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    New to tech/pc stuff! Go easy on me :P


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    Intel i7-3930k
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    Extreme Rampage IV
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    GTX 960
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    HAF 922
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    850 Pro + 2TB WD Black + 3TB WD BLue
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    Corsair 1050Hx
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    Viewsonix XG2401 x2
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    Corsair H100i
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    Tada68 With GMK Hydro caps
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    Logitech G502
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    Xonar DGF

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  1. Hx1050 an "overkill" psu i got from a friend a while ago Would getting a surge protector help prevent this?
  2. I was just wondering since it seems like the worst has passed, i can go 4-5 hours without it turning off. Also, a few weeks ago Toronto had an ice storm that caused my power to "flicker" (lights would dim but wouldnt turn off etc) Is it possible that the power problems fucked my psu up because it was completely fine before that.
  3. So the past month my PC shut down randomly twice, i thought nothing of it. TODAY my PC shut down like 10 times no error no freezing unexpectedly nothing out of the ordinary. I assume its PSU so I ordered a new one (its about time anyway) my new PSU wont arrive until Wednesday. Can I still use my PC until the new PSU arrives? I notice it shuts down more often when I'm in game. When I have power saver mode on and I'm just browsing or watching videos it only shut down once in 4 hours so far. My buddy told me I should underclock my cpu and gpu if i have to use it or just avoid it entirely because it could damage my system? honestly, going 5 days without PC seems impossible to me.. tldr can I use my dying psu until my new one arrives? will the unexpected shut downs cause harm? can I risk playing games? Thanks.
  4. yes Oh it's a known bug? damn. Can't wait for the fix in 12 years.
  5. I have one monitor that's 60hz and one that goes up to 144hz (I set it to 120hz because it makes these problems Im about to say seem less harsh because of how syncing works) When I have any animation that goes off on my 60 hz monitor my 120hz monitor straight up lags (not the monitor it's self but whatever application I have open) For example, If i have discord open and i get new message or post is added or if someone joins channel (literally any animation) i get a stutter on my main monitor. If I'm on a page that doesn't have any animations (like reddit for example) there's no issues. When ever my track changes from spotify or when a new ad appears I hag. Videos on MPC or VLC or any other player STRAIGHT UP LAGS LIKE FUCKING CRAZY on my main monitor if i touch the track bar at all (or if theres any animation on my 60 hz panel) I've been suffering from these problems for years and I'm going to start to try and fix them. Any suggestions or tips? buying an new 120/144 to replace the 60 is not an option. Thank you.
  6. This happened to me today! I had everything off for months now I login to my PC today and it saids I have updates waiting to install? I had to manually re-disable everything from event logs to regedit... fucking pathetic nice going microsoft.
  7. I don't want to turn them off because I have useful things like when someone starts livestreaming on twitch, when malwarebytes picks something up etc.. but when I'm playing overwatch and one of these popup i feel like my game cuts to 30 fps (from 144) for a few seconds. Is there any fix to this without disabling them? Thanks.
  8. Guess not it's just really stupid lol
  9. I JUST formatted 5 minutes ago and windows can't even get my name right I can't rename the folder... how can i fix this? (The user folder is aryaa which has one too many letters if you didn't notice)
  10. AH okay so there is an option, thanks I must of missed it.
  11. Yes I have the ISO already the problem is last time I tried a format I ended up receiving the newest windows update which is full of bugs (creators) and I don't want that verison. I dont recall having an option in what windows version to end with
  12. I want to do a full reformat of windows because I'm encountering a lot of problems in games but last time I tried this I ended up getting the super buggy Creators Update for windows (seems like it updates automatically), How do i format properly to a build that I want? I would like Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 Build 14393 Thanks
  13. I ended up buying the g403 last night because it was on sale on prime day I got it for 60$ Canadian. Now today the mouse is back at 99$. Thanks guys
  14. The g403 is on sale in canada!https://www.amazon.ca/Logitech-G403-Prodigy-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse-Performance/dp/B01KUAMCWI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499832476&sr=8-1&keywords=g403 I saved 35$