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    Intel i7 6950X
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    Asus X99-S
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 32GB 3000MHz
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    Logitech G Pro
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    Teufel Ultima 20 + Sennheiser Momentum over ear
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  1. the idea was that the thermal pad would be used as TIM as well since that is what it's originally designed for, but like you pointed out the gained surface area might not be able to transfer much heat in the first place and even if most laptop coolers are optimized for specific die area anyway. This is about what I had in mind, thanks. I blame YouTube for spamming Linus' video
  2. So I'm currently researching to buy a gaming laptop and basically all of them suck at thermal performance and for most models it is advised to use liquid metal as TIM. While looking at some videos YouTube suggested Linus' video of the IC Graphite Thermal Pad and I ended up watching it again. Something that cough my attention was, that these pads are apparently better at spreading heat in X and Y than they are in Z. So, how about this: line the exposed PCB around the CPU/GPU die with non-conductive thermal pads the thickness of the die height and then put a graphite pad on top of the entire CPU/GPU in order to increase the surface area the cooler touches. See illustration below Has anyone tried this before? I'm willing to test this myself however it'll take me some time before I can get to it. Any other thoughts than this being a terrible idea that no one should do?
  3. Napper198

    Curious, Opinions wanted, Worth investing into or wait?

    It's currently in an Ok-ish state. Things are mesed up and it lacks content but with some friends you can find some fun in there for a couple of hours. Since you can buy ships ingame now it's a bit less P2W but grinding these is not an option if you want to stay a functional human being, especialy since they still reset your ingame balance every patch (about every 3 months now). Given that we are waiting for the new flight model I'd suggest holding out for that until summer to not get dissappointed by the curent mess. The single player camaign Squadron 42 may be available for testing end of 2019 when development goes well. Usually around Gamescom (August) and Citizencon (October) there are some deals going on to save a buck or two. As for alternatives, if you want a MMO Elite Dangerous or Evolation are the only alternatives. If you're fine with single player have a look at Starway Fleet or Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
  4. Napper198

    Star Citizen Performance Metrics (Telemetry)

    I was on a 5820k @4.3GHz and I recently switched to a 6950x which I’m in the process of overclocking to 4.3 again. With that I did see a slight improvement and my 1080ti capping out at 100 fps on 1440p. Judging by the telemetry, 8700K with a 1080ti seems to be the sweet spot, but the database doesn’t seem to be able to list overclocked chips properly
  5. Napper198

    Star Citizen Performance Metrics (Telemetry)

    It does seem to favor more "balanced" CPUs with 16 threads and around 4.3GHz but I'm getting above 60 for about 90%. Around a lot of AI like in Levski or at Lorville it drops down to 30-40FPS but 100FPS at Port Olisar are pretty dope.
  6. Napper198

    Star Citizen Free Flight Event

    I unsure whether or not we ever actually posted that on the forum but yes, we do have regular weekly meetups going on Saturdays at 21:00 UTC
  7. Napper198

    Star Citizen Free Flight Event

    With the recent alpha 3.3 patch being really good performance wise and it giving us the ability to purchase ships with in-game money Star Citizen is finally starting to become more and more of a game. Coincidentally the 6 year anniversary of the Kickstarter funding is coming up next week so CIG is doing their annual anniversary sale which will be accompanied by a free flight event where everyone with a Star Citizen account can test the game and all it's currently flyable ships with no purchase or credit card required. From 23rd of November to 1st of December you can test the whole flyable lineup of each ship manufacturer to your hearts contend and also explore any currently available planets like Crusader, Dalamar and possibly even Hurston and their moons or try out any of the various missions. If you're interested but don't have an account yet I highly suggest using the referral code picker provided by the local Linus Tech Tips Organization to grab some in-game money when signing up and if you have any questions or would like to meet some fellow citizens to help you out with tips, tricks or crew members, feel free to join our Discord server (which is not the official LTT discord btw) Fly safe!
  8. Napper198

    Can I Run Star Citizen?

    go figure I'm running 1440p and I regularly see 8GB of VRAM used but rarely more. 16GB of system RAM is usually fine as long as you have chrome closed. Most of the time I encounter a freeze or crash it's a memory leak.
  9. Napper198

    Can I Run Star Citizen?

    that's just 3.1 and it's hotfixes. I get those too.
  10. Napper198

    Can I Run Star Citizen?

    given that the current build is leaking memory left and right you'll have a hard time with 8GB of ram and your page file on spinning rust. That and the fact that FPS in the Persistent Universe is currently network bound you might not reach you 45 FPS goal. Arena Commander and Star Marine should be fine though. If you want to put it to the test there's a free flight going on this weekend: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/April-Free-Fly-Event Edit: the code is GETINTOTHEVERSE
  11. Napper198

    Star Citizen uber specs

    1. there is no uber setting and to be honest the graphics settings don't do much at all 2. as of now your fps are network bound so just throwing more hardware at it doesn't help 3. the current RAM usage is about 8 GB so as long as you have Chrome closed you're probably fine 4. 3.0.1 is the most unplayable patch we ever had so I'd suggest waiting 4 weeks 6 weeks for 3.1
  12. having 2 axis and a fire button is probably enough and everything else is just a bonus. I have the whole Warthog HOTAS and that this still doesn't have enough buttons to map everything (not to mention trying to remember all 56 buttons and switches) In the case of your joystick I'd configure: Trigger - Firegroup 1 & 2 Middle button - countermeasure Right button - Missiles Hat down - cycle countermeasures Hat up - reticle focus Hat Left - cycle all targets Hat right - cycle hostile targets and use your keyboard for the rest. Regarding your keyboard issue, I never ran into that sort of problem, however your joystick appears to be a rather old design and the PS3 bit might indicate a driver issue. If your issues persist with 3.0 you might want to google if other people had similar problems and possible solutions.
  13. Napper198

    German Talk

    Ich finde es schade, dass man selbst hier in der umgebung nichts anständig zum Probehören findet. Klar Nubert hat den laden voll, aber nur mit seinen eigenen Lautsprecher. Vom betreiben selbst mache ich mir keine Sorgen da ich normalerweise selten über -25dB höre sollte der SC-2023 noch ne weile reichen. Nervig wird es nur, wenn dann das 4K upgrade ansteht. Er unterstützt es zwar, aber nur HDMI 1.4 hat und von HDR brauchen wir garnicht anfangen. Da ist hat der VSX-520 sogar noch im Vorteil, weil er sich nur das Audiosignal rausnimmt und das Videosignal unangetastet lässt, also theoretisch sogar 4k HDR fähig
  14. Napper198

    German Talk

    Die Teufel hängen an meinem alten VSX-520 weil der PC im Gaste VR-Zimmer steht. Da sind sie als klein eingestellt und werden von dem Sub des Creative T3 unterstützt bei dem die Endstufe für die Lautsprecher aufgegeben hat. Hochpass ist 80Hz und ob ich die eingemessen hab kann ich dir gar nicht sage, weil ich es selber nicht mehr weiß. Der SC-2023 steht im Wohnzimmer und braucht mal noch ein Lautsprecher update, das sind immer noch die alten Satelliten, die damals beim VSX-520 dabei waren, aber nachdem kleinen Upgrade für den Rechner und der Vive den Monat ist erstmal wieder sparen angesagt. Wenn es soweit ist, wird es wohl ein Set von Nubert werden, da die hier direkt um die Ecke sind.
  15. add file, right click on file, append files. This will keep the chapters of both Video and audio formats need to match