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    Computers, gaming, social media, golf, poker.. ya know all the stuff that your parents warned you about when you grew up.
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    Moved to Canada 20 years ago to be with my wife. Love it here, don't want to move back to the USA anytime soon, tho family is there.
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    Asus X99 Rampage Extreme Edition 10
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition 3200MHz 4x8
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    MSI GTX 1080 TI - EK-FB Waterblock
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    Phanteks Enthoo Primo SE Red/Black
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    Samsung SM950 - 2x Samsung 961 Pro
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    Corsair AX 1200i
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    Acer XB321HK - 4k, IPS, G-sync Monitor
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    Water Cooled
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    Corsair K95 Platinum
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    Asus Spatha
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    Corsair SP2500
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    WIn 10-64bit
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  1. As stated I have one FE 1080ti card already watercooled. I have the ability to get another at a pretty reasonable price. I know that not all games scale well with SLI and I also know there are only a couple of monitors out there that can go 4k, gsync and over 60fps. So While I wait for those prices to go down, do you think it is reasonable to go the cheaper route and get a second 1080TI (already have the HD SLI bridge) or would a 2080TI be the better bet. The goal .. 4k gaming of at least 100FPS. I'm seeing most testing showing that this is practical in benchmarks, but how about real world settings? Just curious?
  2. Yeah it was that strip. Not sure how I missed it. It was there when I put the block on, but I found it on the floor so it had to slip out when I was turning the card over. Oh well Solved and thanks.
  3. Welp it looks like I missed a long strip. There was only one there when I thought there was two, so the mosfets weren't covered. They are now, everything reapplied, triple checked and attempt #2.
  4. Reseeding, new driver didn't fix it. Looks like I'm draining the loop and taking off the waterblock.
  5. I clocked it back but here is the thing. This card worked fine for a week with the blower/fan on. No freezing, nothing. I would play games all day long. The ONLY thing that changed was the waterblock I put on. I am pretty sure I put it on correctly. Since I had used this block before all the pads were exactly where they should be. 11 pads for the memory and two longer pads for the VRM and Mosfets. I even took out the instructions to make sure. Active monitoring is showing it isn't a temperature issue with the GPU and the only thing freezing is the screen of the game. I can still interact with things beneath the frozen image. It must be something I missed when i put on the block but I can't think of what it could be. I have used the NVIDIA driver uninstaller in safe mode and even rolled back the driver one version just in case a new driver came out in the last couple of days. It is all very strange. I'm going to reseed it and such.
  6. So I got a refurbished GPU back after the first one died. I played with the 1080TI FE GPU with the blower on for a few days while I waited for some new fluid. I had zero issues playing games. The card even got up to about 85C but never froze or quit. I put on my EKWB as I did before and now when I play games, at random times the game picture will freeze. I can move my mouse around and click on things and the game is still going as I can hear the different things I click on but just the picture is frozen. The rest of my computer is just fine and I can end the game in task manager and all is fine. I have used HW64 to check the temps and it isn't getting higher than 60c. Memory usage seems good and I'm not getting any warnings or such as to anything being wrong. I'm going to try a new driver, but this is the same driver as I had before I installed the WB. I'm absolutely sure I put pads on all memory and the appropriate chips, but something of course is off. Suggestions?
  7. brighttail

    SLI question ...Two differnet 1080 Ti

    heh nm... many problems with that card.
  8. brighttail

    SLI question ...Two differnet 1080 Ti

    As I'm using it in SLI on a 4k monitor all i care about is rock solid 60 FPS Also we'll see what happens in the future with the new 4ks but I think that is a year down the road before they have the 144Hz up that will not be stupidly expensive.
  9. brighttail

    SLI question ...Two differnet 1080 Ti

    If what you say is true I might consider another 1080ti that is cheaper but one that I can still get a EK waterblock for, they won't be exactly alike but close enough from the exterior... hmmm decisions.
  10. brighttail

    SLI question ...Two differnet 1080 Ti

    I watercool them anyway so I'd be taking the fans off anyway. BTW finding blower type GPUs is difficult as they are 2x more expensive in many cases than cards with multiple fans, due to the cryptocurrency mania.
  11. brighttail

    SLI question ...Two differnet 1080 Ti

    That is what I figured but for example the same EVGA card that is the SC2 Black, I believe has a different PCB, and probably a different type of chip and I was seeing people say THAT card wouldn't work. The weird thing is both the EVGA cards can use the EK-FC waterblock it seem.
  12. So i have an MSI 1080 TI FE... I'm looking to get a second and found a good price on the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 TI SC Black Edition. Now if I'm reading correctly what I'm researching, this EVGA does use the same reference PCB as the Founders Edition and should accept an EKWB the same as my FE card. There shouldn't be any issue of running them in SLI is there?
  13. The shelf life is 2 years in a sealed bottle before mixing and like a year after it is opened and used. I still have like 6 months to go on that year.
  14. My GPU died and I had to send it back for repair so I had to drain my Mayhem Pastel coolant and store it. It has been in an air tight container and i took it out to look. It had separated a bit but mixed up nicely. So is it okay to use if it has separated for a bit but been in a sealed, dust free environment? I plan to flush the reservoir and radiator a few times first. This is the first time I have had to have a coolant sit so long after mixing it with Distilled water, I honestly didn't know. Thanks!
  15. It has been done on the Asus boards.. he was getting close to 20k Seq Reads. 8 900ps using 2 Hyper x16s.