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    i7 3770k stock clock
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    asus p8z77-v
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    8 gb corsair
  • GPU
    XFX Double D 7970 GHz Edition
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    Antec nine hundred two v3
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    Seagate 1tb hard drive, Crucial MX550 256gb SSD
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    XFX Core Edition PRO850W
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    Samsung syncMaster s24B370
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    Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler
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    Ducky Zero Shine DK2108S Blue LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Brown Cherry MX)
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    Razer Death adder
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    windows 7

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  1. So you wouldn't recommend to overcloock the i9 using the Nhd14? with that said i probably wont be doing a heavy overclock anyway.
  2. Hello guys I'm planning to build a new PC and i was wondering if i could use my previous CPU cooler NH-d14 with either i9 10900k or i7 10700k? Or do you believe its better find a newer cpu cooler? i have had this cpu cooler for at least 6 or 7 years. Thank you for your time.
  3. in the nvidia contronl panel "set up digital audio", its states that Displayport(1) is connected to the Acer xb271hu which is my monitor. should it say its connect to the speaker instead? i have made sure that in the windows sound setting that my speakers are the playback device. i also use realtek on my motherboard. I found when i plug in my headphones it seems to disconnect and then it reconnects itself and i hear slight humming sound from headphones but still no audio
  4. Yes i've tried setting the headphones audio jack to default in the playback devices, and there has been no luck
  5. Hello everyone, there seems to be a problem with my front and back audio jack as there is no sound coming out when i plug my headphones in. The computer itself detects that the headphones have been plugged in but there still no sound coming out. I made sure that the HD audio cable is plugged into my motherboard, and even unplugged and re plugged it in with no effect. This happened straight after I installed a new GPU into my system and i may have unplugged the HD audio cable to make it easier for me to install the gpu, im not sure if that has anything to do with it. So is there anything that i can do to fix my problem? Here are some of my system specs are: i7 3770k Asus p8z77-v Gtx 1080 Any help would be appreciated!!!
  6. Thanks for the reply guys, ill take it in consideration haha now im not sure whether or not i should just chuck an extra $100-150 to buy another brand such as asus, which is 1199. Do you think ill loose out on much if i buy the cheaper Gainward card?
  7. Hell everyone I was wondering if anyone had experience with any Gainward graphics cards? Specifically im looking to buy their Phoenix Gtx 1080 GS gpu, because its the cheapest gtx 1080 in Australia right now at $1069.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm planning to buy the acer predator xb271hu monitor, and i would properly need to upgrade my gpu to make full use of that monitor (currnet GPU is 7970ghz). So I need advice on whether or not it would a smart move to buy a 980 ti now or wait for Pascal. I currently have the budget for both the monitor and gpu, but i just want to make sure that i make smart decision with money i saved up. I'm really indecisive, and would like some feedback from you guys. Thanks
  9. Not sure if you guys have already stated or not, but will this competition be worldwide? if so: Vessel username: G3NI3 Favourite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  10. Thank you all for the quick reply, i really appreciate and your advice is very helpful
  11. Hi guys i need your help on deciding whether it is worth changing my psu now. I currently have an XFX pro core edition 850w psu that is 80+ bronze power supply and non modular. I was thinking of changing to evga supernova 850w g2 psu which has 80+ gold and is fully modular. There is no particular reason right now to change my psu, but i felt that i mite as well upgrade since i'm doing a small upgrade for my system. So what do you guys think should i stay with psu for now and then wait for a bigger upgrade to change my psu or just change it now?
  12. I hope it's price competitively, so it can be cheaper and maybe bring the down price of the asus rog swift. Also to encourage other companies to make similar monitors
  13. Do you think a single card set up such as one gtx 970 or 980, will be able to get playable frame rate (45 to 60fps) at 3440x1440 on Max settings in modern games? Also how did you find the input lag for this monitor, i know some people have an issue with lg um95 one
  14. I actually don't mind the design of the extreme card even though, it looks a bit odd. The competition ends on my birthday, so hopeful it gives me birthday luck