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    Musician in the army


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    I5-4670k @ 3.4GHz
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    Gigabyte Z87X-D3H-CF
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    Corsair Vengeance Pro 8 GB DDR3 (2*4GB)
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    AMD Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Tri-X
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    Sharkoon S28
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    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB & Seagate SSHD ST1000LM014 1TB
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    BeQuiet Straight Power 10 600W
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    Medion 20999
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    3 * 120mm Fans, BeQuiet DarkRock Advanced C1
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    Hama something
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    Logitech something
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    Traktor Kontrol S2 as soundcard, AKG K500 Headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. I would use OBS and in OBS, if you have an NVIDIA card you can use the NVIDIA H.264 encoder. I can´t use the latest AMD VCE encoder because the R9 200 series doesn´t support it... @TheGamingBarrel
  2. Hey folks! Is it possible to game on an AMD card (in my case an R9 290X) and use a cheap, old 6series NVIDIA (eg. 660ti) card and the nvidia codec to record? I would guess no, but I actually have no idea, so maybe someone here knows better
  3. Hey I would also like to join you on the battlefield My origin ID: iyouhesheit
  4. My graphics card right now: an AMD Radeon HD 7600M! Yep it´s a mobile GPU because I´m still on a freaking laptop -.- Would love to upgrade to a desktop pc soon...
  5. If they explicitly ask you and you have to confirm by clicking a button then I think its fine. I actually don't think that we want to know how many companies (can) track us throughout the day and here you get at least pizza delivered to you I think good pizza in exchange for the location is fine
  6. I don't think G-sync is really necessary to make it smoother at 90+ FPS, or is it?.
  7. To be able to use that feature your browser has to support html5 (i think)
  8. 500px.com - you'll have to pay for the pictures, but you'll get them in far better quality than 4k
  9. I'm also graduating high school next week wednesday, but in Austria Though its a bit different here: I already finished school two months ago, but we have to pass six exams (the Matura) in order to be allowed to study. On wednesday I have two final oral exams, in english and music.
  10. when spending time with friends I like to have something to eat and drink, while talking. thats basically all I need and want. Good friends, good food, good times. Its always fun and I love doing random stuff with friends: e.g. going to ghe shopping mall in between lessons even though I don't need anything I will join my friends, just for the pleasure of being around and with them I also like to play games really casually with my friends - lots of dicking around included - most of the time great fun, but its seldom that I play with my friends because we are busy studying for our A-levels right now... In general if you don't like talking and having fun while doing so then you won't have fun with me.
  11. Casey Neistat says: Just keep uploading
  12. this isn't about the Amazon reboot with the old TopGear crew is it?. Never heard of a reboot of topgear by BBC or the new cast.
  13. On a holiday my mum decided to rent a car. One morning we found the car with the right mirror completely broken of, the glass shattered. After talking to the police we headed to the rental service to fix the issue. The owner ensured us he sends his mechanic and he would fix it no problem. 5 seconds before he arrives ar our car wich was parked around the corner I told my mum that I bet all he will do is tape the mirror on. Then he came and said: For now I will use that tape to fix it, then everything is fine. We cried because of laughter.
  14. I feel like with the safety measures taken on this phone to hide/save ones data it will be a popular phone for criminals.