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  1. no. Hyperthreading is Intel only. The FX processors have shared L3 chace between 2 cores. that is not hyperthreading.
  2. Hello. i have some troubles with my Denon AVR-3300 reciever. for some reason it only works with 6ch Ext in. When i try to use 5ch stereo or suround it goes totaly silent. it have worked before but not now. anyone have any idea about what have happened?
  3. They are called Intel I3 I5 and I7 An APU is a processor with graphics cores on the chip.. thats your average intel I series processor in a nutshell.. they may not call them APUs.. but that does not make any real diference in what they are.
  4. ok thought it was an interesting discussion but ok will go hide in the closet now.
  5. i still think that Electric cars have more going for them. and yes eficiency will become better.. but the eficency of electric motors already is pretty nice. and in the end the energy need to come from electricity anyways. Edit: the electrolysis needs electricity. and what we are esentialy discussing is what is better for energy storage. electric batteries or hydrogen. And batterie tecnology is advancing faster and faster. (graphene batteries will be awsome)
  6. maby. i have not read the specific law. but i think thats what many other companies does when this happens to them.
  7. ok. you have my attention. in what way is hydrogen a better suloution? both the electrolysis and the burning of hydrogen is fairly inefficient from what i have heard.
  8. I have a solution. Tesla could create a Subsidiary company that handles the sales.
  9. BTC is now being traded att 650dollars... so its clearly dead.... or not..
  10. well there will come new coins or they will just change a bit in the scrypt algoritm and the asics will become obsolete
  11. true, but it did bounce back from the sub 400 dollars it had during "the crash"
  12. Lol no. 1 you dont use GPUs for bitcoin mining 2 bitcoin is fine. it has already bounced back.
  13. thanks anyways=) i will continue my search on the great google.
  14. well that works as well. but what i realy would want is to know what it is i should type in the shortcut path to run it in the window of choice.
  15. well yes that is one suloution i guess. but that will mess upp my shortcut layout. i want a way to just start the game in the side window without having to change anything each time i do it.