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  1. So I have had this motherboard for just under a week and noticed that it was pixelated around the text at the Aorus logo when you can choose to enter BIOS. I thought it might had been a design choice to begin with but my previous older Gigabyte motherboard didn't have it and none of the vidoes I looked at on YouTube to help me setup BIOS had it either, so I started to wonder if it might be faulty or something. It has always been there, before and after I flashed BIOS to the latest version. Does anyone know what is the cause of it or any ideas?
  2. Got my i7 9700k yesterday and I am currently stress testing it at 5.1hgz and trying to find the right voltage, which if this last stress test I am doing as we speak work out, should be 1.36 volt. I have been searching the interwebs for 2 days now to find out what the max safe voltage is and everyone, including Der8auer and Buildzoid seems to agree that it shouldn't be higher than 1.4. But I've noticed that people often also refer to this number as ''highest for 24/7 use'' . So if I only use my computer for gaming and downloading things from the interwebs, then could I get away with something between 1.42-14.5 volts, in trying to catch that 5.2ghz unicorn, regardless of how litthe extra permance gain it will be?
  3. So I had a Gigabyte motherboard with a i7 4790k and ddr3 ram. Just swapped it for Gigabyte z390 Aorus Ultra - i7 9700k and ddr4 ram. To my big surprised it just booted into windows and everything seem to work. Do I really don't need to reinstall windows because I swapped it with a new Gigabyte motherboard or what's going on?
  4. Hi I can't figure out how to control the fan speed with this product. Does anyone know how to or have experience? In a Gamer Nexus review of this product: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3189-lian-li-alpha-550x-case-review-temperature-noise-vs-330 , it says this: ''Fan speed is controlled via a PWM header attached to the motherboard, so the main benefit of bundling RGB/fan power together and connecting the fans to the hub is to reduce cable clutter. The exhaust fan has a normal 3-pin fan header and a molex plug, so even though there are empty slots on the hub, it must be plugged in elsewhere.'' But I still can't figure it out and fans are so noise atm Please help
  5. What would you say to 3 side, one bottom pointing at where the GPU chip actually is on the graphics card, one top as exhaust but at as far back as possible so it doesn't suck cold air about from the CPU and 1 exhaust in the middle so it doesn't just steal the air that the top one would. Or perhaps put the top on directly over the CPU and only have the back one be exhaust?
  6. That's the main video that I've been watching and it doesn't provide the info that I need, since it doesn't show the added performance with more fans, after putting 3 in the side and what those benefits are.
  7. Hi, so I have a great secondhand deal on a Lian Li pc-o11 dynamic with 6 Lian Li 120mm rgb fans with an remote, that's Way under what it would cost me to just buy the Lian Li pc-o11 dynamic Air case. I'm not going to use water cooling, the build will be strictly air cooled, so I have been trying to find others that have made build like this, but I've been unable to. I want to place the fans so it matches the cooling performance of the Lian Li pc-o11 Air (without dustfilters) as much as possible, or even surpass it. So how do you guys think that I should place them? 2 side, 2 bottom, 2 top? 3 side, 1 bottom, 2 top? 3 side, 2 bottom, 1 top? Should any of them be used as exhaust fans? Or perhaps you got an better idea for the order they should be in? The best thing of course would be if someone has done this before and done testing with it and made a youtube video or an article somewhere with some cooling numbers, to avoid too much guessing, since the airflow in the case could get messy and I could end up with even worse performance, if the fans aren't placed right. I have already seen videos from youtubers that are friends of LTT with 3 or 9 fans, the ladder with 3 of them being fans from a radiator. But if someone here knows of one/some that have already done my scenario here, then please link it for me. Hope you guys can help!
  8. Going above 60hz in hdmi isn't even an option with that monitor. I can get a steady picture with both hdmi and displayport at 60hz. But my goal is to play on big monitor via laptop at 120-144hz
  9. Hi, so I got Acer Predator XB252Q and it works fine with 240hz when plugged into my gtx 1070, in my desktop. So I have just bought a certified mini displayport to displayport cable that I have plugged into my laptop og monitor. But as soon as I try and go above 60hz the pictore turns off and again very quickly, again and again or says ''no signal''. If I try to put at above 144hz there's just no signal at all. My laptop is a MSI GS73VR GRF Stealth Pro, with a gtx 1060 6gb inside it. I have tried to google solutions, but apart from trying to buy a new cable there seem to be no solutions to have to fix this if that doesn't work, which it rarely seem to do, though it seems that a decent amount of people have this problem, when connecting a laptop to a monitor, via displayport or mini displayport. Please help
  10. Oh I just found out what DDU is and no, I didn't use that to uninstall drivers before I switched graphicscard
  11. What is DDU? I had Gtx 1070 Msi Gaming X, but I sold it for a high price and got this one for chap, a few days before the RTX's came out
  12. So I have bought a second hand Gtx 1070 Inno3D x3. After installing it my computer starts up Very slowly, with like 15-20sec blackscreen and then shows up with showing the details of my graphicscard and then after that, starts up. Also sometimes my screen gets very pixelated and only way to fix is to restart computer and other times when my monitor have been turning inself off to save power, it can get the picture back on after a while, which can also just be fixed by restarting my computer, though those 2 problems doesn't happen more like 1 time a week. So I think that I might have a graphicscard that is somewhat broken or perhaps this can be fixed? I haven't been able to find a never BIOS than came with it, that you can see on the picture. Anyone got any ideas how to make my computer startup faster or even to fix the other issues? Thanks!
  13. I'm not sure what you are talking about. Only Oppo 203/205 is able to run Dolby Vision through usb as of now. Are you talking about Dolby Atmos?
  14. So I recently bought a Oppo 203 4K blu ray player and I am extremely happy with my purchase, since I bought it because people claimed it could activate Dolby Vision through usb, as long as the whole 4K bluray disc, was copied to a hard drive, which turned out to be true, so Yay! But, what I can't figure is why is that only Oppo has managed to pull that off? If they can then why can't others do it? Oppo has stopped manufacturing blu ray players, so as soon as those that are on the marked is sold that's it, no more blu ray or 4K blu ray players from them.
  15. Just called them and they will take it in and ''repair'' it. So thanks for your help, I wouldn't have thought that my warranty covered this, but it did! True, once you see something you can't stop noticing it. Like going back to 60hz from 144/240hz. Have a good weekend!