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  1. shaunb19

    How does 4way sli even work?

    benchmarking or some very very very high res 3D rendering is the only reason i can see to have 4 gfx cards
  2. as a heads up my 6300(i feel its a terible luck chip) is at 4.7 atm and defo not a bottleneck in my rig(see sig)
  3. shaunb19

    The GPU Overclocking Database

    easy. i installed it. and it worked. precision isnt just for nvidia or just for EVGA cards. its an overclocking tool just like you can use sapphire trixx on any card you like
  4. shaunb19

    Any advice on am3+ mobos

    i agree. i have this mobo and its pretty solid. the bios interface is kinda shit though(doesnt tell you exact volts when upping the voltage of the CPU but its nice because its mouse driven if you want it to be.
  5. shaunb19

    The GPU Overclocking Database

    just added my asus 7850 (one in my sig) think i git really really unlucky with my chip. BSOD at anything above 1GHz. might have to try again with upped voltage or something. seems a waste to not try push for a higher clock. seen some people on the forums with 1.25 clocks on the same card
  6. shaunb19

    AMD cpus

    the 6300 i got for my newish build(around 6 months old now) still kickin butt at 4.7 on a terrible AIO 120mm cooler. with better cooling can probs hit 5 maybe 5.1. best money ive spent on a CPU in a long time
  7. shaunb19

    4.5Ghz Club

    GAH. forgot to make the image larger
  8. shaunb19

    4.5Ghz Club

    4.7 on my 6300. not fantastic i know but my old 120mm AIO cant keep up atm lol. gunna hopefully get an H100i soon and push 5+ outa this sucker
  9. shaunb19

    4.5Ghz Club

    intel only or can us AMD boys join in too? lol
  10. shaunb19

    Radeon HD 78xx series owners club.

    DCU2 v2 7850 here. planning to get another soonish. got super dooper unlucky with my chip. stable at around 1ghz max otherwise i get freezes and BSOD
  11. cant wait to see this thing finished. should be amazing!
  12. shaunb19

    7850 crossfire vs 7950

    thank you guys for all the help <3 Cheers Shaun
  13. shaunb19

    7850 crossfire vs 7950

    Couldn't find any other posts asking this question so as the title says asus 7850s in xfire or a single 7950? links to any information would be much appreciated also personal experience with this would help too. like microstuttering from xfire or driver issues. Cheers Shaun