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About Deviantsteam

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    Junior Member
  • Birthday 1985-11-04

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    Gaming, Linux, Um I don't know if there is anything else lollol
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    Currenty student in Information Technology and well nothing really more to say :/
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    Hosting guru at large hosting company


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    asrock extreem 6
  • RAM
    8 GB Corsair Dominator
  • GPU
    6950 x2
  • Case
    Corsair 900 D
  • Storage
    1T WD
  • PSU
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    Asus 27" 1920 x 1200
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    Arch Linux
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  1. Deviantsteam

    Which hosting service?

    You can try Bluehost. Shared server platform is cheap and is really good compared to other cheap hosting solutions. You could go for VPS/Dedicated from them as well. I work in the website hosting business so if you have any questions let me know.
  2. Deviantsteam

    Is Tor secure? Opinions welcome

  3. Great topic! Loved the story
  4. Deviantsteam

    Building a Website

    Wordpress ftw! Squarespace is nice but not as versatile as WP. Take is from a guy who works for a hosting company and gets to work on websites all day long.
  5. Deviantsteam

    Best Linux Distro for me

    ^ If that's the case then you might want to look at Cent OS or something along that line If your trying to get something similar to Scientific Linux. Arch is only similar as it uses a Linux kernel .. but that's about it. Package management is different to use and some setup is involved to get it working as opposed to installing Fedora or Cent OS pretty much running out of the box
  6. Deviantsteam

    Best Linux Distro for me

    Honestly I love Arch.
  7. If your looking to bind the file system from one server to another you can use something like sshfs to mount a directory like /home from the other server
  8. Deviantsteam

    Best Linux Distro for me

    Just go LFS. if that's too hard then build Arch with KDE
  9. Deviantsteam

    visualization on pfsense box?

    Just use proxmox or something as a hypervisor, then run pfsense and whatever else you want on the hypervisor. You can also install Cent OS or something like that and use KVM
  10. Deviantsteam

    CDN's for weekly video stream

    Cloudflair is a very good cdn but honestly get a different hosting provider. If they can respond to you or don't have 24 hr tech support don't bother with them
  11. I'm assuming that you want to learn bash and shell and if that the case just install Ubuntu and a VM (assuming that your machine can handle it) and practice on that. I have a Windows machine with two monitors one screen with Windows 8 and the other with Fedora KDE and does pretty much everything that I would ever use it for ( server management)
  12. haha Arch is awesome just saying... but Its a real pain to get set up. I mean in your case you might just want to start with Ubuntu with unity installed. It's really easy to work with and is almost compatible with everything and does not look like a piece of crap. Another one I like is Mint OS because it also looks really nice and is pretty strait forward to use. The question you need to be asking is what are you going to use this for? Because different distros work well for different purposes.
  13. Just pick a distro and go for it. Personally I DO NOT like anything Debian but ehh (Redhat, Centos, Fedora guy)
  14. Deviantsteam

    Network+ and Security+

    Security + and Net + certs are really not that bad if you buckle down and just study the hell out of any approved books. Just watch out if your taking any of the Cisco certs...
  15. Deviantsteam

    Now i need a website!

    As someone who works for a hosting company, free is never good. you will be plagued with slow site performance and usually you dont get any versatility ( databases, mysql, php etc). plus good luck on getting any kind of tech support