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  1. I'm not sure, as I couldn't find any warranty information on their site, plus I'm not sure if I still have a receipt/proof of purchase. I'll certainly check, however I would like to have some alternatives in mind, just in case.
  2. The power supply previously running my machine (below) was an Antec High Current Pro 1200w, up until its death today. My system pulls approximately 600-700w currently, however I am looking to possibly upgrade in a few months, to a system that could use up to 900-1000w (maximum). My overall criteria are: Approximately 1000w Approximately $200 USD Reputable vendor (Corsair, Seasonic, etc.) Fully modular Black and/or sleeved cables Black color (preference, does not need to be fully black)
  3. I recall I was able to open one without any cards/bank info. Even if you do need it, couldn't you use the card I mentioned before? It's technically a fully functional debit card, to the best of my knowledge, just without any bank account attached.
  4. You could always buy one and dump all the money (except a few cents) into a PayPal account, and use that money for something else, while still having an active card. You should however cancel your trial for Google Music before you get charged, you can just use the card as a backup mechanism if you forget.
  5. I'm assuming you want a new PC. We need to know more about your current situation, and what you want. Desktop or laptop? Budget? Use case?
  6. I agree, however, when are you buying OP? You might be able to get an SSD on sale if you wait a bit, considering Black Friday/Cyber Monday are approaching in the U.S. (not sure if you will be able to get one on sale in PR).
  7. You can, however you will need to copy the files you want to keep to a different drive (you may be able to use a USB drive, if they're small enough), and from there, you can format the drive, and install Windows. You will run into issues booting into the same install as your old PC, as Aniallation said above.
  8. Yes, you can use any 3.5mm headset, assuming the USB adapter works (several users on the PS forum have reported it working).
  9. Rufus is what I use on Windows, no install required.
  10. Is it a door that comes down when you insert a cable? I've used a laptop with a similar mechanism.
  11. Budget, currency, and location?
  12. What are you trying to edit/what are you doing? Are you trying to learn the very basics, or do you want to learn more advanced topics? Free software might not get what you want done, depending on what you are doing.
  13. What types/genres of music? If you frequently listen, I would lean towards headphones + mic.
  14. Are you using these for purely gaming, or will you be listening to music/watching movies/etc?
  15. I'm in need of a new pair of over-ear headphones for about $100-150 USD. I'm going to be using these in public (think library), so a closed design with little sound leakage and portability is important. I will be listening to vocals and possibly some mostly electronic music (artists include Aphex Twin, Autechre, Gorillaz, and Tycho). I was considering the ATH-M50 going for $120 on Amazon right now. These must be able to be powered without an amp. I currently own the HD 650s and find them very comfortable, but they have an extremely open design. Features sorted by priority: Sound isolation/little leakage Comfort Sound quality Portability (must be able to fit in a backpack) Build quality Aesthetics (don't care too much)
  16. "mostextremenews.com" I'm going to go ahead and not click that
  17. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 650s, but I did upgrade from the 558s. The 558s were very comfortable, and my 650s are even more so. Granted my 650s were ~$500 USD, my 558s were only about $150 ($122 on Amazon right now). Headphones under $50 are probably not going to be very comfortable without sacrificing something, but you can definitely get headphones for about the price of a gaming headset that are comfortable.
  18. Try to validate files (right click in Steam > properties > local files tab > verify integrity of game cache), and if that doesn't work, go to your install directory, right click the launcher, go to properties, compatibility tab, and check "Run this program as an administrator".
  19. Is uPlay installed?
  20. 4GB should be good enough, W8 is around 3.5GB.