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  1. I wonder what intel did to stop the die from cracking
  2. Frickin windows always decides to update itself in the middle of a render. Fuck

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    2. lewdicrous


      Settings > update & security > advanced options > pause updates, then click on the box under "pause until" and scroll to the bottom of the list and choose the date that you want. This way you can pause update for up to 35 days.

    3. Kinda Bottleneck

      Kinda Bottleneck

      Smh doesn't it detect that the pc is under 100% load and btfo

    4. lewdicrous


      We're talking about Windows here.

  3. I get where linus is coming from, but not the average user. I can't feel bad for any of these companies anymore.
  4. Damn... Never thought I'd see the day that people are starting to feel bad for intel
  5. Throw complex terminology all you want but you're projecting non existent issue at this point. Who expects an audience of terrorist when they just go "haha no legs" or whatever these days. How tf did the attacker manage to get a hold of a rifle in the first place? Anyways I can't reply after this unfortunately, the threads been derailed enough.
  6. Relax I'm not arguing anything. I'm just suprised at how you're making him out to be this 4d chess player. Don't be surprised to get a reaction like this when you insinuate claims of "terrorism" or what have you. Its honestly just boomer talk. Like those "disturbing messages" when you play music in reverse.
  7. Even if he did it multiple times, I can't see how this internet gamer bro tells you to commit heinous crimes. It was an event on the internet and he probably planned to include what ever was the big meme then. Also, he's spoken out against the attack. I don't really see how hes trying to convince anyone he's one of whatever.
  8. Pretty sure it was the "big internet event" then. People will shout out random things.
  9. I'm not sure if the footboard is still selling
  10. I haven't seen any issues but theres a very noticeable performance drop. Feels sluggish even.
  11. I'd advise running anything out of spec with a setup like that. Lower in game settings or smth. You don't want it to break before you get the new pc.