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  1. he's actually correct where it's the same GPU die that's been used normally there are more features (10-bit VDI support etc), and the drivers tend to lag a little behind performance wise (but are alot more stable). In other cases where it's a different die being used. yes he is wrong. Don't know why this is a logical leap for people.
  2. Keep in mind that there is 0 point to modifying that registry entry unless your running education or enterprise enditions on Windows 10 (as it wont actually disable telemtry on pro/home editions). This "bug" was reported on Day 0 of the 1903 patch release, and has been floating around enterprise message boards for a while now
  3. Just use raid, you do know how tiny DNA is right? Even now, the biggest factors are going to be cost and size of the device.
  4. Was refering to the 7GB update reserved space. Others have mentioned it and it's been raised as a potential issue before. They just need to change the required HDD space from the 21GB or so to 28GB and it's a non-issue.
  5. While I agree, what about people with smaller windows devices (i.e. surface 64gb) now theres even less space for them.
  6. My $40/week power bill hates you. Not all of us like in Dubai where you get 1c/kwh
  7. Cost of 1TB of RAM v 1TB of this in a SQL Server Performance differential of having your entire database in RAM versus having a single table in RAM.
  8. Why not both? What sort of use case is this going to be for? Education? Dev Boxes? Prod? Did you want a flat network toplology? or a little 'sub-domain' inside your home network? Setup windows box/network (on there own vlan if you wish), have the DHCP/DNS on the windows server box forward DNS requests via the pfsense box. DHCP isn't a requirement for AD, but makes it easier, Same with DNS.
  9. you mean Jonny, Have yet to see anyone come close to him in terms of PSU reviews.
  10. Because your not talking to the disk directly, your telling the other system to write X or read Y from the disk. Http doesn't care about the OS, Neither does SMB, or NFS, or whatever your are using to setup the files share, they just care that the other system can speak the same thing.
  11. Unless they are 16-bit apps. You can Virtualise the Windows XP box, or even the a Dos box. You'll want to double check the compatibility of the Application, as this will be one of the many ways to skin a cat projects. Do you throw the VM on a server and let people RPD to Virtual computer? do deploy the App via App-V? etc etc.
  12. Should be right, just run mklink /J "A" "B" I've done this with a few Windows files, just need to be careful as a few of them will cause the system to blue screen if the other drive isn't present when the system starts. The only issue will be if they decide they want to make it hidden\lock it out of the OS.
  13. FYI a CFO doesn't do too much on the generating revenue side of things. Think of them as glorified Accountants.
  14. unless your using a deployment tool like MDT to do it for you.
  15. What level of education do you have? Because if you had an education you'd know that, working conditions have been improved as a direct result of unions over the years. Yes even educated people saw better working conditions as a result of Unions. You might not want to over generalise like that, because you don't know all the facts, and it sounds like you where not in a position of power, if your threatened by "call the union". Also, any good manager knows that hours worked doesn't matter, its a mixture of actual KPIs. Too much focus on hours worked, motivates people to work as slow as possible, while not getting fired, so they can pick up some juicy OT payments. Too much focus on output, motivates people to 'shuffle papers' to make it look like they are doing a lot of work (i.e. have git commits being a KPI is stupid, as you'd just do a commit for each letter changed in the code).
  16. Do you work 6 days a week? sun up till sundown? You can thank unions for that. Annual leave requirements? that too.
  17. ACCC would like a word with you. You can refund it, just because an EULA says you waived your rights doesn't actually mean to forfeited your rights in AUS. Still able to claim the refund. In this instance Besthda would need to prove that the state of the engine (i.e. that it was still a buggy pos) was clearly communicated to the consumer. Which it wasn't, therefore it'd be very easy to argue that the product is not fit for purpose and your' entitled to a refund. There are other remedies available, but your the one that gets to decide if these are considered to be major defects.
  18. Not quite. Best Practice is purely dependant on the use case and business case. In this instance, if they are just looking for to replace a Windows Client OS as the 2 concurrent session limit and nothing else you'd be right. As they are requesting 30-40 users, it'd need more scale then that. Looks to me that you'd setup RD gateway+RD Web Access (maybe), and a connection broker, then throw a few RD host (depending on scale required), assuming you need full remote desktops. If your looking at giving an app to 30-40 people, look into remoteapp.
  19. The web server has the 0 matching SSL settings or 0 matching ciphers to your local system. Not sure about what web server ESXi uses, but i'd assume you can change that via the CLI on the system locally (or via SSH). Otherwise change your local security ciphers / SSL settings. It'd recommend reading: https://blog.pcisecuritystandards.org/are-you-ready-for-30-june-2018-sayin-goodbye-to-ssl-early-tls the disabling SSL (all versions) and TLSv1.0 and change the ciphers used. Not that windows and linux (i.e. apache, etc) will often call the same cipher something different, even though they are the same.
  20. Isn't a better system to give the users, usernames and passwords? (and a private key, via sneaker net)? Then just set the read/write permissions for each client on their own directory on the directory. let the server choose the port from a range (based on who's connected). edit: Access based enumeration, that's the phrase i was looking for.
  21. So did I, but that was well after launch. I got a R9 290 ~3-4 months after launch when the tri-X came out and then 12 months later again and ran them in X-Fire for a while. Keep in mind that was 300AUD, probs closer to 7-800AUD at launch. the RX590 is mean to be a the same again. Greate deal if you looking at a mid range card on a budget. Are you gaming at 4k? no? it's an option. 1440p also an option, depending on the refresh rate. 1080p, there isn't really a point in going nVidia, unless there is a feature set you want. Just pick your budget and go (which ever team is closest to your budget).
  22. okay... except if your looking for a GPU in the $2-300 range you now have another option. How is that a bad thing? are there better GPUs? Yes, your complaining about there being more competition in the market. Sure it's not Vega 2.0, but why would expect a 590 to be that? look at their naming convention recently, it'd be call vega 74 if it was going to be that. Yeah, basically what I'm seeing is the 290 -> 580 is ~10-20% bump (https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-RX-580-vs-AMD-R9-290/3923vs2171) So if the 580 -> 590 is another ~10-20% I'd be fine with it. Not looking to spend ~800+ on a GPU again.