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  1. WildTurtle

    Good and cheap HDMi cable.

    monoprice.com is your friend. I never seriously understood the justification of buying a premium HDMI cable.
  2. WildTurtle

    Asus PB278Q vs Samsung Samsung LS27A850DS

    Heres my two cents. Both have a good feature set. The Asus PB278Q is known to have a more "greyish" type of colour to it. From what I have read, once you calibrate the monitor it fixes that problem that some users had. Both monitors have matte displays, use PLS panels with LED lighting. So It's your call. Don't worry too much about the dynamic contrast ratio or the response times they list, as there is no standard as to how they are measured. Personally, I would go with the Asus PB278Q. The Samsung monitor only comes with a DVI cable, while the Asus one comes with all the cables included. But you can't go wrong with a nice 2.5k monitor they are absolutely gorgeous! Do let me know which you end up going with. Also, if you need help with calibration just leave a post on the forum someone will guide you!
  3. WildTurtle

    Asus PB278Q vs Samsung Samsung LS27A850DS

    Well, if you were planning to hook up an xbox to your 2.5k monitor do realize that an xbox plays at 720p. Also, HDMI doesn't have the bandwidth to run 2.5k resolution, except if you get the newest iteration of HDMI ( which is 1.4A, i believe ). Personally I have never seen a purpose other than gaming(on a pc) or doing some type of editing to get a 2.5k monitor. The only ports I would ever use with a 2.5k resolution monitor is a Dual-Link DVI or Display Port as those both have the ability to run 2.5k resolutions at 60Hz.
  4. WildTurtle

    Next gen games could cost 100$

    well, after going to the links you provided I went to the PC selection and it shows those games being 50-60 dollars.
  5. WildTurtle

    My R4

    i needa go change my pants.
  6. WildTurtle

    Explain Your Username

    I like turtles, and they're wild.
  7. WildTurtle

    gtx 780 release...... tommorow!?

    Hopefully i can snag 2 of these bad boys for my upcoming build ^.^
  8. WildTurtle

    What case do you use?

    Corsair Obsidian 800D
  9. WildTurtle

    What smart phone do you use

    Blackberry Q10, finding it kinda interesting without the trackpad but loving it so far.