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  1. W8 won't fit on a 700MB CD. You can use a USB drive or a DVD however.
  2. Do you have all the Source games installed?
  3. What's the rest of your build like, and what will you be using it for?
  4. I've had this problem for a while now, but I'm not sure what is causing it. When I move my display past about 90°, I get these artifacts (as shown below), and sometimes only on certain colors (usually blacks) when it is below 90. I have a dual boot between Windows 7 and Linux Mint on my laptop, and the problem seems worse on Windows (I can move it back a bit more in Linux). I would also like to know if this would be easy to fix myself, or if I should send it in. I don't have a problem with repairing electronics, but since it's a laptop, there is more risk than when working on something like a desktop. I apologize for the low-quality image, it's not very bright in the room I took the pictures and I used my phone. Basic specs: i7-3630QM GTX 650M SLI 8GB RAM 1920x1080 display
  5. If you already had a build, you have to post the link from the permalink box.
  6. I won a copy of BF4 from a small YouTube giveaway, I've only played about 2 hours of it.
  7. I'm pretty sure there is a portable version of Audacity.
  8. Audacity is good for applying effects, editing, recording, and mixing audio. It's not made for making music, it would be extremely hard in Audacity.
  9. FL Studio has a demo, but if you do install it, be warned as the installer contains OpenCandy. You can bypass this by launching the installer with the /nocandy parameter (open CMD, drag the .exe into the window, type /nocandy, enter).
  10. If you SLI two cards with different VRAM, you will always only get the lower one. If you SLI two 2GB cards, you get 2GB usable. If you SLI a 3GB and a 6GB, you get 3GB usable.
  11. Welcome to the forum If you're concerned about privacy, I wouldn't use a VPN provided by Cisco, they have been involved a fair bit with the NSA. You can get a paid one for fairly cheap, I use Private Internet Access and I like it, no major speed decrease (maybe 50mb/s on a connection normally ~57mb/s), and encryption can go from nothing all the way up to AES-256, SHA256, and RSA-4096. It's about $40 USD a year, and you can pay with quite a few options, including Bitcoin if you want to stay even more anonymous.
  12. Really Big Sky, It's an uncommon background and I paid ~$3 for it.
  13. What are some examples of games you like?
  14. You have to look it up, ports are usually on a forum or on the download site.
  15. I would like to know if there is a VPN client where I could connect to my VPN service, but let certain applications bypass the tunnel. For example, I would let my mail client and all my multiplayer games connect directly to their servers, while forcing Chrome and Firefox through the VPN. A feature where I could exclude individual addresses/IPs from tunneling through the VPN would also work fine. I'm currently running Windows, but I would also like to know if there is an Android equivalent available.
  16. Sushi Cat on iOS 8/10 It's pretty much a cross in between Plinko and Peggle. I like the art style, nothing complex and it compliments the game well. Gameplay is fun, you could replay it a few times and not get bored. It's a on the short side, but you can't complain about a free game (no microtransactions either). No reason to not check it out if you have an iOS device.
  17. Yes, the only problem is that if you have any large files (movies, games, music, etc.), you should not move those to your SSD, as they are very large and may need more space than what the SSD has. Games benefit from fast storage, but nearly any other media will not benefit enough to warrant the extra cost.
  18. Search for Folder Options, go to the view tab, and click "Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives".
  19. You can use an odd case, such as a beaver
  20. You can PM a mod, but it's up to them if they want to do it or not.