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    8GB (1x8) Corsair Vengeance DDR4-2400. getting another stick soon.
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    Bose AE2/Yamaha Home Theater setup repurposed as as stereo computer speaker setup
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  1. Heading to Italy as a school trip fairly soon, for about 2 weeks. We're gonna hit most of the major cities (Florence, Rome, Venice, etc..), so we will be on the road a lot so I guess coverage is something that matters. Obviously also don't want anything way too sluggish in speed. If it really matters, I currently have a Verizon LG G4 but I hope to upgrade to an (unlocked) Note 8 or Pixel 2 soon. Price really isn't a problem unless its absurd or something Just want to know, maybe from someone who lives in Italy or has traveled there a lot, what the best carriers are in their experience and which one I should get for a short period of time. Thanks
  2. Me and my friend recently built a budget-oriented computer (https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Zambonie/saved/RQx8dC). He hasn't played that many games on it yet, however he seems to be noting that some weird things are happening. In the witcher 3, on medium-ish settings, he states he gets usually 60fps but however every couple of minutes it freezes for about half a minute and comes back. It also just randomly drops to about 20fps from time to time. He experiences the same behavior in Witcher 2 as well. It doesn't seem like much, but in Rocket League, on max settings, he gets 20-40fps a lot of the time. It's only some times that his FPS is actually in the 100ish range. I get a constant 200FPS on max on Rocket League with a 1060, so I wouldn't think he'd get much less. I already checked his temps, they are actually doing pretty fine. Neither the CPU or GPU every go higher than 65Cish. Drivers are also updated, just completely reinstalled them yesterday and no effect. Help would be great. Thanks.
  3. I'm planning on getting a new monitor soon, in the $300-400ish range. I have a GTX 1060 and i5-6700k. I don't ever seem to get 144+ FPS on any game, unless I turn down settings, except for some older stuff like valve games and similar stuff. So I don't really think 144hz is an option. I do play Overwatch most frequently, along with other first person shooters and stuff like GTA V and sim games Planet Coaster and Cities Skylines. I'm not that much into Triple A titles, tho I do play them every once a while. I do like big monitors, one of the reasons why Im replacing my small 21", so I've been looking at 27" 1440p's or 34" 1080p Ultrawides. My only concern is that 1080p at 34" probably doesn't look that great, though I havn't seen such a monitor in real life. Though I really do like the idea of ultrawide, both for games and for stuff like premiere and photoshop. 1440p also sounds great for games, I have a 1440p phone and it looks fantastic, but its a phone, so.. Ideally I would get a 1440p Ultrawide, but I don't have either the GPU to power it or the money to get it. Just asking to see what would be better - a 27" 1440p monitor or a 34" 1080p Ultrawide. Thanks.
  4. Actually never realized what that button did on my keyboard until now. I've never hit the windows button by accident so I always wondered why such a button existed...
  5. Stuff that I almost certainly will get this year: I'm generally not going to upgrade my PC this year, if anything I'll add some lighting and that's really all. Atm it doesn't really need anything else. As for phones, my 2-year contract with my LG G4 ends in a few months so I'm going to get either the S8 or Pixel 2 (if it is good) later in the year before my g4 bootloops again (currently on my second g4, this one has been lasting a lot longer than most others, but it's gradually starting to show some signs that it is coming) Also going to pick up a pair of HD 598SE's later in the year to replace my bose that ive had forever As for stuff that I'd really like to try getting this year but isnt exacly my highest priority: I might get either a soundbar or receiver/subwoofer (I have 3 home theater speakers laying around, l, r, and center tho i probably wont use the center) for my TV and probably wall mounting it/them I've also had on mind of getting either a 1440p, ultrawide, or 144hz monitor for a while, havn't decided what type yet tho and honestly probably wont happen until next year.
  6. So I was 'refurbishing' my laptop, and it was time to reinstall windows 10 onto it. My laptop wouldn't boot into the hard drive anymore for whatever reason anyway, but did boot into other things like ubuntu. I decided to stick the laptop hard drive into my actual computer, so that I can get the files off of it. I tried to access my user files on Windows from the hard drive, but it seemed like over it would take hours to actually open the folder for whatever reason. So instead, I booted into my laptop hard drive and moved all the important files onto my extra 1TB hard drive in my system. I decided to go into my SSD with windows installed in it just to start I program I had on it. It let me into the drive, but It wouldn't let me into any of the folders in the root of the ssd (program files, windows, users, etc) I reboot into my ssd after I'm all done, and on boot I get a "BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO" bsod. I booted back into the laptop hard drive, which I am currently running on, and find that I can't get into the SSD at all anymore, It just returns "Access denied" and wouldn't even show owner, storage, etc. If I have to reset windows on that ssd (Which I really don't want to considering I just did when I got it 2 months ago) I at least want to get my important files off of it. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the "BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO" bsod, or at least be able to get into my SSD again, that'd be great. Thanks. I'll supply more info if needed.
  7. Well, I plan on going to go get one tomorrow. Best Buy's site shows me they're out of stock, and iirc Walmart had them out of stock too, tho I heard our Gamestop has some in stock. Not sure about any other stores however. Some of my friends did tell me that there were lines to get it at our stores however, but I don't know TBH.
  8. Yeah I was actually just watching his review on it, I think Ill go over to best buy later and pick one up. I'll probably return it if I don't like it, but I think it seems like a good mouse.
  9. A while ago, I searched for suggestions for a mouse. I was suggested the g502 a lot, but instead I got a keyboard as my old one broke apparently. I'm looking for a new mouse now to kinda replace my Performance MX (Im still keeping it for editing, browsing chrome, etc, as its a really great mouse for that type of stuff but just doesn't cut it for gaming) before season 4 of Overwatch Competitive starts, and just for general use on other games. My brother has gotten the g502 however, and I have had some time on my own with it trying it. Personally, I really don't like it's form. I keep hitting the DPS buttons instead of left click and keep pressing the sniper button. It's also a little weird in my hand (maybe I just got spoiled with my performance mx.) So looking around, I remember seeing the Logitech G Pro at Best Buy and trying it, it looks like a super sleek mouse and it was pretty comfortable to hold. So, im just wondering for people who has had the mouse for a while now, is it really a good and comfortable mouse for people with even slightly big hands? Or, is there any other suggestion that could fit my criteria? TL;DR: Need new mouse, tried the g502 but it just isn't for me, was looking at g pro, seems pretty nice, wondering how other people's experiences are with it or if anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks.
  10. So, time to get creative..

