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    Flashie got a reaction from Ben17 in README: How to respond to a no POST or no power up situation   
    I feel really really poopy now...
    Nothing worked after pulling out GPU, RAM, CPU, Cooler, Fans, HDD's, Disk Drives, Power connections inside,
    Tried #1 on the list and guess what...
    turns out that it was not the power cable that was causing the posting problems. It was one very moody dimm that it had in there. Popped in one from my test rig and bam the pc was working straight off on the first boot. Guess I got some ram shopping to do 
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    Flashie got a reaction from Mister Woof in So. Many. Problems. [First Ryzen Build]   
    Hehe, He's a personal friend of mine too. I doubt that is his intentions, as he is aware I am in the rat-race too and cant afford to buy him new parts 😅 We installed a surge protector on the outlets that his electronics are connected to after the first surge fried the first board. They're only rated for so much of a surge though, and they happen constantly here because of rolling blackouts
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    Flashie reacted to wildthing in DIY Testbench   
    Not sure if this thread is still a thing but here goes
    i use this as a test bench but it's also being used as a OBS encoding pc with the NDI pluggin.

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    Flashie reacted to MAT0S0 in DIY Testbench   
    Made mine out of wood
    Doesnt have any brackets to hold the gpu but that will be added later

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    Flashie reacted to FullmetalPC in DIY Testbench   
    So after watching your video Luke I remembered I still had my old rig I built back in high school. This machine started in an Antrec 900 case (which I am modding for a new water cooled sky lake 6700 build) and has been swapped back and forth from that case and this Plexiglas case it was resting in when I retired the 9 year old thing. Being made of all 1/4" panels and being ugly as hell by today's standards made hacking up this old 10 year + old case up for a test bed (really only making this out of boredom but actually find it very useful for testing old components). I decided to only make it big enough to hold a full size ATX (like the ancient MSI P6N-SLI that is on it) and have the power supply and hard drives (maybe disk/floppy if needed) on the lower tray to make it as small a form factor as i could. So cut some peaces and dill some holes and blame it's done, so I'm still rocking the old Q6600 and P6N-SLI board with 8Gb of Corsair XMS DDR2 ram till I need to upgrade them to be compatible with newer tech but it works for testing older stuff that people running 5+ year PC's have. I want to get in to building custom systems for people in my area in the future so having a test bench should prove to be more useful then just making sure old man Jankins computer doesn't want to go on the internet because his 801.11g network adapter isn't working . So ya pictures are listed from start to well almost finished... I haven't decided if I want to cut down and install the hard/disk drive mounts that were in the case, I'm only really running the ssd with the OS on it at the moment but I'll probably mount it in there at some point.  

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    Flashie reacted to Jannik C. in DIY Testbench   
    I've done something Similar to luke. Using an old case to create something new, a great idea.
    So i went ahead and grabbed all i need and started. It took like 90h but the results ware great. Have a look
    If you want to have deteiled instuctions, look in my Profile.

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    Flashie reacted to Devilboy in DIY Testbench   
    Here Is Something I made out of some Plywood , Vinyl and some Aluminium 
    Total Cost = 90 USD(Around 6000 INR)
    Time Taken : 18 Hours 
    Do Check You Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/ferouscasemods/
    For Website : www.ferous.in

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    Flashie reacted to rinseaid in DIY Testbench   
    Not exactly 'test benches', but in the same vein. These were built back in 2010 or so. One of these is built into a cheap Ikea basket, some plexiglass and scrap metal - plus some old case parts. Also used as both a NAS and media center PC. 
    The other was built to attach to a 200x200mm VESA mount, again using plexiglass and scrap metal. I believe it was a Hackintosh running Snow Leopard.
    Both of these collected dust like you wouldn't believe.

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    Flashie reacted to Ja_MAToR in DIY Testbench   
    Hello, great video Luke. I builded one similar in 2014 ROG style. It works like charm, because it's only chassis . 

