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  1. I hope yours holds as well! My dead psu is a Corsair Hx1050w. Out of all my PSU in my 15 years of computer building to die. I hope they honor it too
  2. The 6 years old PSU on my 2nd folding machine died 3 hours ago.... Looks like i'll be giving you guys a little bit of a head start in this event, but rest assured, Corsair MIGHT respect their 7 years warranty and ..... I'll be back!
  3. I came back to folding at home a couple of weeks ago with a new PC i built. I was amazed at the difference in performance since I did it 6 years ago. While I was folding with my new PC, I did not manage to sell any used components of my old pc, so I started reading a little bit more about folding and other things. I live in Canada, so it's quite cold, and I read in many places that the actual watt consumption of a computer is the output of heat. I said to myself... meh, why not use those watts on components I can't sell instead of my wall heater? So I setup my old computer as a space heater. A good 650 watts are going in and it's doing it's job as a heater plus it's helping science! I'll shut it down when it's summer time and bring it back up next winter until it dies I guess My new PC is running the advanced client for folding at home and it's connected to my old PC. I just followed the setup process that's on their website. Wasn't much trouble. I'm taking the time to write all that because, after I setup old computer #1, I also setup old computer #2 and ended up shuting it down after a day. The reason is the performance is not really worth it on old computer #2. New computer is ryzen 3700x + 2070 super. Gives about 1 600k points per day Old computer #1 is 4770k overclocked at 4.5Ghz + 2x 780 ti. Gives about 550k points per day but only about 30k are from the CPU. Old computer #2 wasn't able to complete a work unit before it expired. Was about 1.8k points per day. Your CPU is much better than the CPU from my old computer #2, but I don't expect you to crunch that many numbers with it, especially without a GPU. I heard that boinc is a much better source of number crunching for CPU, you might want to check it out.
  4. Canadians are quite proud they are having it in good old Canada. Who knows, maybe it will up the CAD roupie value a bit!
  5. I want it because it's small but powerfull, the very reason size doesn't matter :unsure: Also to use it as a powerfull HTPC
  6. Name: Bhoriss Favorite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/CxA-ZvSbz https://www.vessel.com/videos/JLpxC_Zl9
  7. My favorite item is the Kuhler 1250. It's design is very unique and I think it gives it a lot of charm.
  8. What I like the most about the 900 series is the fact that they chose to name them 900 instead of 800.