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  1. WildTurtle

    Apple, I don't understand thee.

    All macbooks run notoriously hot to try to keep the temps down, the sad part is the ventilation is at the keyboard so your fingers are practically being set on fire while doing anything more intensive then typing up an essay.
  2. Hey Guys! The build is almost complete and all i need to do is pick up 2 730 SSDs and do my leak test. It is about midnight now and its time for me to hit the hay, so I leave you with a slight tease See you all in the next update!
  3. WildTurtle

    Motherboard box

    I've had my whole system on my motherboard box for about a month. Check out the Link below
  4. WildTurtle

    Well this was creepy

    well, that's not completely disturbing.
  5. WildTurtle

    Apple sues Razer over Blade notebook!!

    Should we all just shut off our internet for today?
  6. However, I asked him to buy the fans from Iceland then sleeve it and then send it to me It
  7. He sleeved the fans for me.
  8. Update #6 Hey there! Been about 3 weeks since I did my last update but I come bearing news! Just received a package from @Icemodz Enjoy! The Package contents The Fans A close up at one of them, the sleeving job is just immaculate. The sleeve goes right into the motor The 24 Pin Putting in the CPU cables and doing some cable management I think these clamps work pretty well in kind of creating some form of organization haha Thanks for checking this update out! See you all in the next one
  9. WildTurtle

    msi z97 leaked

    these boards are pre production. They have the solder points already there, if you look closely. They are simply missing the plugs.
  10. WildTurtle

    Best black fans for rads?

    Phoyba Noiseblocker E-Loops(Black Edition), Noise Blocker PL-2s, Scythe Gentle Typhoons are excellent aswell.
  11. WildTurtle

    Hawt Deal

    At $19.99 It still isn't worth it.
  12. yes your case does support GPUs up to 31.5cm long.
  13. Welcome to the Forum! Yes your PSU can deliver more than enough watts for a 780 EDIT: Your system with a 780, would most likely consume roughly 450W under gaming load. What country do you live in?
  14. WildTurtle

    Prepare for Titanfall!

    I'll wait 1 week until its 50% off then buy it. EDIT: The Master Race doesn't pay full price for games.
  15. C2 is a revision for the board. I do believe it covered a USB issue that Haswell boards had.
  16. WildTurtle

    Do i need to water cool?!?!?!?!

    No. your setup is fine.
  17. WildTurtle

    Project: Brushing glacier

    Not sure
  18. WildTurtle

    Project: Brushing glacier

    Too Soon. Good luck with the 7850 & 1440p.
  19. WildTurtle

    What is your 'this case is perfect but...'-case?

    Caselabs Magnum SMA8, the price
  20. WildTurtle

    Good fans

    Scythe Gentle Typhoons, Noiseblocker E Loops, Noiseblocker PL2, Silverstone AP123
  21. Cant find 4 slot Crystal Link anywhere -.-

  22. WildTurtle

    What to do...

    I will take that off your hands if you'd like
  23. WildTurtle

    $0.95 Audible for 3 months

    It says in the descriptions its for US customers only. EDIT: Ninja'd
  24. Yea It is a lot to spend on a case, but I think it's worth it