    Me and my friend have an old console radio, tube based and everything, kinda like the one below, but the internals are pretty much all broken. We were thinking of just selling it, but we came up with the idea of replacing the inside with new internals, maybe making it bluetooth compatible, make the actual radio part work again, etc. I dont know if the speakers still work or not, but if they did, they'd probably suck anyway, so we'd probably replace them. Would be a pretty cool project


  11. should I save a little and pick up a 850 evo or spend a little more and order a 960 evo? (Both 250gb versions) I do use photoshop/premiere/other tools alike, and Im starting to get tired of using this hard drive :|

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      Boom, got the 850. Thanks for the suggestions

  12. Alright, thanks. The game is playable, though the stuttering can get a little annoying at times, but I'll be waiting for the patch.
  13. I picked up a copy of Watch Dogs 2 recently from the winter sale, and I didn't get home until a few days ago (I was on vacation) so I can play it on my Asus Dual OC 1060 (Dual as in dual fan, not SLI). I booted it up and it works, except now in that Ive been playing it for a while I've noticed that I'm getting probably lower frame rates then I should. I'm sitting at around 35 on the 'Very High' preset at 1080p, as well as I get some pretty drastic frame drops and stuttering at times, and looking around that other people's framerates, all of them almost never dip below 60 at the same preset, sometimes even the ultra preset. I have driver version 376.33, and the rest of my PC specs are in my signature or profile. I didn't know if this only applied to Watch Dogs 2, but I can check if needed. Along with this, is there any tips/help I can get with OC'ing? I really cant get high at all, especially on the mem clock, without some game not liking it very well, mainly Overwatch, where if I OC, there are very slight differences in frame rates but the game will crash randomly from time to time. GPU-Z screenshot: And a CPU-Z screenshot if that's really needed: Thanks.
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    Trying to sign up for Rockstar Social Club to play GTA V, and apparently I can't use my own username..