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  1. if this is serious, how can i turn the hdd to get it to attach securely?
  2. A 3.5" HDD died, i bought a replacement, the replacement doesn't have holes in the same spot anyone know of like an adapter that i could use? There are only 4 holes in the bottom of the new hdd and 2 extend past the mount when i have the other 2 attached, no way to use the other two. Is there maybe an adapter i can buy or maybe just duct tape it? new hdd: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822146142
  3. For gaming i see three basic options. You can go the I7 8700k for the ultimate high end, highest possible frames per second which most likely is fairly future proof, but that comes at the highest cost. Or you can go the R7 1700 for better value, still capable of very good fps, and possibly even more future proof than the 8700k. Or you can go r5 1600 for great value and still capable of very good fps, and probably will be capable of very good fps for quite a long time. For a high end system, I7 or AMD imo.The way Intel removes important features like hyperthreading and overclocking from so many of their CPUs make them hard to recommend for anything but the highest end chips.
  4. ok, yeah, so it boots fine with all the hard drives plugged into the power but only the boot drive's sata plugged in. Double checked with everything plugged in it still froze on boot. With everything plugged in but the sata drive of the opposite hdd that i originally, it still froze on boot. With everything plugged in but thesata of the hdd i unplugged originally, it booted fine. So definately looks like something with a non boot drive causing the problem. Not really much troubleshooting i can do with it when i can't boot into windows with it plugged in, is there?
  5. alright, but i'm going to be pissed if it takes me another like 4 hours to get into windows...
  6. looks like it might of dropped slightly from doing that from 4.0 to 3.85GB of usage
  7. no. so if i unplug my boot drive, it will freeze later on while trying to install windows on another drive. But I got my computer to boot by unplugging one of my HDD while having my boot drive plugged in. So i'm wondering if maybe because the PSU is SFX-L, it is doesn't have as beefy of a rail for HDD and its struggling with 2 ssd and 2 hdd.
  8. yeah, the boot drive is the 120gb sata II ssd, bought back in 2010 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231378
  9. I7 2600k was at 4.7Ghz. Lowered to 4.0. motherboard ECS p67H2-A2 16GB of ram Nvidia 1080ti win 7 professional 64 bit Silverstone sx800 sfx-l psu 120GB Sata II ssd 1 TB Sata III ssd 2 TB HDD 3 TB HDD
  10. My computer freezes while trying to load windows. I think, my boot drive is over 7 years old ssd, so maybe its dead or close to it. Pop in my windows cd, and make it boot first and i get several different problems. Sometimes it freezes before it gets to the screen choose to install windows. Sometimes it reaches that screen but the mouse cursor fails to load. Unplugging my boot drive appears to fix these 2 issues. Now when i click install windows, it gets stuck immediately afterwards with "setup is starting" onscreen. Using win 7 pro 64 bit. *edit- So i tried underclocking my cpu and that didn't help. Then i unplugged one of my two HDD from psu and from the computer and i loaded into windows fine. I'm wondering if maybe the PSU is struggling with my system. I used a 800W Silverstone sx800 sfx-l psu.I have only had it since May, so its pretty damn new, but it is a small form factor PSU and i have a full size 1080ti and a 2600k, so a pretty power hungry system.
  11. i don't doubt that. I doubt that a 2600k overclocked to 4.8Ghz, like I have, is not powerful enough.
  12. as for the topic of the threads game engines take advantage of. The xbone and ps4 have 8 cores on the x64 architecture; i think you're in denial if you think game engines aren't largely taking advantage of 8 threads and the benchmarks tend to back that up with the 2600k outperforming the 2500k in gaming benchmarks. I would expect game engines to start taking advantage of more than 8 cpu threads on a large scale once there are game consoles with more than 8 cpu threads.
  13. its also a super conservative overclock. In the hardware Canucks testing they had the 2600k at 4.8Ghz. In the digital foundry testing they had it at 4.5Ghz and higher clock speeds is probably the largest factor in increased game performance for CPUs, so it makes sense there is a large discrepancy between the two tests.
  14. can you link the digital foundry testing? i'm not seeing it. and yes, utilizing more than four cores is very prevalent and is why a 2600k benchmarks better than the 2500k on virtually every game, and an overclocked 2600k beats most i5s in alot of games.
  15. do you have any proof that a 2600k prevents high fps for 144hz gaming? hardware Canucks tested the 2600k vs the 8700k and with both overclocked there was maybe a 2-5fps difference.
  16. I've seen people comparing the 2600k to the 8700k or the 7700k and there is always small improvements going with the newer CPU, but I think a better test is comparing it to lower end CPUs. If my overclocked CPU is outperforming a non overclocked CPU with a retail price of around $250, then don't i already have a very high end modern gaming CPU? So like if my 2600k outperforms a 7600, then upgrading from my 2600k makes less sense than upgrading from a 7600, right?
  17. You think? i thought pcie 4.0 was supposed to come out 2018, so around the same time we would see 7nm Ryzen CPUs I'm lucky in that games are starting to take advantage of the extra threads of i7s. While my 2600k is old, overclocked it still trades blows with an overclocked 7600k in gaming benchmarks. So upgrading my 2600k is like upgrading a 7600k. So its pretty impossible to justify upgrading at this point.
  18. wait until they move off of silicon for the manufacturing process. Everyone knows thats what really is holding progress back... Won't be a significant upgrade until after that.
  19. i have a 2600k and i'm going to wait until a smaller manufacturing process and until motherboards with pcie 4.0 come out. With how long CPUs can last nowadays, i think compatibility with future hardware is very important when it comes to deciding when to upgrade. A new high end CPU could feasibly last you 10 years, so waiting until pcie 4.0 makes sense imo.
  20. oh my god. so after spending a shit ton of time trying to get it to scew in, I took a break. And then i'm like maybe i'll check the product description on amazon. And then i notice in the pic on amazon there is a pic with another screw in a baggie. And i look in my package and i see this tiny screw and this screw is longer than the one i've been trying to use! Why would they have a screw that is too short installed on the board and have the one that you're supposed to use in a tiny easy to miss bag?
  21. Idk, it's driving me crazy. Tge screw won't catch even though it seems like it should
  22. Right now I'm having trouble physically installing the m.2. I can't get the screw in. It looks like i have it plugged in all the way, right?
  23. oops, 4 hard drives, not 4 ssd. 2 HDDs, 1 for storage and the other as a backup. 1 ssd for booting and 1 ssd for gaming.