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    I love computers, books, hunting, fishing, and messing around with programming.
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  1. I like all the freedom we have in the United States. Even with all the corruption we have here, I know it is a still a lot less than many other countries have. And I love the sheer size, beauty, and diversity of the U.S. It's a pretty amazing place to live!
  2. I tend to automatically recommend Google. They seem like a pretty awesome company, and I love their products like GMail, Google Maps/Earth, Google Drive.
  3. Congrats on one million subscribers! To the best I can remember, I found your channel while I was looking at PC part unboxings and reviews and have been watching ever since. I have not yet been able to build my own PC, but it is definitely something I want to do! Thanks to you and all of the team for all the hard work you put into these videos!
  4. I love the buttons on the back instead of on the side. My friend has a G2 and I tried out the buttons, they work quite well.
  5. The only way I'm interested is if it's a lot more advanced than say Siri. I don't want to buy a Windows Phone just because their personal assistant has a cool name.
  6. OK maybe not the MBP :lol: ; I was mainly referring to the way the monitors, desk, etc is laid out.
  7. Very nice build! I love how clean it looks.