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    Professional Warranty Voider

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    ive never has a sony console after the ps2
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    you not having this
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    The days of console gaming xD

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    Some Place Where You're Not
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    apparently nothing
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    I'm ceo of Kitkat
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    Something in IT


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    i5 4690k @ 4.5
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    gigabyte z97x gaming 5
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    16 GB hyperx fury
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    Gigabyte 1070
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    Corsair something
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    1x sandisk ssd 250 GB 2x WD blue 1tb Raid 0
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    EVGA G2 750
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    Samsung soundbar
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    windows 10 (x64)

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  1. scobie56

    Uk phone in the USA

    Hi guys, Im flying out to states on monday for a month and I really don't want to pay my roaming charged on my network (Vodafone) my iPhone X is the A1901 model. What Networks would I be able to use and what would be the best network. im pretty sure I can only use networks on GSM but I may be wrong
  2. scobie56

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    Just got this installed, its alright i guess
  3. scobie56

    Nvidia installer cannot continue... please help

    ignore that i didnt read it properly
  4. scobie56

    Nvidia installer cannot continue... please help

    Have you tried downloading an older nvidia driver for that card, i had an issue with the latest driver for my 1070, it wouldn't detect my 2nd displays resolution.
  5. scobie56

    Nvidia surround issue

    that works for about 5 seconds and then it glitches out and does that.
  6. Setup NV surround and it broke windows, any idea on how to fix this other than not using NV Surround IMG_0247.mp4
  7. Not according to mayhems product page for the x1 fluid
  8. Just noticed my loop changed from a deep purple to a brownish orange colour. the only thing I can think of if it’s neen really hot in the uk lately and my windowed side panel has direct sunlight hitting it, it’s changed colour over a week or 2 I’ve attached 2 photos, one is the colour is currently and the other is the colour it should be
  9. scobie56

    icons not showing on desktop

    no idea why i didn't check that haha thanks alot man that fixed it.
  10. scobie56

    icons not showing on desktop

    yeah ive tried the lot im out of ideas
  11. scobie56

    icons not showing on desktop

    so windows was downloading updates in the background and explorer.exe crashed and restarted. now my icons will not show up and I when I more icons to my desktop it tells me that the shortcut is already there. I can create folders but they wont showup in either explorer or my desktop but running the DIR command in CMD it lists the new folders. Ran malware bytes and start up repair, both had no issues. Any ideas
  12. scobie56

    Three Operating Systems on Three Drives?

    not really, i got High sierra using apple new APFS and windows dual booted very easily with minimal bios tweaks only changing VT-d a few boot flags depends on hardware really if its common intel stuff you should have no problem but i dont think clover (the boot loader most people use to dual boot OSX and windows) supports linux, but i might be wrong, if you need any help im always here
  13. scobie56

    Windows actually Getting Worse??

    IMO, i think Microsoft is slowly making windows a mess and overall a pile of Sh*t. I think latest updates show that as well. Here is just a few things i hate about it. 1) So when installing, (this may be a bug) why am i forced to setup a pin. i dont have a number pad so it just makes life much harder signing in to windows. I know you can just remove the pin once inside the OS but there should be an option to not have one in the first place and when i click no to a wanting a pin i dont want another screen telling me why i should set up a pin and only having one single option to setup a pin. 2) it may just be me or is the background process that forces game and apps like candy crush and other crap getting worse. every day (i used a reg fix to stop the service now) i used to boot up my pc and find at least 2 new apps i didn't install and when i removed them they were just being replaced with more crap. 3) Again this might just be a bug but since i disabled the pin in windows every time i boot up my PC and login i get a screen that again tells me why i should have a pin instead of a password but at least i can click "set up later" on this screen. 4) i just think Microsoft are just adding random crap to there OS because they can. i get it, windows 10 is meant to do everything and have all the bells and whistles but i think we need a really striped down version of the OS and i mean really striped down. i would be happy with a start menu, a browser, and a recycling bin. And lastly i think there should be an option to disable all the telemetry inside windows and been able to uninstall all the crap they they install. I feel that you shouldn't need third party apps to disable and uninstall it all. just like Barnacules said in many of his videos. Whats your opinion on this? Do you think MS should just stop adding crap to W10 or do you honestly not give a sh*t and just let MS just what ever they want?
  14. scobie56

    macOS v Windows 10 v Linux

    i love Apple's Mac OS. ever since i got my mac book pro late last year its been been my daily driver, i only use my pc/windows for gaming now. ive even installed OSX on my main gaming rig and dual boot windows. Windows is really starting to piss me off and with the latest update, ive pretty much stopped using it apart from gaming, but i just get steam to launch in big picture mode.
  15. scobie56

    Small Leak in new loop

    i just removed the fitting and swapped ti with the one on the other side of the rad and it stopped leaking, guess it wasn't seated properly