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  1. with an adapter it should be fine though, right?
  2. because right now i have 4 ssds and i want to reduce the room they take up. Plus it will be easiest to just copy the old ssd onto the new one which would mean, ideally i'd have 5 plugged in at the same time. Plus, the motherboard and cpu is six and a half years old, they're going to get replaced soon, doesn't make sense to make accomodations for it with brand new hardware if it can be helped.
  3. So I'm pretty sure my 7 year old SSD that i've been using as a boot drive is on its last leg, so i ordered a 250GB samsung 960 evo and an m.2 to pcie adapter. This being my first time installing a m.2, just wondering if there is any tricks i need to be aware of. the motherboard https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813135283 the adapter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MYCQP38/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 the ssd https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LYFKX41/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. unfortunately i'm stuck on Verizon. so motorola or a small enough phone where a case won't piss me off.
  5. I am going to upgrade from my droid turbo 2 and initially i'm gravitating towards another motorola with their shatterproof screen because it was so nice to not have a case and also not have to worry about the screen. Has other manufacturers made much headway in making their screens more durable or is still like you drop your phones from 5ft up onto concrete and there is a good chance there is going to be a crack?
  6. where are you seeing benchmarks that shows the 7900X beat the 7700K in most games? I got the opposite impressions, ashes of the singularity and hitman being the only games where the 7900X seems to beat the 7700K http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2961-intel-i9-7900x-review-benchmarks-game-streaming-vr-premiere/page-6 also https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/07/intel-core-i9-fastest-chip-but-too-darn-expensive/3/
  7. i have doubts on how reasonable the prices will be and i have doubts over the longevity of the platform that coffeelake will be on. I am a PC gaming enthusiast with a 2600k and a 1080ti and i don't think they'll be able to justify me upgrading my CPU. If there is a 6 core part like is rumored, i think it will be very expensive and offer no real gaming benefits. This generation, while developers have gotten better at creating higher graphic settings for PC compared to console, CPU usage is probably gimped by having to run well on console CPUs. I doubt I should upgrade my CPU before next gen consoles are released.
  8. Ryzen 2nd generation, when they move to 7nm
  9. yeah, i guess i'm just a pussy. Keeping my v @ 1.40 for my 2600k, hoping it will survive until Ryzen 2 comes out.
  10. i don't think the question is how doable it is, but when do you start shortening the life of the CPU
  11. Basically, i'm looking for something to replace my Droid 2 Turbo that is struggling to charge nowadays. I don't really use my smartphone for anything other than web browsing, GPS, WhatsApp, and texting and calling. I'm on the Verizon Network. Just want something durable that i can replace the battery if it goes bad, and expandable memory. Preferably nothing too big, and nothing ridiculously expensive. I was thinking about maybe a CAT s40 or s50, but i don't know if they have removable batteries and sd slots. Seems like a lot of the time they don't advertise that type of thing and you have to weed through reviews to find out.
  12. yes, i was listing the reasons i got a founders card. one of the reasons is that if i wanted to eventually switch to a hybrid kit or an liquid kit, i would be able to with the founders card.
  13. I think its likely that after i upgrade my cpu/motherboard i will likely switch to a SFF case. My understanding is that blowers are better for SFF cases. Also its my understanding that watercooling kits are often only compatible with reference boards, so if i want to eventually switch to a AIO kit, i would want a reference card. Finally, its like $70 cheaper and i didn't plan on stressing the card to hard in the near future, i currently only have a 144hz 1080p monitor.
  14. i think so, i just plugged the card in and downloaded the latest nvidia driver for it.
  15. i'm not overclocking the card. its stock and its reaching this temp and i want to make sure its fine.
  16. I got a 1080ti founders edition today and i haven't overclocked it or anything and its running at 84-85C and my PC is not crashing or anything, but with a $700 card, i just want to make sure i'm not killing it.
  17. I understand that they're expensive, but it seems like if it could lower temps by more than like 2 degrees than comparable air coolers it would be competing with AIOs' performance without the risk of catastrophic failure, and a lot of people would pay like $150-$200 for that.
  18. With the marketing around vapor Chambers in the xbonex and them existing on high end video cards, I'm curious why I don't hear about them in CPU air coolers. With the growing popularity of AIOs and copper heatsinks having a comeback, I think it's unlikely that they would be too expensive for the market. Are they so common we just don't see it mentioned because it's assumed? Or is there a feature in modern desktops that minimize the usefulness of them on CPUs?
  19. So i ordered a new videocard and its arriving tomorrow and its a founders edition from Asus (plan on eventually switching to a mini itx case) and I'm just curious if i should be using the cd that comes with the card or if i should look at Asus's site for more up to date software or like, would another third party have software that work's with Asus's Founders edition? Are there any compatibility issues i should be concerned with? Finally, is it really going to let me do more with my card than the default nvidia drivers?
  20. how would i make an 8 pin and 6 pin pci-e into a 8 pin cpu connector?
  21. I'm seeing either 2 8 pin power connectors or an 8 pin and a 4 pin connector on a lot of new motherboards in computex coverage. I just got a fully modular 800W titanium PSU with 1 8 pin cpu connector and no 4 pin connectors( Silverstone SX800-LTI). I'm wondering if there is any way i can get the PSU to provide the power that these 2 pin motherboards might demand, an adapter ot something. Or do i just have to hope that it will run on a single 8 pin or maybe itx versions of the x299 or x399 will come with a single 8 pin?
  22. where is buildzoid's pro4 vrm analysis. I occasionally see a couple videos of him on gamer's nexus channel. Do i have to go digging into their site for written content? Is there another channel he uses?
  23. I have to use phone until I get a new PSU, the specific name would be very useful