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  1. after updating to the new oculus software its just f***ed everything up, i cant launch any games with out crashing and ive just bought fallout vr and super hot and cant even play them.
  2. Oculus 2.0 keeps crashing

    anyone else having this issue of the screen keeps freezing on the headset every time you launch a game, starting to annoy me a fair bit. every time i launch a game it freezes on the oculus home page and i have to restart my pc for it to work again
  3. minecraft texture issues?

    4 gigs
  4. minecraft texture issues?

    having this issue where blocks will become see threw, any ideas how to fix???
  5. Forge Server error MineCraft 1.7.10

    well i fined it, it was due to a mod not working with the server
  6. Forge Server error MineCraft 1.7.10

    yeah aha to make it worse i dont have direct assess to the server as its at a friends house, im just remoting into the command line and accessing files thew FTP
  7. Forge Server error MineCraft 1.7.10

    starting from the bat file, ( im using multi craft to manage the server btw)
  8. hi, every time i start the server i get this. ive fixed a few of the issues i was having,(mainly just core mods not being installed) Server command line log.docx crash-2018-02-11_19.17.36-server.txt
  9. GPU not detected

    try reseating the gpu's, making sure theres power going to the cards, and if that don't work try putting a different card in that pc or put the 580's in a different pc (if you can)
  10. Thick or Thin Laptops?

    I like thin laptops, love my 2017 MacBook Pro. one of the best laptops ive had
  11. oculus 2.0 crashing

    is anyone else having this issue with the new oculus update. every time I launch the oculus software it will either lock up my system or freeze for about 20 seconds and then start working. im using a fresh install of windows and the software
  12. How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    when your one of the first in the office ahah https://imgur.com/a/h2mzw http://www.speedtest.net/result/7022170444 and maybe for Christmas
  13. How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    how?? its a speedtest.net link lol
  14. Any XA1 Ultra users?

    my friend has the Honor 7X, its not that bad of a phone, he seams to like it, im more of an iOS/apple guy so I probably wont be that helpful ahaha
  15. Windows 10 start menu bug??

    yep, installed everything. using the exact same copy of windows on my 2017 MacBook and I don't have this issue installed everything the same way, apart from boot camp installing what it needed