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    Photography, Engineering, Science, Music, Games.
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    Born in Colorado, lived in Georgia, moved to Arizona for high school and family. Took a graphics design class for 3 years. I also inturned with the IT guy at my school my senior year. I graduated and got a job at a local promotional shop. I make appeal, posters, banners, and pretty much whatever people want done. My previous boss is the only guy in town who will take any job and it was always an adventure. I'm currently self employed working as an instrument repair guy and volunteer often for the community.
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    Designer and general producer at a promotional products shop.


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    AMD FX-6350
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-970A-DSC
  • RAM
    8GB Crucial DDR3
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1070 8GB
  • Storage
    Intel SSD 120 GB boot and an OCZ 240 GB for storage. (both
  • PSU
    Corsair RM550
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    Samsung 24" 1080p 60hz S24C230L + AOC 21" 1080p Freesync 75hz
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    DeepCool 120mm double fan thing i got because i cant put an evo 212 in my case. But did the job evwn here with no ac in az when my room was 110℉
  • Keyboard
    Dell U473D
  • Mouse
    Rosewill Jet
  • Sound
    An old radio + Floureon BM-800 mic.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. I did say like, and its a mining rig. not everything has to fit, though I guess we should assume OP wants it to fit.
  2. The real question is what are mining JK, tho that can be important, dont want to waste your time on bitcoin. The CX550M should be fine, if power was important I'd recommend a higher efficiency rating like the corsair SF450 but only if you're only gpu mining should you drop wattage. But since power isnt an issue, just pickup the 550 its a s solid 50$ option. rather than a 90$ option.
  3. This is a .bat script that temporally sets the APPDATA folder to a different folder to allow minecraft to be run off a flash drive. It also has a built in version switcher. I used this to play minecraft at school. More to showoff than to actually play. Its value is probably less since minecraft does those things now. However this works with hacked clients that allow you to play offline multiplayer with any username. These hacked clients only work up to release 1.5.2 but it can be fun to go back in time sometimes. It also has an ASCII grass block. I thought it was a nice touch. @echo off color 0a title Minecraft If Not Exist .\Minecraft\.minecraft\bin\ ( color 07 Echo. Echo Minecraft has yet to be installed in this folder. Echo Please hit enter and run it for the first time. Echo After this, you will be able to run the version selector Pause >Nul Set AppData=.\ .\Minecraft\MinecraftH.exe Exit ) Del .\Minecraft\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar cls Echo. Echo +#++ Echo +####+#+ Echo +#+#++++###+ Echo #++++###+++#+++# Echo #+##+###++#####++:+# Echo Minecraft ##:##+#+##+++++#+#+##+ Echo =================== ''#++#+#++#++##++##+;+ Echo '''''+#++##+#++#+;+;++ Echo A. 1.2.6 (Alpha) '''+'####+++###+;;;+++ Echo B. 1.7.3 (Beta) '''+'';''##++++;+;+++; Echo C. 1.5.2 (Release) ''''+';';';;;;+;+++++; Echo '''''++'+'''+++++++++; Echo =================== ';;''++'''++++;+++;+++ Echo ''''''+;'''+;++++'+''+ Echo '''''';';''++++;;+++;; Echo ,'+'''''''+++''+'+;: Echo :;;;'';'+'+++;;: Echo ,''';;++'+;: Echo :'''++;: Echo '++: Echo. Choice /C ABC /N /M "Choose" Pause >Nul cls If %ErrorLevel% EQU 3 ( Copy /B .\Jars\1.5.2\minecraft.jar .\Minecraft\.minecraft\bin\ cls Set AppData=.\ .\Minecraft\Minecraft.exe Exit ) If %ErrorLevel% EQU 2 ( Copy /B .\Jars\1.7.3\minecraft.jar .\Minecraft\.minecraft\bin\ cls Set AppData=.\ .\Minecraft\MinecraftH.exe Exit ) If %ErrorLevel% EQU 1 ( Copy /B .\Jars\1.2.6\minecraft.jar .\Minecraft\.minecraft\bin\ cls Set AppData=.\ .\Minecraft\MinecraftH.exe Exit )
  4. I was reading though and saw you said you stream, once again the 1070 is capable of doing that but I just saw a 1080 on newegg for 520. Another really important thing to keep in mind when buying highend gpu's to to make 100% sure you get one that you can plug in and that will fit in your case. And make sure you wont overwhelm your power supply. Make sure it fits Make sure you have the power connectors and if not get a molex adapter Make sure your power supply is a high enough wattage, around 500 is good 650 is defiantly fine even with a high end cpu.
  5. The real question is, what are you doing with it and can you really afford the 1080. I myself own a 1070, its absolutely worth buying if you want to play any games at 1080p. You don't need 144 fps in AAA titles like the Witcher 3 anyways; 60 is enough and it will handle that. Since you have a high refresh monitor I assume you play a competitive game. If you have to lower the settings a little bit so be it, but it can play most esports at 144fps. If the main monitor has G-sync of Adaptive sync you should try to match for that. the RX580 is basically equal to the 1070. Its really up to you. I will say, I got my 1070 when the 1080 was still much more expensive and now that its about 100 dollars differance its probably worth getting the 1080. 480ish for a 580 or 1070, 580ish for a 1080 although there are 1080s that are cheaper.
  6. When I saw this review I could only think of the Sony α7 and α6000 series. After reading the replies here I was surprised they weren't mentioned. They are VERY similar to the Fujifilm Mirrorless cameras. Could we get some love for them?
  7. I have a sapphire r7 260x. It does the job at the moment but I want to upgrade to a 1440p panel and pick up some newer titles namely the Witcher 3. This card was good enough for 2 but I wont get the whole experience with a low end card.
  8. This is a great concept. quick and dirty without the dirty.
  9. I think the 970 omega would go great with a z87 Mpower RM Corsair psu and some nice yellow black ram and whatever case.