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  1. I'm seeing either 2 8 pin power connectors or an 8 pin and a 4 pin connector on a lot of new motherboards in computex coverage. I just got a fully modular 800W titanium PSU with 1 8 pin cpu connector and no 4 pin connectors( Silverstone SX800-LTI). I'm wondering if there is any way i can get the PSU to provide the power that these 2 pin motherboards might demand, an adapter ot something. Or do i just have to hope that it will run on a single 8 pin or maybe itx versions of the x299 or x399 will come with a single 8 pin?
  2. where is buildzoid's pro4 vrm analysis. I occasionally see a couple videos of him on gamer's nexus channel. Do i have to go digging into their site for written content? Is there another channel he uses?
  3. I have to use phone until I get a new PSU, the specific name would be very useful
  4. My Corsair HX1000 died today. I have a 2600k at 4.8ghz. a x52 kraken. 2 ssd, 2 HDD, and a GTX 970. I will probably be upgrading to a GTX 1080 or 1080ti or and equivalent later this year. I want something that can fit into a small form factor case in the future and where I won't have to worry if it can handle new powerful hardware.
  5. its supposed to be the first half of this year, so by the end of June Vega should be released.
  6. 4.5Ghz is a healthy overclock. a 2500k overclocked that far is probably very close to a stock 6600k in performance. Your cpu shouldn't be preventing you from having a smooth 60+ framerate. But if you're obsessive competitive FPS player and want that 200 frames per second, then yes, upgrade. Frankly, i think right now is a bad time to upgrade and i would stick with your current system at least until Intel comes out with their new socket and/or AMD comes out with a 2nd generation Ryzen. I think 8 threads is going to become the standard for mid level cpus very soon. And i think the current gen of Ryzen has a bit of hiccups as well as no boards with the x300 chipset yet, which doesn't use any lanes for the chipset, which should allow for a great deal of customization for the board manufactuers, hopefully creating some very cool mobos.
  7. the 7600k is basically just a 6600k with a factory overclock. However, if you're open to the idea, i would probably recommend a AMD system over it.Even in the worst games for AMD, its pretty even between a 7600k and a 1600 and then there are plenty of games and other programs that will take advantage of the 12 threads of a R5 1600 AMD system where it will demolish the 4 threads of a i5 7600k or 6600k. And Ryzen has more things controlled on the chip, so the motherboards tend to be cheaper.
  8. a good choice for what? what are you going to use it for? Is it just some well multi threaded task so you think you can invest in a cheap 8 thread cpu and be fine? Also, when you look at old CPUs, keep in mind you have to buy a motherboard and ram too, and those might be hard to find and expensive. Is AMD's version of hyperthreading ok, or does it have to be Intel's hyperthreading?
  9. If you want the most future proof CPU, i'd get a r7 1700 or 1800. If you want the cpu with the best average gaming performance right now, i'd get an i7 7700k. If you want the best bang for your buck, i'd get an r5, probably the 1600.
  10. gamer's nexus video is up. Overclocks about the same at the r7, 3.8-4.0Ghz. Gaming performance seems to be pretty identical to a 1700x. So like good, clearly capable of gaming at a high level, but clearly behind most i7's. Outperforming the i5s in games that do a good job of taking advantage of more threads, and in games that don't take advantage of more threads, beating all I5s except the 7600k. So if you want the CPU that will result in the highest benchmarks of today's games, then the 7700k is still the best option. If you're debating between a i5 7600k and a r5 1600, then its tough to make a decision based on today's games, and i think the r5 1600 is a better choice while taking into account future games.
  11. The question is less 4 cores vs 6 cores and more 8 threads vs 12 threads. Some CPUs like i5s have 4 cores and no hyperthreading, so only 4 threads. Those are definitely showing signs of being dated. Right now it doesn't seem like beyond 8 threads are being utilized by many games. If i were to buy a new CPU today, I would probably get a 16 thread R7 1700, because I think we're going to continue to see the number of threads growing being the biggest cause of CPUs becoming dated. But if you have an i7 that is a 2600k or newer, I think with the current thread optimizations you can't justify switching to a higher threaded CPU.
