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  1. I'm Ok with using a case to make it durable as long as the phone is already on the small side, and the case doesn't interfere with wireless charging. Large battery, like at least 4000mAh,
  2. I'm not sure i would call my motherboard's ram location typical. Because its itx and the apx power connector is to the right of the ram, there is very little space between the cpu and the ram slots. Like right now I have to rotate my Krakken x52 upside down to get it to fit. In order to also fit the radiator and fan of my evga hybrid cooler, i had to mount the fan on the outside of the case. I have the Asrock z390 phantom gaming itx/ac
  3. I have 2 sticks of 16GB Ripjaws V; i think they're 42mm tall
  4. yeah, i'll just make my roommate with her tiny hands help. Also, through my crude measurements it looks like my ram is going to fit between the cooler and the fan, So i shouldn't even need to move the fan up!
  5. lol, that is almost identical to what i'm planning on doing. Its very nice to see it fit. It even looks like there is room to raise the fan to give more space for ram. I have a EVGA hybrid cooler for my 1080ti and then right now i have a nzxt x52 krakken which i hope to replace with an air cooler without much cooling loss. Right now i can't get the fan on the hybrid cooler's radiator to fit since i upgraded my cpu/mobo into itx, placing the cpu pump closer to the rear fan mount. So i'm getting the H200 monday, move everything over then; and will probably get a D15 as soon as a new version with new 140mm fans comes.
  6. so thats with fans, corrrect? The Specs for the D15 says 160mm without fans and 165mm with fans. edit: ok, the D15S says 160 with fans.
  7. For the H500, and 200, the cpu clearance says 165mm. Which is exactly the height of the NH-D15 with fans. So I'm curious if you can fit it in or if you really need an extra mm or two for clearance.
  8. Just installed new cpu, mobo, and ram. Mouse and Keyboard work fine in the UEFI, but when windows loads both stop working. Any idea what could be wrong?
  9. Just bought a 8700k with a z390 board to replace my 2600k. Wondering if the holes are the same for mounting my aio, or if I'm going to have to go digging to see where i put the other mounts that came with it.
  10. 8700k, asrock 390 phantom gaming it/ac, and 32gb 3200 ram
  11. I have a 2600k and a pci-e slot on my mobo died the other day. Fortunately my motherboard has a 2nd one, and i moved my videocard over. But my mobo and cpu are nearly 8 years old at this point, and this is pushing me towards upgrading my system. Is the 9700k even remotely viable compared to the 8700k? The 8700k should be easier to cool and likely overclock higher with 2 fewer cores; while with the general rule of hyperthreading adding about half a core's worth of performance per hyperthreaded core, the 8700k should in theory have 9 cores worth of performance compared to the 9700k's 8. Plus, the 8700k is $270 at microcenter if i also buy a motherboard there, compared to the 9700k being $400 wherever i look. Am I missing something? It looks like the 9700k is a horrible value.
  12. i don't sleep with it. its always on my stand. I have it on my desk next to my bed charging every night. IDK, I just find it hard to believe that the vast majority of people are gentler with connecting their phones to a cable than me. But regardless the magnetic charger should fix the problem.
  13. yep, using the stock cable and charger. Haven't contacted LG because it has happened with previous phones as well. Thx for the idea on the magnetic charging port, just ordered one on amazon.
  14. 2 Phones ago, the Phone lasted about a year, and the charging port died, then i bought a LG G5 because it was relatively cheap and it has a usb type c port, and i remember reading usb type c was supposed to be more durable somewhere. But nope, a little more than a year later, that charging port failed. Fortunately the G5 has a replaceable bottom for like $20, so i just bought a new bottom; but that one died in like 2 months. So I ended up buying 2 more new bottoms, and the first one of those is starting to fail after maybe 5 months. I'm not rough plugging them in or out. Previously i thought the handful of times i knocked the phone off my table when it was connected might of damage the port. But I've been careful the last 2 bottoms i haven't dont that at all and both fail. I think the one that lasted a month might of just been defective. It died differently than all the others in that one time i plugged it in, it didn't charge, but the bottom got super hot; and then every time after that it just wouldn't charge at all. How can i ever justify getting a good phone if the port just keeps dieing?
  15. Whenever i change a password on a site, i get the notification to save the new password, and i'll click save, but it never updates and keeps using the old password which doesn't work. Any idea what could be causing this?
  16. I've had this phone for about a year now, and couldn't be happier with it. It has a replacable battery and replacable bottom/charging port, which for me at least, are the two main things that force me to buy a new phone. It has expanable storage, and is decently powerful with a decent screen and camera. And while not razer thin, it is easy to hold in my hand, which can't be said about a lot of modern flagships with larger screens. Plus its dirt cheap for a smartphone. But somehow it was a flop? Because it doesn't look sleek even though most people put their phones in cases? I get it not being popular for people that want the newest, most powerful phone with the best looking screen, and best camera, but i don't get why for the average person, we're not seeing better adoption of phones with more consumer friendly features.
  17. I have a Silverstone 800w sfxl psu only 1 year old. Just picked up an extra psu from a friend. I have a 2600k, so i think 7 and a half year old motherboard could be the culprit as well.
  18. When i tried to turn my pc on today, nothing happened. I pressed the power button down and it started to turn on, but then off then on and off again like something that i might expect during a brownout.So i,flipped the psu switch off and I'm afraid to do any more testing and possibly damage other components. Also there was no blinking lights with the surge protector.
  19. i am using a i7 2600k with a 1080ti and i can't justify upgrading my 2600k. If i bought a i5 2500k, i probably would of upgraded my cpu like 4 years ago. Also, future upgrades of a CPU will probably require a new motherboard and new ram, if its long enough in the future, so spending more on the cpu will make your motherboard and ram last longer as well. It would cost like $900 to get a new cpu, motherboard, and 16gb of ram, and i might average like 5 extra fps. CPUs can last a long time if you invest in a good one. IMO even for gaming there is no piece of equipment more worthy of being splurged on than a cpu. edit: i don't know how to get rid of these boxes!!!
  20. It is still too early to tell just how big of a performance hit we're going to see because of specter and meltdown. I would say that if you are buying a pc primarily for gaming and web browsing; the greater single threaded performance of intel cpu's still really make them the best choice as long as you can get the latest gen at their msrp, get an overclockable i7 or i5, and indeed overclock it. If you have other work loads that better utilize multiple threads, or streaming, or if you can't find intel CPUs at MSRP, or don't plan on overclocking, or plan on getting something lower end than i5, then i would either wait or get AMD.
  21. yeah, and even the older ones that they are fixing, it seems like the older they are the harder hit they are with performance. Someone said its even noticeable browser stuttering on their laptop with the changes.
  22. Intel said they're providing firmware updates for all CPUs made in the last 5 years. So does that mean everyone still using a 3770ks or 2600ks are fucked?
  23. I just got a light strip for bias lighting on my desk. I plug the strip into the usb port on the back of my monitor and it doesn't turn on. I plug it in to the back of my pc and it turns on fine. Any ideas what could be wrong? Power Saving features? usb port disabled somewhere? Do i have to run a usb cable from my pc to my monitor to power the usb connection on the monitor? The monitor is the BenQ XL2720Z https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GWFNMJS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  24. So, it doesn't fit this sub forum, perfectly, but i don't see another one where it fits perfectly. But I've been using a thick white plastic folding table as a desk for almost 3 years. An upgrade would be nice. I think my only requests are that it is relatively large, sturdy, easy to break down and pack if i need to move.
  25. yes, the hole spacing is different, the holes don't line up. I can't get the holes to line up, so what options do i have?