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  1. Mummy84

    Raspberry Pi 3 B Power Help

    USB connection on that pcb only supports power in up to 1800mA, So yeah 2,5A(2500mA) is just to be safe that voltage 5,1v dont drop too much under 5v line... But be awear if your 5v 2,4A PSU didnt come with that Micro USB cable then you may lose your power on there specialy on long and thin ones! little example video
  2. Mummy84

    Cant connect to Raspberry from windows pc

    Hmm. not sure will this help you but... I have many windows versions and on Win 10 local network shares are disabled by default for secure reasons... So to me to make sampa share work betwean raspberry and win10 i needed to enable it from win10 features. Like this http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/20736/~/how-to-enable-smb-1.0%2Fcifs-file-sharing-support-on-windows-10 link shows. yes SSH and SMB/CIFS are different but my point is maybe its denied by features... EDIT: What firewall are you useing? EDIT2. Have you (tryed to) locked that ip adress to that Raspberrys mac adress in you router?
  3. Mummy84

    My F@H Rank

    Dont do it for a rank. do it for, whats it for... for for for timber https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/207857-for-folding-users-tips-tricks-and-faq-updated-july-2016/
  4. Mummy84

    Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here

    Rig name: Bloody Green Snow Figth! CPU: Intel i5 4690K @3.5GHz GPU: GTX 980 RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) Team Group Vulcan 2400 Score: 9.4
  5. Mummy84


  6. I think early this year i sayd/write to Whaler_99 " I never get to 100 milion mark" and where we are now... WOW So i have bean lucky? ...yes and no... YES i get this great GPU to work on my PC. and no... my systems cooling is mostly water/liquid thise days and some how i manged to get xx-brand water turns(both, 45* and 90*) that dont like 24/7 work on these high temps that pc it self is OK with. And so it may or may not start leak starigth in to PSU or GPU in any time it likes. On next year. I try to make my pc work with hard tobe, so i hope my leaks is behind me, after that... will see.
  7. Wellcome Watts300 to team! I dont have any MacBook. But i would think that at this point only CPU is used for F@H. If Cuda is 0 it wount mean your GPU isnt used for Foulding. Fouldin slots on advanced control shows you what are used.. Cheers Mummy!
  8. well i fold mostly 24/7 so yeah im in if it(PC) aint broken by then
  9. I dont think there is a limit how many CPUs your system has or how many cores one of them have. Its a F@H setup thing how many you want to use. But then again havent run one so cant be sure there wouldnt be a promblem...
  10. Mummy84

    My F@H Has Killed Itself

    Heh, it's like every tech guys firsth help (realy in theyr maind). Do a clear install of your OS (...as i dont know what the hell is wrong whit it) firsth. So ditch W10 and try Ubuntu
  11. Welcome Fobus! Records are behind. my ppd is ~350 with core18 and sometimes 400+ with core 21 wus. How many 24/7 days have you folded? Cheers! Mummy
  12. I update my GTX 980 drivers latly to 355.82 WHQL. First i did stop and quit the folding client so it wont be in the way and then i did the update via nvidia software "Geforce experience". After restart my F@H client didnt detect my GTX 980, so i reinstalled F@H client after it didnt do anything, but make me get my passkey from store. I had to delete my nVidia drivers and get them download to my pc from the servers and do the "clean" install again via that software, with F@H client not runnig. It worked fine to me as after that restart my F@H client worked a gain. So something unknow did go worng when i did it, like last ~5 times i have done it via Geforce experience. Edit: btw, i have w7 ultimate 64bit on this pc...
  13. Welcome Teddy07! What version of Windows do you use? If your F@h program on you computer is running you should get it back by left clicking very little "pyramid" on left of the clock and then on changes..(or something like that. i dont have english version installed now) and then on FAHclient.exe icon click down and Choose show icon and identifications and then click OK. Hope this helps! Cheers!
  14. When i started to foldon i never thinked io would get this far.. have a nice weekend all Cheer!..
  15. Heh that's what years can do for the team
  16. I did get my driver file directly from AMD "Previous Drivers and Software". So it sold be good one. But, this is also firsth time on this PC for that(stuck on 99.99%) to habend, so why not. I have already tryed the restarting the PC. Reinstall of F@H is next on my list with getting my main PC to show even bootscreen. Thx, for the help! Cheers Mymmy.
  17. Thanks, it was fun for some time. Then i get a bad WU stucking on 99.99% for hours. Pauseing fold made the PC to crass after some trying to stop folding on GPU and now my F@H consol dont member me anymore ("anonymous" trying to connect), so yeah now my folding is in full stop. Wel atleast it isnt hot in my room anymore
  18. Hi there! Is this know fault that HD7970 dont get over 65k on newer drivers or just quess? I mean i my main rig is currently down and im now folding only on my secend rig wich has one HD7970 and my PPD estimate is 85K for GPU with 15.3 beta drivers. But if you ask me, i never have seen my GPU to go as high on PPD as 150K that i member. So thats why i ask. as it would mean, that i need to shot down my work and go on for testing, with this system too...
  19. Yes, underwater comment, was just my drunken hummor. Sorry! But still point was and is that, i was getting those core 18 WU for some, weeks on my 980GTX. But then on that night that i post that my main system died and its on my project list to get back on in this weekend so my secendery system has to do for the time. EDIT: Heres the link for my firsth one with Picture of it and some time after that it was just normal that i get core 18.. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/282765-update-changes-to-fah-client-core18-and-maxwell/?p=4385621
  20. I see that now, thank you! But clicking my nick sold show it under my "system", if you or someone else like's to see it Yeah thats why i run on Custom Watercooled "EVGA" 980
  21. Hi to everyone. I fold 24/7 with my Gameing PC (Spec. under nick or signature..) core 18 problem seams to be last year problem as i get those and btw it taikes Only ~230w form wall.. I dont have a clue, what my other pc gets from wall at the moment with 24/7 folding HD7970 and some AMD FX85xx or something. ...if i get something to fold (servers for WU's havent geeping those up so much latly...)
  22. Client version is 7.4.4. and havent seen one after that 0x15 now are little slow after that and like you may see i only have one GPU on this system.
  23. What the .... i just had GPU down on folding becorse i didnt get any WU for it and after Boot up. I seam to get 0x18 FOR my GTX980, i see...
  24. I did bootup my system again (full boot up, NO restart) and this time the log has started calgulating of the download so i think it works again.. THX for the help! Edit: and now it's runing! THX!