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  1. Maybe there is a problem with your damage code. This seems pretty straightforward, so as long as you have the right commands, those 6 lines are not the problem.
  2. What do you mean exactly? That's the point of voting. They are not allowed to vote for themselves, no one can manipulate the outcome in his/her favor, only in someone else's.
  3. That is an unfortunate part of having constrictive budgets. We are all people who enjoy building PCs and are at least somewhat knowledgeable on the topic, which leads to similar decisions regarding parts. I want to encourage people to refrain from entering if there is already a build entered which is very similar and they would be comfortable voting for it. Voting will never be required on the part of participants if I have anything to say about it. In the past, the most votes have come in the most well-known contests (such as Linus' Rig Done Right), which is why we asked Slick to mention the Build-Offs on the WAN Show so they got more attention. Unfortunately he did it during the afterparty and fewer people heard it (and there is no archive of the afterparty that I know of). It was definitely still appreciated though, and I hope it will help with future voting.
  4. When one of us puts up the poll, we could copypasta the "PCPartpicker Part List" at the top of each entrant's post and put it in the OP. Would that work?
  5. Congratulations @KoolKaboom for winning Contest 60! #61 will be posted soon.
  6. Intel is totally fine. Which CPU is up to you Sorry about the last minute switch.
  7. Sorry, I didn't see your PM until after I posted this. We can do it next
  8. I present Contest 60! http://www.linustechtips.com/main/topic/307503-build-off-contest-60-valentines-machine/
  9. Welcome to the 60th LTT Build-Off! The rules and previous contests can be found here. Thank you @terrytek for suggesting the challenge. Budget: $750 Speakers/Headphones: No Mouse: Yes Keyboard: Yes Monitor: No Submissions: February 9th through 14th Voting: February 15th through 19th Pretty standard budget machine for a special someone. Let's assume that person wants to do a little gaming, so please include an APU or discrete GPU. Also, this build should have USB 3 and eSATA capability.
  10. This is LoL, not wrestling. Does gender make enough of a difference to justify any sort of discrimination?
  11. Please read the rules in the main thread linked in every contest OP. Under "Voting," it states: So no, you may not vote for yourself if you want your entry to count.
  12. This is exciting, but since my friends and I can't even use Steam Broadcasting because our internet is too slow, I don't know how we could ever use this service to stream games.
  13. Surprise 2-hour delay for school tomorrow! We haven't had a delay for years :)

  14. Please paste in the full BBCode Markup so people don't have to follow links for every entry. Your formatting seems to be messed up. Try copypasta again, and if it doesn't work right then no big deal.
  15. I hate how "quantum" is becoming a buzzword. Are the "dots" in a superposition of different color values, making it easier and faster to switch between colors? No? Is there another quantum technology at use here? No? Then this is not quantum anything.
  16. I have the v1 and love it. Hope the v2 is even better and they don't skimp on the quality now that the HyperX Cloud has a good reputation.
  17. The only thing keeping the US in check is the Russian/Chinese vetoes. The only thing keeping Russia in check is the US veto. To top it off, the UN is pretty powerless anyway.The whole thing is so broken.
  18. I wish I had more time for the forum too guys. I would definitely be open to letting you post contests when I can't, but I would rather not change ownership of the thread. We can discuss this further in a PM.
  19. From the PCPP source code: Since you took the time to look at the page source, here's an ascii art rendition of a famous spider (1). And for what it's worth, PCPartPicker pays its server bills on time and with real money rather than renditions of spiders. Seriously, you're still reading this? @@@@@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@ @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@ @@ @@ @@@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@ @@@@@@@ @@@ @@@@ @@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@ @@ @@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@@ @@ @@ @@@@@@ @ @@ @ @@ @ @@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ (1) www.27bslash6.com/overdue.html OT: This is really cool. Smaller implementations of heart rate sensors, for example, means more space for bigger batteries.
  20. A chromecast would be great! I've wanted one for a while.
  21. @nicklmg I'll ask you since you seem to be checking up on this thread: Does this mean that the whole-room-watercooling project is being delayed/canceled? It wouldn't make sense to hook things up just to move, and I doubt you guys will get around to it anytime soon after the move.
  22. Just installed the xkcd subsitution extension for chrome. This is confusing but hilarious.

  23. What's with Google using Texas Instruments chips? The Moto 360 really suffered from it, and the preview Google Glass already had bad battery life.