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  1. I was so hyped for the firepole thing. Then the voice of reason had to come in. Over 7k signatures. But very little money raised. I guess it's for the best. So hyped. :'(
  2. You guys are too optimistic. There are always people who conform to the thoughts of their elders. That's how traditions get set. I think a few who think like the Old Guard will be placed in power. The rest just follow along.
  3. Ouch. They may have died, but their story will live on as a burning fire to rage against the ISPs in the hearts of all who see it. Competition should have been here years ago if this story is true. We deserve better. What they are doing seems like too little too late for what we've paid them. If we had their accounting sheets through time it would be damning I bet. Sitting on profits or not reinvesting them. Such a waste of resource.
  4. Eh... I really like Musk but have to disagree with you on this one. Tesla was a genius and innovator with a love for his laboratory. He lacked a business sense. Musk is more an Entrepreneur. Almost pure business. He tried to tackle Super Capacitors in his college years but didn't get them. Tesla tackled AC in his college years just fine. Originally his whole idea for Tesla Motors was based on a car designed by a small team called AC Propulsion. I won't deny that he's full of awesome, I just don't think that they are fabricated from the same mould. Edit: He does have a degree in Engineering (I don't know what kind) and we can never be too sure of how hands on he is. So there is that. Musk does.
  5. My terminology may have been outdated but the fact of the matter is that innocents still die in the areas we carpet bomb. Sorry. Drone Strike.
  6. You seem to be mistaking being well informed with over-worrying and eating up all your productive time. It can happen, but I think you're making a mountain out of an ant-hill. I have "disconnected" before so I'm not one to talk though. As for the person. Well that's your conclusion. You'd do well to have a more caring nature if only to better connect with your fellow man. It can be a good feeling to be with others and genuinely care about them.
  7. ROFL. :snort: So true. But restraint is to be taken by those with power. Just saying. Maybe a special ops team laying waste to his mansion is more the thing rather than carpet bombing the innocents in N. Korea.
  8. I dunno. Making fun of their new leader...new leader might want to up the ante. I don't think they would accomplish anything. Try? Who knows. They were trying to launch ICBMs for years. Don't know if they've finally succeeded.
  9. Ooh. You're really going to feel it. Just OS and games I'm at 100 Gigabytes used. And I don't even have that many games installed. Just 6.
  10. This and when he called Kanye a jackass are two moments I heartily agree with him.
  11. This. This so much. He's probably spawned (inspired) more small businesses than JKR has done fanfictions. Unless he's just not known. But I seriously doubt it.
  12. City of Industry is a part of LA. For my part of the country, Southern California, USPS comes in tiny square vehicles with a motor to match. You can hear the motor a mile away, and not in a good way, it always sounds strained. That's how you know the mail is here. That's how I've always known federal mail to come. Here and Texas. Only two places I've received mail in the US. The large shipping providers also ship in cars with their logo on it. So I really do not know who Newegg used. Could have been their own car now that I think of it. Anyway, the one who will give you the best answer about when it shipped is Newegg. From there you know it's x days until it gets there, even if Fedex or UPS isn't updating. Always look at the shipped date. How did this conversation get on to gift cards? Also you sound like a sociopath kid, have some sympathy for the person who lost his livelyhood. Yeah I know you think that if that person were worth a damn he wouldn't be at a place where he could be easily replaced or whatever, but have you considered that not everyone's life goes smooth. Or how they plan it, events and accidents happen. You don't know how he got there. All you know is that he lives and exists and for that you should have a modicum of respect and if applicable sympathy for his situation. God is to judge whether he is worthy or not. I think there is too much Godlessness now for too little benefit. So the students are supposed to like science more? What's wrong with God and Science being in the same belief system. Some say contradictory, but those are the people who would lock you into the words and beliefs of others. Just God. A creator. An infinite being. Someone who gave the starting material for there to even be a big bang. I like to think of it as the being who came from another universe through a wormhole and exploded his mass as he traveled through it so that he would expand the rift inbetween the wormhole. Thus creating a new plane of space and providing an ever accelerating infinite mass that IS everything in that plane. You don't believe in him?
  13. I'm not sure I agree with him, but what he's saying is that the player with the largest amount of money starting at the beginning of the monopoly game will probably end up owning all the properties and stealing the ideas of other players by using them first since they have the resources. At least that's what I got from it. I like free markets and all but those community driven ISP's are looking better and better. What was that town that was on the news here recently for giving ATT the finger? We should all be doing that. My ISP recently upgraded their most basic package to 50 mbit/s in my area. I should be happy. But the install guy that came over the other day when we hooked up television reminded me of why they are the worst. Digital boxes that they implemented to prevent cable theft are going to appear in our bills soon according to the install guy. And he didn't want to leave four though we had been cleared for a 4 room install.
  14. I don't know how to tell if this works for you or not, but I used Newegg.com for three separate purchases when I was building my PC (PSU, Case, Cooler around 100 for each) and they delivered them next day. An unmarked van rolled up to my house and delivered them to the door. I selected their free shipping option, or their cheapest. I'm a cheapskate and can't remember what it was but it was their lowest shipping option. The service was great. I live within 80 miles of City of Industry which has one of their bases. I think that had something to do with it. How close do you live to Newegg OP?
  15. I would love a 5820k. I would sell my current 4790k system that I just built a month ago and buy hardware for the 5820k. Or I would buy it piecemeal. I'm not sure. But I would definitely make use of that.