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  1. Most of Razer's mice use the 9500 or 9800 sensor which has significant speed related variance. While companies like Logitech, Roccat, and Zowie have most of their mice use sensors that have very good consistency. The one Razer mouse that has a respectable sensor is the deathadder, but the chroma and 2013 models still have inferior sensors to the 3g model. So even in their flagship fps mouse, they are moving backwards in performance. Outside of mice, i try to avoid gaming companies, because there are enthusiast companies for the other peripherals that aren't specified as gaming and tend to have better performance then gaming brands. But there are no other activities that demand the mouse performance that gamers need, so its the one area where a gaming peripheral is pretty much needed.
  2. switching from a 60hz monitor to a 144hz monitor was a bigger adjustment for me then going from inverted mouse movement to uninverted mouse movement in shooters.
  3. CoD is evil and teaches you poor fps habits.
  4. For typing imo it goes: Buckling Spring > Topre > Cherry MX switches > membrane (not going to rank the different colors of mx switches because too long and too subjective) you might be able to find like an old IBM model M on ebay, which are basically the best Buckling Spring keyboards available. be aware that Buckling Spring and Cherry MX blues are both very loud, they aren't for everyone.
  5. Puretrak Talent. Its slick for cloth pad. If you want a giant mouspad, you probably have a low sensitivity, so a slick pad makes sense. The Puretrak talent is durable, slick, and huge
  6. I'm the first Topre user to respond love my topre keyboard! The poll is a little flawed where if you have a mechanical that isn't mx cherry, you have to say that you have membrane in the third question...
  7. killing floor 2 and binding of isaac rebirth
  8. They purposely downgraded the optimization and graphics of the PC version of Watchdogs. Not only are they not motivated to making quality PC versions of their games, they are motivated to sabotage the PC versions of their games. PC is nothing but a little extra revanue after making a console game. They haven't even admitted they did anything wrong. No one has been fired over it. And they constantly lie about 30 fps being better then 60. A PR guy saying a couple nice words is nothing. Fuck Ubisoft. They are a cancer to the world, full of morally bankrupt developers that have no qualms lying through their teeth and cheating people out of their hard earned money.
  9. Generally i don't preorder, but its all a little too convenient that videogame reviewers and critics don't want you to buy a game before you have a chance to watch/read their review of it.
  10. In most games, they try to make the main character likable and the good guy while murdering hundreds of people. This game makes the main character a very disturbed, evil character that is murdering hundreds of people. This game is less disturbing then most shooters.
  11. Happy Hacking Professional 2 (white/grey) my first topre keyboard, first pbt keyboard. Really, pretty happy with it, love the keys and switches. A few minor gripes about key placement. crtl+alt+del is a bitch, two meta keys i don't really have a use for and only other choices was to change them to windows keys or FN keys, so FN keys really the best choice. Off the bat you have to use FN to do backspace. I was able to change it so by default do backspace. But instead of making it so Del is activated when using FN on that key, it is also BS when you use FN.
  12. Quickfire tk was my last keyboard before my current keyboard, one of the reasons i upgraded was it would not function outside of windows. i couldn't get into bios or select to boot into a different OS installed on a different hard drive.
  13. Games that try to mimic real life violence like modern military shooters tend to bother me, i'm from Detroit and gun violence is very real for me, a coworker's family member has been shot in the head and killed, another's son was shot, another regular at a bar i frequent has been shot, an ex has been robbed at gunpoint. But this seems like it will be unrealistic enough it won't bother me.
  14. If the gaming media side was taking these death threats seriously, they would not be broadcasting how effective they are. Telling everyone in the world that "Death threats that can't be prevented and can't be traced are super effective at instilling terror in feminists and forcing them to leave their homes" is an open invitation by the gaming media for people to give their members death threats. If the death threats were as terrifying as they claim, they would not be encouraging them like they are. Death threats are simply what they use to gain sympathy and support. This isn't some little known fact about how to react to death threats, almost every serious internet personality has had death threats and knows that publicizing them encourages them and if the gaming media contacted the police, which they claim they have, i'm sure the police would of told them how to not encourage more death threats, but they continue to do so.
  15. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 (really liking the topre switches, two tone, dye sublimated pbt keys and i love the extra desk space for my very large mouspad) Hifiman HE-400 (very fun to game on, with good clean bass, and pretty comfortable once you get used to the weight) Roccat Kone Pure Military (its a little too heavy for my taste, the sensor could be better, and the cable is kind of crappy, but i just love the shape of this mouse)
  16. topre most resemble the membrane you're used to; but they're also the most expensive by a significant margin...