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    Custom mechanical keyboards, DIY activities.
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    Creator of Zealio switches

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  1. Zeal

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    They do exist, and I own the moulds for them. They're branded as "Zealios/Zealio switches" under the enthusiast market. Here's some macro shots I took of the stem vs Cherry counterparts.
  2. Zeal

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    Gaterons are in a plate, but the ones I got are PCB mount to add extra stability. I did make one similar to the above post on GH, just didn't take pics of the lubing process (took ridiculously long). It was also ~3am when I finished so was pretty exhausted already. I think this build log was also what hyped up Gateron switches on GH
  3. Zeal

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    Freshly built~ Components: 62g 18k Gold Plated SPRiT Springs Geekhack Thin lube Geekhack Spring lube R1 Geekhack Thick lube (applied on stabs) 61x Gateron Clear/White switches SIP sockets White 2x3x4 LEDs White SPRiT PCB Transparent Red 5mm Acrylic plate 18k Gold Plated Stabs (clipped, lubed) Red Hard anodized FMJ Case Thick Cherry POM keycaps Typing on this baby feels so nice on the fingers. The sliders are buttery smooth (absolutely no "sandy" feeling,), and the bottom out noise is pretty much non-existant. I recorded a short footage of me doing a typing test, but I think my camera was only able to pick up the upstroke noise! These Gateron switches do not have any wiggle at all when I try to purposely twist the top housing left & right. This actually made it harder to pop the covers off from underneath, but also makes the switches really sturdy. Thankfully the plastics they use is high quality and is quite flexible as well. Typing sound:
  4. Zeal

    Chrome becoming the new Firefox

    Used Firefox before Chrome even existed, but I use both browsers simultaneously on two screens with FF being the main one.
  5. Zeal

    Samsung Magician v4.4 Released

    That UAC popup at the start of bootup was really annoying. Glad it's gone.
  6. Zeal

    Cherry MX's like Browns

    Koreans measure their springs by bottom out force, not actuation force. Therefore, springs weighing <50g are actually lighter than Cherry MX Red/Blue/Brown springs (they all use the same springs).
  7. Zeal

    Cherry MX's like Browns

    Swap the springs out with 45g/50g Korean springs. B) Or any other weight that you fancy...
  8. Zeal

    Hall-effect Keyboard

    They apparently feel like the smoothest blacks ever, since there's no mechanical actuation (it uses magnetic sensors)
  9. Ouch, and I thought my 4770k's OC of 4.4GHz @ 1.3V was bad.
  10. I keep my badges inside the boxes/in a bag together. I personally prefer the cleaner look.
  11. Zeal

    Tech that will die in your lifetime

    Cell phones/smartphones will die within my lifetime. Everything will be AR/VR!!! (Still fantasizing) But honestly, I do really think smartphones will get replaced within 10-20 years.
  12. Zeal

    New Motherboards

    That board is weird. It has 8 mounting spots, but the two on the top/bottom right corners aren't reinforced (which are standard matx positions), and are ridiculously close to the "reinforced" mounting spots.
  13. Zeal

    Tech that will die in your lifetime

    Landlines still work without power...so if your power goes out, at least you can still dial with a regular landline phone.
  14. Zeal

    New Motherboards

    I counted 7 mounting points on the gigabyte board.
  15. Zeal

    What DPI Do You Use?

    3000 DPI, windows default, and 7.7 on mouse sensitivity on source games.