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    R7 1700 @ 3.8GHz
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    Crosshair VI Hero
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX, 3200MHz
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    RX Vega 64 Reference
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    NZXT S340 Elite Black
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    500GB 960 Evo, 3x 250GB 850 Evo in RAID 0
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    24" 1080p 144Hz Freesync, 27" 1440p IPS, Kogan
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    Corsair H115i
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    Roccat TKL pro, cherry MX blue
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    Logitech G502
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    HyperX Cloud Alpha
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  1. Hey guys, left my computer on all day and came back to this: https://youtu.be/FlivdAKoL-o My graphics card was at 85° when I got home, I turned it off and left it for a while and turned it back on to find this. My cooler is an EK MLC Phoenix unit with an EK MLC Vega block and a 140mm radiator/pump/resivoir combo. I believe the pump is a DDC for memory. Before this the computer was absolutely silent, with the fan turning slowly at load, and off completely at idle. Resivoir is around half full, do I just fill it up more (I don't have any ek cryofuel handy), or is the unit faulty? I've had it for around a month.
  2. Thanks for the input! I've decided on the netcomm, the d-link's price went up by $50 so I figured may as well give the cheaper option a try.
  3. Long story short, AP isn't assigning IP addresses and terrible ISP provided modem router's wireless router stopped working. After months of troubleshooting, my parents and I have decided on an all in one solution. We need a VDSL2 modem router with wireless AC, and VoIP integrated. I found four on the market, and only two I could buy in australia. Netcomm Wireless NF18ACV - $139 D-Link DVA2800 - $238 The only spec difference I can see is a USB 3 port on the netgear, when we have a NAS already. We can pay for the more expensive unit, but just can't find a reason to pay the $100 difference. Is there one I'm not seeing? Are there other options that meet my requirements and you think are better choices?
  4. Hey guys, sorry if this is meant to be in watercooling, I wasn't too sure. I've got a reference Vega 64 that I'm wanting to upgrade to mainly get rid of nose but some extra performance would be nice, and I was looking at getting the ek MLC Phoenix kit, with a 140mm radiator (biggest I can fit in my s340 elite as I already have an H110i for my processor). I've ruled out the Morpheus because it'll clear out basically all my extra expansion slots, and won't look as nice. However, in Australia Vega LCs have dropped in price, an it's pretty similar in cost (maybe an extra $50 or so) to sell my reference 64 and buy a grand new 64 LC. The 64 LC will obviously look a lot nicer, and mean that I don't have to drill holes to externally top mount my radiator, but I will give up some radiator area, have the hassle of selling something for the first time, push more heat, and because I'm traveling for the next few weeks I won't be able to act on it now and might miss out if prices increase. What would you all suggest, and Merry Christmas / happy holidays!
  5. Yeah it's tricky isn't it, in a good way though AMD second gen launch reviews were probably assuming old pricing, but now that the pricing has dropped there more good options. OP can't really go wrong with any of these chips, I guess whichever one is on a good sale at the time the computer is built.
  6. Any six core ryzen 5 second gen can handle 1080p @ 60FPS without breaking a sweat. My R7 1700 can play plenty of games at 200+FPS with very little CPU usage, and ryzen 2nd gen is a fair amount faster than first gen. AM4 platform is amazing, guaranteed support on the socket for at least two more generations for future cheap upgrades. It also performs much better if you ever want to stream, video edit or anything of the sort, and you will never notice a difference while gaming, especially at 60FPS which both can handle easily. I'd recommend an R5 2600x personally, but there are plenty of other good options in AMD's lineup.
  7. As for the external power brick, it's probably something you shouldn't be looking at unless you are wanting to spend lots on a case / power supply.
  8. Turns out it was an issue where the AP needed to be plugged directly into the router instead of through my switch, it's honestly a bit strange but at least it's working now. Thanks again for your advice, I really appreciate your time.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I can still plug in new devices into ethernet and get them to work, would this still be a possibility?
  10. TL;DR Any ideas to why AP suddenly stopped handing out IP addresses? Hey guys, I've got a 28/6mbps VDSL2 service, and was using the stock 802.11n modem router provided by my ISP (Huawei HG658). It got to the point where to get a decent range signal without dropping every 2 seconds, I had to be standing 2m away from the router. My grandad had a spare Telstra Gateway Max (Technicolor TG799vac) which seems to support AC1300 speeds. I tried to set it up as my router, modem, DHCP server etc but failed, and it was just running as an AP. This worked great for about two weeks, great speeds and range, no connection issues. Then, nothing could obtain an IP address over Wi-Fi. All my critical equipment (desktop, laptop, NAS) are connected through a 16 port switch, but the real issue is that nobody's phones can connect, and I only have 1GB of data. I've done the basic turn it off for a couple of days, turn it on again and same issue. I've been putting up with it over a month because of exams, but it's infuriating and I now have some time to troubleshoot. I would go back to my existing Huawei with poor range, but I can't get wireless to turn on at all, it's "enabled" in the config but the WLAN light is off and it's producing no wireless signal. I was just going to buy a Ubiquiti AP like a UAP-AC-LITE, but my dad isn't so keen on spending that much when we have a lot of equipment already and I might be moving out in around 6 months anyway. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  11. Corsair MM300 maybe? It's still gonna be pretty similar to the qck. Something like the roccat hiro 3d is probably perfect for you, but it's expensive. Take your pick.
  12. Less friction == faster speeds. Less friction == harder to control.
  13. I went from a roccat raivo to a qck+, and from a kone xtd to a g502. I find the hard mousepads easier to move around but less accurate. The other thing that I noticed is that stuff gets on the hard one more that interferes with tracking, however it is easier to clean. I would personally say go for a regular qck or a mini, or a special edition if you want something a bit nicer. If you want a hard one, I can't imagine a metal one being all that nice (and I've heard that the surface becomes scratched in less than a year). That being said I've never tried one. Edit: raivo not taito
  14. Sorry I completely mistyped, the prices were $2850 and $2600 for the newer model. Still worth going for the 32GB 1TB with the 7700HQ in that case?
  15. Hey guys, I'm weighing up between two different XPS 15 models. I can get the new XPS 15 9570 with 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD for A$2850. This one has a six core 8750H. Based on all other dell laptops, I should be able to get it for A$2600 in a few month's time. I can get the older generation XPS 15 9560 with 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD for $A2550. Unfortunately, this one only has a 7700HQ. I'll be studying at university next year, and will need something fast for quite heavy multitasking. I often have over 100 chrome tabs open at once, along with multiple other programs such as photoshop, discord, CAD software etc. These are across multiple workspaces. I need a laptop that is built well, has a high resolution display so I can reduce the scaling and have tons of screen real estate, and very respectable battery life (not needing to take my charger with me). I've already got a desktop with an eight core, 32GB of RAM and a vega 64 which will be my main work computer. This will be just what I use when I'm out and about. Does anyone have any feedback as to what would be a better choice? Edit: I can't type prices