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    Intel 6700K
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    Asus ROG Maximus VIII Formula
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    Corsar Vengance 16GB
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    Evga 1080 FTW
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    Fractal Design S
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    2x Samsung 850 Pro in raid 0
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    BenQ 24" LED XL2430T and Asus PB278
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    Razer Deathadder 2014edition
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    Dali SUB9F ac pcs, 2x Argon OCtave4A PAI
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  1. Well i have this pump linked under and it has a different pump top. It goes in next to the lettering on top where it says IN so i dont think the order is wrong. http://www.performance-pcs.com/performance-pcs-ber-655-fully-modded-d5-12-vdc-water-pump-matte-black.html
  2. No it does not, it goes down into the front rad then up to the GPU and so on.
  3. Well the pump is run of molex so i dont have any rpm readout. But i have attached a picture of the loop under if that helps any.
  4. Yes the fans ramp up like they should and i specifically bought the molex model with a speed regulator so that i could turn it up and down. It is set to 4 of 5 so thats why i was thinking it may be bad or broken.
  5. I have 3 120mm noctua industrial PPC fans on each radiator. and the pump is powered directly trough molex from the PSU
  6. Hello i recently decided to water cool my PC, so i did my research and went on and bought all the kit i needed to water cool my CPU and my GPU So i bought A D5 pump a Frozen Q res and CPU, GPU Ek water blocks. I also bought two 360 radiators one 30mm thick and the other 45mm. And of course i bought proper coolant and all the proper fittings, tubing etc. I also flushed my radiators properly. I then put the fullcoverblock on the GPU and mounted the CPU block. This all went far easier than i expected lol Then it came time to start filling, so i filled the ress up a decent amount and made sure the pump (which ofc is directly under the ress) had water in it then i powered the pump alone and i heard a sharp banging noise followed by some scraping coming from the pump then it started quietly humming like i would expect. But the problem was that it didnt didnt seem to push any water D: So i then disassembled the loop and build a trial loop outside of the PC. This loop only consisting of the pump, the res and one 360 radiator, so that i could rest the pump again. So i did this and filled it up again then tried to give it power. and it appeared to push water fine, all be it, a bit slowly but i assumed it was just air in the system causing it to be that slow. Then i reassembled the loop and started filling it again, this time it went a little better as it managed with some help tilting the PC i managed to get it bleed and got most of the air out. Then i checked all my paper for leaks and luckily the was none. So i then let it go for 24 hours in order to be sure there was no leaks, and it was all fine. Then i took the PC back to its spot and plugged it all back and put it to use. Then i took a look at the temps i was getting, and it was way higher than i expected. I have the CPU idling from 40C with each core getting up to 60C randomly. The GPU was better but still idling at 40C and being stable at 40C. Then i tried Cine bench and Heaven running at the same time and it wall almost went to shit. The CPU peeked at 87C and my GPU jumped to 67C before i cut it off. These temps are all wrong right? like I have two 360s cooling these so my question is, wheather the pump has gone bad and not circleing the water fast enough to actually cool the coolant? Any help or advice from more seasoned watercoolers would be greatly appreciated.
  7. yes success using my windows 8.1 media i got into safe mode and it still doesn't fucking let me use anything USB, brb throwing pc out window ....
  8. @JJOATz ye tried it now and it doesn't work, i suspect it cuts of the USB ports as soon as it boots D:
  9. I unfortunately don't have the boot device hear as it was on loan from my cousin, and every way i find on google just shows me different ways to do it when i am inside the OS already D; hmm i guess i have to go on a walk to my cousin soon
  10. Yes that was my thought too but that only gives me a choice to boot from the different drives i have connected to the system
  11. Ye no worries mate, i have actually not tried that yet often the most obvious things go by when troubleshooting LOL neeh my grandfather was actually named Rasmus so we are all good there ye gonna try safemode now, then report back Edit: anyone know how to enter safe mode without being able to access the OS?
  12. Hello i recently build my new PC and installed windows and got all the drivers installed, then it was starting to get kinda late so i went to bed. The next day i went to start it back up again to install all my programs and such. But then when it completed loading up windows and launch into the OS, just as it gets to the startscreen it cuts the USB ports and my mouse, keyboard and anything else i have connected to a USB port D: And then i am stuck and have no other choise than to restart. Relevant system specs: Intel 6700k @ stock Asus Rog Maximus VII Formula Things i have tried: Disbleing fastboot. Disabling and enabling XHCI hand off Disabling and enabling Legacy USB support Having longer post delay-times Clearing CMOS This doesn't make any sense to me it was working yesterday, and i haven't done any changes to the bios during the night D: I have literally been googling and tweaking with this the entire day, and i have nearly pulled out half my hair and the hole in the wall has gotten bigger.... So if anyone knows how to fix this i will name my first born child after you!!!!! PLisssss halp.....
  13. Kick ass build you got going on here man it looks like it will turn out absolutely stunning! On a separate note i am also currently building in this case. and was wondering if you thought a 420mm and 360mm radiator would fit ith the 420 in the front? and 360 in top? (both with small end tanks ofc)