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  1. Hello, I have an old pc I built, that supports pwn fans MB: Crosshair V formula Z from Asus. I know they have their own AI Suite II software but I am looking for a different free fan controlling program that would be easy and simple to use as well. anyone of you can recommend one? TIA
  2. Hello guys, is there any tool(s) to diagnose a freezing problem on my pc? It freezes out of no where and i have noticed that everytime i restart it, it gives me the antivirus expired msg. (No saying its happening from that but im just saying?) When it freezes nothing works keyboard, mouse nothing works unless i restart it. Windows 10, 64 bit, ssd, 16gb, Thanks
  3. hello I have to study for a big test and the book came with a few CDs I have to go over but I cant play them on windows 1o seems like this os don't support this. is there any free DVD player program I can download to be able to interact with my CDs and practice? thanks
  4. i just want record my clicking and then leave it playing if you will all the time.
  5. sorry and thanks never seen this 1, is it good for clicking too?
  6. Hi anyone knows any good auto clicker available out there? I need a program that I can leave for however long I want or need to click on different spots on the screen but that can do this repeatedly over and over. for windows 10 64bit thanks
  7. Any1 know how/where to get a deleted file? I was working on a video in sony vegas and I deleted it from the project and the form files but i never saved it before deleting it. I check ed the trash bin right away but no there. any thoughts. im just curious where it went to.
  8. Yeah sorry for the late reply but i thought no 1 was gonna answer lol. But i did email noctua and they shipped me those items for free, ty tho
  9. Im missing the rubber corners and the screws from my noctua NF-A14 industrial PPC 3000 pwm fans. Where can i get these and what size are these screws that nostua provides in the package? Thaks in advance Im loving my new nh-d15 cpu cooler i just wanna add 2 more fans i have on the top of the case.
  10. Because now its giving me 57 and the fans are very loud after i drained and refilled with distilled water.
  11. I think my swiftech h240 started to fail, so i'd like to try an air cooler instead. With my swiftech keeps my cpu at 43 when playing my game. Can accomplish this temp with an aircooler. Spec: amd 8350, asus crossair v formula z, case h440 mid tower. Evga gtx 970. Share ur thoghts thanks
  12. I play guild wars 2 on my pc, i am looking for mobile game similar to it f2p mmo. What are those mmo f2p good games out there? List them plz thanks in advance