so this system should be dead quiet.
  12. For a CPU and 2 GPUs i think 2 360 monstas and a 240 UT60 is good enough. That CPU hits 4.9 ghz @ 1.4V.
  13. I measured It today, a monsta can fit in the roof and the side with the fans on the outside. There's also room to vertically mount the 880ml aqualis with the pump and pump adapter on the accessory plate. GPU Waterblocks will be coming in on Monday so look forward to that!
  14. Update #3 Here's is a gallery for you guys for the case I have chosen. Don't mind the missing switch. I am replacing the Lamptron switches that Caselabs ships to "proper" Belgin switches. See you guys in the next update! Enjoy Case without its covers on Shot from the rear Horizontal ATX motherboard Tray Triple 120 Radiator side mount, a monsta will find its home down there The accessory mount where I will be mounting my Aqualis System. The UT60 240 will be mounted in the front mount. Triple 120 Radiator top mount, another resting place for a monsta The covers go on!
  15. Not to worry! You will have your chance one day
  16. WildTurtle

    Looking for AC router

    Just realise that you wont get that kind of throughput to your devices(PC, phone, etc) If you want the full 1900 mbps thats advertised you will probably have to buy 2 of these and set one of them up as a bridge. And even then its a long shot.
  17. Update #2! Box from Aquatuning! I am still expecting another package from them with more watercooling goodies! I will try to get another update later tonight Enjoy! Items In Box Pump, Still needs to be sleeved. The 880ml Aqualis Reservoir with Fountain Effect and Nano Coating The Pump Adapter Pump adapter mounted to the Pump Full Assembly of the Unit Finally the MONSTA!
  18. Just got the case and a package from Aquatuning. I will have another update later today!
  19. Check out my build log - Black Ti

  20. Why thank you It does look rather lovely.
  21. Hey everyone! First update for this build. Got a few components so I thought I would get straight to work. There are more components on the way today, so I will have another post soon. There may be a few teasers Enjoy! Just some pictures of the board. The CPU Block is already installed onto the board, I forgot to take pictures of the install. Installed the Ram onto the board.