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  1. Been testing ram, tried every slot with every combination of ram and had same issue after 40 mins. Cant see a way to disable xmp through bios, only auto or xmp profile UPDATES: - underclocking slightly to 2800mhz makes no difference -happened in bios, so likely motherboard issue? -opened Spotify in the background, music still playing when screens randomly go black. Gpu / mobo issue? Really baffled at this point.
  2. Just letting it idle after changing a few things so I’ll go back to bios if there’s no change. But I could only find “auto” or “xmp profile”. I’ll have a deeper look if it’s still doing it.
  3. Okay, quite a weird one here, built a pc for my father had he’s having some strange issues. Firstly, when booting the pc, it’ll start to boot for a second, shut off and then boot correctly. This could be fine, just unsure if this is related. The main problem is that the pc screens will go black randomly, regardless if just idling or during use, usually after 10-30mins of use. Pc is still turned on, and you have to hard reboot each time. Happens with XMP enabled or set to auto Specs: Intel Core i5-8400 2.8GHz Asrock Z370 Pro4 Intel Z370 Team Group Vulcan T-Force 8GB (2x4GB) 3000mhz EVGA 500w Psu GTX 970 sandisk sata ssd Any help is apprecaited!
  4. Popped in an old HDD and installed windows on it, ran stable for 10hrs+, seems like a dead ssd! Buying a new one now and seeing if it is stable
  5. sentinel reported it as 96% health. This time, at 3:50pm ish the system became unresponsive, I couldn't interact with any windows or anything but the mouse was still moving for a few minutes. 3:53 ish the system rebooted randomly and I was met with a screen saying improper boot device and the SSD was no longer the boot drive, like before. I then saved the application and system logs and uploaded them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4sLmNkWtWI2S2V4bFU1ZXB0Yjg?usp=sharing
  6. Sorry for the delay I've not been available for the last few days. But I have since swapped out the 2500k to a 3570k and had the same issue. The only thing I've not swapped is the SSD
  7. Ah fair enough, noted. I'd never used it before Unfortunately, the cable didn't make a difference, came back to it recently and it had the same bios screen open as before but I'm not sure when it failed. I'll leave it idling again for an hour then sit with the PC after that so I can grab the event viewer info straight after it boots up again for you. Cheers for the help
  8. Pretty sure I got the right program, but I replaced the cable and then scanned via HD sentinel, ( Pic of Sentinel programme )
  9. Update: It doesn't seem to be the board. I came back to this screen after an hour of being idle: Error screen (Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a kay_)
  10. This issue has been killing me over the last month, i can't solve it. Original issue: Very often, every hour or so, my PC will freeze making me force a restart or give BSOD, or restart randomly with no warning, yet it will try to reboot to my second storage drive instead of my SSD, even though each time this happens I change my ssd to boot from. No other settings are changed it seems. If I reboot whilst the PC is working, it'll boot to the SSD no problem. Nothing has changed with my system other than the odd Nvidia drivers update. I did a clean install of windows 10 less than a month ago and has been stable since then, motherbaord: Gigabyte z68ap-d3 rev 1 Replaced RAM, same BSOD issue.Replaced 1070, same BSOD issue.Replaced PSU, same BSOD issue.I have now replaced the motherboard to an Asus p8z77 Vpro, Now I get a slightly different issue. The system seems to be able to idle for many hours. But, when I come back, the windows icon is spinning, I can't open, close or do anything, forcing me to do a hard reset. I also had a lot of issues finding drivers for the TL WND3800 wifi card I have in the system, tried various versions and one worked but upon a restart, I was greeted with an error code and then I couldn't get any internet and no drivers worked at all. I am currently resetting the PC via the build in reset tool. (Update: been able to use the wifi card without any drivers. The internet issue is restored. Running the system with the new board and a clean Windows 10 with only 1070 drivers and seeing how long it can idle for) specs:2500k + Hyper 212 evo8gb corsair vengeance 4x2(originally: Gigabyte z68ap-d3 rev 1) NOW: Asus p8z77 Vpro128gb Crucial m4 SSD GTX 1070Coolermaster GX 650w tp link wdn3800 wifi card 1TB back up driveolder mid tower Coolermaster case, unsure on the modelAny ideas or help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Nice find but yeah that is expensive EDIT: I just found: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013FY0XHW/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=33G4WZQ3TEQAL&coliid=I2X8B39ESMULOG Which says it supports 2560 x 1440 @60HZ which is great, as long as it works for DVI-D
  12. Tried with the current one I own, but the PC doesn't detect the monitor at all. So not an option to just turn down the res
  13. Can only seem to find ones that support 1920x1200 maximum (I'm based in UK)