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  1. What CPU are you using? Clock speed?Volatge? What are your ambient temperatures like? What are you using for cooling? How good is the airflow in your case?
  2. You should go to your motherboard manufactures website and download the drivers for all components. Also, without any sort of drivers, your gpu is nothing. It will clueless be running computations in any particular order it can.
  3. Lowering its temps doesn't make it get double the fps.
  4. Well, I just look foolish now.
  5. They do have more stores in Edmonton, but thats still in the middle of Alberta. The shipping from memory express is rather cheap typically. However, they don't have the phantom 530 in stock online.
  6. If you live in Calgary NW or SE you may want to go to memory express. They do price match and take off an additional 25% of the difference. ( It's where i get all my parts ) They do have more shops in Alberta and do online as well
  7. What you could try doing is purchasing from NCIX( Link:http://www.ncix.com/detail/nzxt-phantom-530-full-atx-13-89489-1320.htm) and price match with Newegg for 129.99 (Link: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146106) Then see how much the shipping comes to. Edit: for some reason Link isnt working for newegg.
  8. You indicated that you are willing to spend >100. That indicates whatever your spending is greater than 100.
  9. Yes, your system draws 400-450 watts from the wall at full load, even if you were to overclocked. That PSU is more than plenty.
  10. They have: Mercury s3 for itx Mercury s5 for mATX Mercury s8 for ATX I have the Mercury s8, build log in the sig if u wanna check the case out.
  11. Your better of going with Caselabs over Mountain Mods, In terms of just sheer design, function and quality they are miles ahead of everyone. Also, there support is just awesome, they even cover shipping over parts that are defective, no questions asked.
  12. I'm still amazed how you got a 50% mark up on a 700 dollar PC.
  13. Contacted Mundi from @Icemodz, he is willing to swap the cables for the Seasonic 1200W Platinum free of charge
  14. I think I may get that brand new Seasonic 1200W platinum that they had shown off back in Computex EDIT: Just placed my order for it! Thanks for your suggestions guys. Now to get new cables >.>
  15. Well the PSU just died -.- Can anyone give me some recommendations for a new one? I'm kinda digging the new Seasonic 1200W platinum.
  16. Update #7 Hey there guys! Just a small update on my storage solution I went with Enjoy! The SSD: Whats the better than one you may ask? Obviously two for Raid 0! Storage attached to the mounting plate that fits under the motherboard tray.
  17. Motherboards are purely for aesthetics once u get past the 200 dollar mark. Really neither will outperform the other.
  18. You may see a few FPS(1-3) increase in some games were your held back by the GPUs, but CPU bound games (for example Skyrim) may have a greater benefit.
  19. Definitely the build quality and the speakers!
  20. How did a deal turn into a argument -.- This is just sad.
  21. Personally I'd go with Intel 730 Series 480GB.
  22. Honestly, your better off saving up and building a new PC all together, considering, you would need to swap your mobo,cpu,gpu, case, and im assuming PSU. Add storage and ram and you got a brand new PC all together.
  23. All macbooks run notoriously hot to try to keep the temps down, the sad part is the ventilation is at the keyboard so your fingers are practically being set on fire while doing anything more intensive then typing up an essay.