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  1. Qazza

    youtube wont go over 720P

    If you're using anything but Chrome and opted into the HTML5 beta it only lets you play 360p and 720p
  2. Qazza

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    I just started to get into video editing and streaming. This upgrade would definitely help the quality of what I do. But good luck to all and happy holidays!
  3. Definitely like the look of the faux carbon fiber, even if it's not metal I'm happy to see the return of triple slot coolers since Asus seemed to stop doing their version. Would much rather sacrifice some space for better cooling and OC
  4. Qazza

    Razer game scanner service

    Sorry about the late response I'm using windows 8.1 but I doubt the process will differ 1) open run and type in "services.msc" and hit enter 2) in the window that opened search for "Razer Game Scanner" 3) Once found right click on it and select "properties" 4) From that menu you can stop the process and set it to only turn on manually A side note though is that in Comms I have the feature that tells people when I'm in game disabled. I imagine this would affect it.
  5. Qazza

    Razer game scanner service

    It is, but it's not vital to how it functions. Only if I want it to tell people what game I'm currently in. Either way I was able to shut it off by using the directions to restart it in that FAQ. I stopped the process and then made it only be able to be manually started. Seemed to clear it all up.
  6. This morning when I turned on my computer and checked task manager I saw that razers Game Scanner service was running in the background. Normally I don't like unnecesary background processes running especially since I only use razer comms and the Game Scanner is normally used for their game optimizer. I tried to look everywhere I could but since I only have Comms installed I found no options for it. Razer Comms doesn't start up with my computer and there is no option for the Game scanner in the startup process list even though it starts on boot. There is also nothing to uninstall it. If I force close it it starts up again in about 5 min. It's been running now for over an hour. If it didn't consume so much resources (30-40% of my cpu) I'd let it run, but thats just unacceptable. Anybody have any ideas? TL;DR I want Razers game scanner service to not run in ther background since I only use Razer Comms
  7. My favorite thing about it is that they did away with the backing from the G2 and decided to go with a removable battery again.
  8. Thanks to Darrin Lynch for joining us today. I hope he comes back again
  9. Qazza


    It's nice to see companies still caring about expandable storage!
  10. Qazza

    what are good LAN Party games

    Most have been mentioned but starwars battlefront 2 is a good one too
  11. Qazza

    If you play LoL - 5 favorite champions

    Don't really have favorites, but the people I play in most roles are: Ksssadin - mid (main since s2) Malphite - top Nocturne - jungle Sivir - ADC Leona - Sup
  12. Qazza

    What do you consider "playable" FPS?

    30 is the absolute lowest I'll go, and that's only if it happens here and there. I have to have 60+fps at most times.
  13. Qazza


    I play every now and again. 4.5 and 5 star hard/insane songs. I've always liked rhythm games though and this is one of the best I've seen.
  14. Qazza

    Anyone Buying Next Gen Consoles?

    Only if there is no emulator for one of them once KH3 is released. And if there isn't one I'm buying the cheapest one.
  15. Qazza

    Why did you switch to PC gaming?

    Honestly, it was because I wanted to pirate games in the beginning, but then I found out that there are so many good deals its not even worth the time and hassle. That and I wanted to play Starcraft 2 with my friend.