  12. do we have benchmarks yet? if not too early to say.
  13. Gamers Nexus recently did benchmarks with a 2600k conservatively overclocked to 4.7Ghz and it outperformed every I5 in every benchmark. When games are taking advantage of extra threads well enough for that to be the case, can we really continue to recommend I5s? Shouldn't we just recommend buying like the newest I7 you can afford?
  14. IDK, you can't really take 1 benchmark and say the H100i is better. It might be better, i don't know. It is weird, for the H100i it has 3 different settings. A quiet mode, a performance mode, and a performance mode with 4 fans. What mode is every other AIO on? That benchmark does show the x61, so its a generation older, pretty sure i've read the x62 is quieter at heavier loads than the x61. And really how loud the cooler gets is going to determine how high you run it and is going to be the largest factor in just how effective its going to be, so that imo that is a big deal. One thing i like about the Kraken is it has a 6 year warranty. I got a x52 kraken earlier this month. Pretty significant improvement in terms of cooling. The thing i dislike most about the switch to AIO is the software. Maybe newer and higher end motherboards don't require it, but i have a 6 year old motherboard and i need third party software always running in the background and that software was buggy as hell and made overclocking a major pain in the ass.
  15. if she asks you what you think is wrong with it, make sure to suggest that a virus will slow down the computer
  16. I think my next case is going to be mini itx, and i'm currently thinking about upgrading my videocard and I want one that will run well in a mini itx case. Beside avoiding excessively large ones, i have heard you want rear exhaust. Is rear exhaust really important? And are there better options for a rear exhaust card than the founders edition?
  17. I'm trying to find different options for like 27" or larger 1440p monitors with at least 120hz refresh rate. And like, every monitor website is hell to look through. In the specifications page, it often doesn't mention the refresh rate. You don't know the resolution until looking at the spec page... And like before doing any searching it makes you select a category of monitors. Bitch, i don't care if you call that monitor a work monitor or a professional monitor or a gaming monitor.
  18. Two main questions. I'm currently using a 27" and is a 34" the same height, or would i need to get even bigger, something like a 38" ultrawide? Also, how well do game developers support Ultrawides?
  19. motherboard header so like, now that i am done configuring the krakken fans and pump, can i just like uninstall CAM and have it will keep running like this or do i have to like boot up CAM every single time i boot to keep these settings?
  20. I don't think so. My board and cpu is over 6 years old now and elitegroup just does super low end boards now.
  21. So i got a Krakken today. Downloaded CAM. It doesn't recognize that i have a Krakken. I reboot, and it does. So then i start changing settings in my bios to overclock, and start stress testing, and it crashes, and when i boot back into windows, Cam doesn't recognize that i have krakken. Then i reboot and it recognizes i have krakken, but my saved settings are gone. And this has happened 3 times over, crash, reboot twice, then have to redo the settings.Frustrating as fuck.
  22. Anyone know how to determine the direction the fans blow? No arrow on the sides unfortunately
  23. its really simple. Over the last like 10 years, CPU progression has meant increasing threads and increasing single core performance. Ryzen is important in that its bringing 16 threads with 8 very decent cores at a very affordable $330. The debate is whether the 8 cores are good enough, and the answer is different for different people. But I would argue that if the improvement with number of threads isn't good enough to get you to upgrade to the 1700 over a past i7, the improvement in individual core performance isn't good enough to justify you upgrading to a newer i7. If you have an i7 i think it is just a waiting game of how long until Intel or AMD makes an 8 core 16 threaded cpu with individual cores good enough for you to justify upgrading to it. The 1700 isn't quite there for me, but its close, If i wasn't a fan of old school shooters where 200+ frames per second is kind of expected, it would probably be enough. i think in the next 1-3 years Intel or AMD will get me to upgrade to a 16 threaded cpu.
  24. Title pretty much says it all. This is my first AIO installation. Any tips ?