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    Flashie reacted to revsilverspine in DIY Testbench   
    Dammit guys, now I have to make my own test bench. 
    I was hoping to get a BBQ going this weekend but it looks like I'll be spending this Saturday with an angle grinder and a can of spray paint ._.
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    Flashie reacted to Riyyi in DIY Testbench   
    You have 1 hard-drive in your NAS?
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    Flashie reacted to vjizzle2384 in Please help. Everything's Chugging.   
    Go into your BIOS and default every setting.  If that does not work make sure your in your Power Option the Processors Power is 100% on the Maximum.  OR the worst is that your CPU or GPU is degraded and need replaced.  Try get another or borrow a CPU and GPU and retest.
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    Flashie reacted to razaldo in when referencing to a query in excel cell changes to #VALUE   
    Sometimes Excel just throws a curve ball that's actually silly but difficult to figure out
    Good for you dude
    I have been working on Excel for over a decade now and still can't grasp all of its nuances
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    Flashie got a reaction from razaldo in when referencing to a query in excel cell changes to #VALUE   
    Hey guys; Thanks for the replies.
    I decided something odd before coming back to check the forum replies
    I compared the settings of each of the Office installs. What i found was interesting.
    The seperators (to say like $5.36 instead of $5,36) for my desktop was " . " for thousands and " , " for tens.
    The seperators for my laptop was " , " for the thousands and " . " for the tens. 
    My desktops was set to that based on what my windows install on this PC uses; And considering this was a custom build with OEM windows installed, and the laptop being bought new from an importer with windows pre-installed; it would make sense (little odds it being that both would be different) that they were different.
    I swapped the comma and the dot separator around on my desktop to match how it is in the laptops install settings; and lo and behold; all the data was there on the next query refresh 
    Now i can finally continue  with trades. I appreciate the help folks.

    *ps* I will change my clickbaity title back to something more relevant to what i googled trying to find a solution to this problem so others can find this post in future
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    Flashie got a reaction from ThomasPham in Cant copy and paste!?!?!?! :(   
    Closed Synergy - that fixed it. Thanks for replying. (answers no, not currently )
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    Flashie reacted to Xanthe_2871 in Is it real   
    Alibaba is a real website, but anyone can sell there. It's the business/bulk version of Aliexpress. If the order minimum was not 1, I might believe this was a real item made with cheap parts. Not sure about a single PC for $250, though.
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    Flashie got a reaction from VenomZ_ in Guy; I've got a big problem (Windows XP big)   
    Tried everything hardware wise (Even CMOS resets); But working from 10pm to 10am i decided it was time to call a friend. So i hit him up on Discord and we discussed things; He decided I should check the Bios settings even though cmos reset would have set it to default values. There; It turns out that the Onboard Sata Controller mode was set to AHCI. That was not necessary as it is a 7 and a half year old computer. Default values should have been IDE. So I changed it to IDE after being informed and advised by my friend. Lo and behold. It booted. Straight into windows. Straight through that Dank Windows XP starting chime; and straight onto a stable desktop.
    I thank everyone who tried to help  I appreciated the efforts
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    Flashie got a reaction from rogueone in FPS reporting software?   
    Fraps; Nvidia Geforce Experience; Steam-Ingame (Needs to be enabled in settings)
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    Flashie reacted to Narnash in SATA Port Broke off mobo. Ok to clip pins?   
    Yes you can, sure you can't use this port anymore but cutting the pins off wouldn't damage anything else.
    Source: Broke/Ripped some SATAs myself, on the old LGA 1551 board which was the old mobo from my brother I even "rescued" one port by soldering a chopped SATA cable directly on the board this worked till I tossed it on ebay for little cash. The protocoll/system itself is relativly sturdy or simple I guess (doesn't need much shielding to work more or less flawlessly).
    EDIT: As Imbellis said, some glue and the old plastic thingy together with less straign and it sould be fine to get used again. (I even wouldn't cringe about some blobs of hot glue )
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    Flashie reacted to Imbellis in SATA Port Broke off mobo. Ok to clip pins?   
    I'm unsure if you'd be able to connect the SATA cable if you trimmed the wire down.
    If you're a hobby-shop guy, I may try using some Loctite glue (make sure it's safe to use on a motherboard) and glue the plastic cover back on.
    But if you're not using the plug, then I guess you could cut the wires. Shouldn't damage the motherboard.
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    Flashie reacted to Anjelllo in Stuterring/Hiccups while gaming   
    Hold your breath for 30  seconds. If that doesn't help, try drinking water.
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    Flashie reacted to ScratchHackeryt in Why does it keep doing this? (Dual and/or) Triple monitor setups   
    So when you drag the window to the higher res window it goes fullscreen like that?
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    Flashie reacted to MrMarriarty in Why does it keep doing this? (Dual and/or) Triple monitor setups   
    Yay WINDOWS moment, yeah this will be windows not dealing with the different resolutions of your monitors very well, i get this too.
    only work round ive found is to un maximise into a window before moving between screens
  24. Agree
    Flashie reacted to MedievalMatt in Why does it keep doing this? (Dual and/or) Triple monitor setups   
    Thats a bg with Steam/ Spotify infortunately.
    I have a triple 1080P setup and some apps do that.  If you unmaximize it first... then move it... should work
    and use Win Key + Left or Right arrow, should also work.
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    Flashie got a reaction from Lurick in Gigabit switch query   
    Sorry  Im reading too many stuff at once