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  1. silentpower

    690 or titan?

    cus it is not that simple u need to read it al to get ur self an opinion what u think is best. there is no fact what is the best, it is just an opinion
  2. silentpower

    690 or titan?

  3. silentpower

    Recognize the car

    pepsi max ford falcon
  4. silentpower

    Recognize the car

    here we have one of my favorite. if u dont know what it is there is a hint in the photo
  5. silentpower

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    I pay for 100/10
  6. silentpower

    Explain Your Username

    so i had just got my first computer i did go buy cs 1.6 and i was looking around in my room to get ides for a username and i did see a power supply box and it did say silentpower on it :) and since that i have had the username silentpower
  7. silentpower

    Rate The Song Above You

    7/10 not the music i usually listen to but i like it
  8. silentpower

    My First Attempt To Build A Pc

    i just have to link this
  9. silentpower

    Project: Snowflake [Finished] Update

    yea i had that too and did go for black tube have plans to sleave it cus i dont like that it is shiny. but now i have heard that PrimoChill PrimoFlex dose not go green when u use mayhems pastel
  10. silentpower

    Project: Snowflake [Finished] Update

    nice build. but i like clear tubing more so it will be more blue :)
  11. yea thay are working just the links in first post that is confusing
  12. will be a nice build to follow
  13. yea its red/black themed build. mods can u fix my title of the tread. it is wired form the forum transfer
  14. silentpower

    Project Banana Phonez

    love it :)
  15. silentpower

    Nvidia Surround flip single monitor?

    i have this same problem is ther maybe a regi hack that can do it