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  1. Hmm it only mention that the last PCIe 2.0 slot sharing bandwith with other PCIe 2.0 slots. Nothing about M.2 I guess like @Skiiwee29 said the lane maybe on it's own. All my other PCIe slots are empty anyways I guessing it should be alright. But if in another case say if you have multiple fast NVME SSD, you may need a board that have enough PCIe bandwith to support them all right ? Not just enough slots right?
  2. Ah nice, that's one less worry. So I just get the SSD and pop it in and I'm done ? There's no need any sort of settings in the BIOS etc ?? Or maybe even any sort of Mobo Driver ? ( If there is one I may have skip it since I didn't have a NVME SSD before , I did install SATA Drivers ) I mean I do know I must first use the Device Manager to setup the drive like HDD / SATA SSD. But I'm unsure about M.2 NVME SSD since it's well completely different.
  3. I'm planning on getting a M.2 NVME SSD ( finally ) this is my first one actually. If not mistaken, I heard that the M.2 slot will share bandwith with my GPU PCIE slots ? Is this something I should worry about ? I tried checking my Mobo Manual, it never mention such thing though. Also is there any settings I must On / Set in the Mobo BIOS for the M.2 NVME SSD ?? I'm using a Crosshair Hero VI board. I'm planning on getting the Adata SX82000 / XPG Gaming S11 Pro ( honestly I think both are the same thing , both same price except that in my country we don't have anything more than 512GB for the XPG Gaming S11 Pro )
  4. So in the end, I need Gigabyte Fusion RGB for both the Mobo and RAM and then I will need to download this specific one for the ASUS Strix GPU ?? Holy shit...why people even like RGB if it's this much of a hassle, the stupid amount of softwares you need lol.... Then you have a Keyboard software for RGB as well ( unless ones like Ducky ), then there's the Mouse.... Better yet, now even Speakers have RGB and you need software for that..... Monitor...I'm not sure how you control that.... I believe SSD and M.2 Drives mostly work with Mobo RGB software. How about Corsair's AIO Liquid cooler and ASUS's PSU ? Those have RGB....then we need another separate software for those lol... RGB is truly cancer IMO... I know people would say " Uh if you don't like it then don't use it.... " Well I would if I could, but literally almost every fucking thing have RGB these days....just imagine buying Corsair Vengeance PRO RAM....the moment you put that shit into your PC, it will already light up like a fucking Rainbow.....you STILL NEED to install the software to disable it....and you definitely won't want to....because the RAM will look disgustingly ugly.... When is the last time G.Skill / Corsair release a non RGB RAM ? Or non RGB Corsair AIO and Fans ?? RGB Fans is the worst nightmare...the amount of fucking wires and you need a controller....unless again you don't mind using ANOTHER software to control them yeepee ! " Why don't you buy hardware without RGB then ? " Welp again if I could I would...but as I said everything have fucking RGB these days, my local stores or even online retailers, only import products with RGB.... Non RGB RAM / most hardware is almost non-existing these days...because the market demand is R fucking G B...
  5. This maybe a very stupid question with a very obvious answer but I'm still unsure. As I know you use ASUS Aura Sync to change the RGB color on both your GPU and ASUS ROG Mobo, it can even work with most RAM like Trident-Z or Corsair Vengeance Pro etc. What if I have a Gigabyte Mobo instead...how do I change my GPU's RGB color ?? Can I use Gigabyte's RGB Fusion software ?? If I'm not mistaken, Gigabyte RGB Fusion will work with Trident-Z RAM right ? What if it's a ASUS Strix GPU ?? Will it work ??
  6. I just recall, if you see reviews the 2080 Super Strix or most of the Strix model cards there's a 3-Pin fan header on the GPU....does that mean the Fan 2 is used for the 3-Pin case fan you're connected to the GPU ?? Because that's the most logical reason. Look at the blow up view of the GPU there's one showing FanConnect2, I think the Fan 2 reading on MSI AB is for that....even GPU-Z shows Fan 2 Another question, do you guys use Custom Fan Curve or just let it completely AUTO ? https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/ROG-STRIX-RTX2080S-O8G-GAMING/
  7. Thank You everyone for their patience and detailed replies. This really help me a lot to get up to things. NVIDIA cards really work very differently from AMD cards. I think I would skip GeForce Experience, since I won't use Shadowplay ( nor did I even use ReLive on Radeon Settings ) I will update GPU Driver myself manually, I will always use DDU and do a completely clean install. Also I'm quite updated to when new Drivers drop, due to Facebook News by the Tech Pages I follow Overall, everything seems to be working as intended...I'm pretty satisfied with it so far. Haven't try out RTX though. Maybe I will download Quake RTX and test it out.
  8. So just got myself a Strix 2080 Super...this is my first time using NVIDIA so I have ton of questions. First of in the NVIDIA Control Panel, 3D Management, is there anything I should tweak ? Any sort of settings maybe I should turn off or on, something like that.... 1) Do I really need to install NVIDIA GeForce Experience ? Because I skipped that. 2) I can only tweak the GPU Clock, Power Limit etc via MSI Afterburner / ASUS Tweak ?? Unlike AMD which you can do with their Radeon Settings. 3) On MSI AB it shows that my Temp Target is 84C...should I increase that or just keep it as so ? 4) For some reason both GPU-Z and MSI AB shows that I have 2 Fans on my GPU....Fan 1 Fan 2...same for Fan Tachometer....why so ? I thought it doesn't matter how many fans you have on your GPU it had always only been 1 for all AMD cards. 5) On MSI AB Monitoring, there's a graph for " Power " is that the " Power Limit " reading ? On my previous Vega 64 MSI AB actually shows how much Wattage of my GPU consume... 6) Memory Clock @ 9000mhz ++ what ???? Maybe I've been using HBM Memory for too long lol...but since when did Memory Clock goes up this high lol ?? So what's are the Average Memory Clock for GPU these days ?? If I come up with more questions I will post it here.
  9. On GPU. Sorry I wasn't being specific. What I was trying to ask was, that will you pay that 200$ for a 2080 Super over the 2070 Super. What I see is you could squeeze out at most 5 - 15 FPS, depending on the game. Some games you can gain as much as 15 FPS ( actually few those titles that I play too ) But as you said, 200$ is a lot money for that mere bit extra FPS. Then again the difference is, a 2070 Super tend to stay at Average of 60+ FPS...but the 2080 Super, will easily do 70+ FPS in any games...even without testing it myself, honestly I can actually feel that 60+ FPS range and a 70+ FPS range. My eyes are rather pampered by my 144hz monitor. I can even tell difference between 80 and 100 FPS range. But anything more than 100 FPS, doesn't feel much different for me. I agree our money is our own, we can spend on it however we want. But I really feel reluctant to pay so much for a 2080 Super lol...but I mean if I really want 100% smooth gameplay that's the only choice. I'm just curious to see are most people willing to spend that much more for a little FPS boost.
  10. Even on a 144hz monitor ?? Or you're gaming on a 60hz monitor ?
  11. EDIT : Plz don't be confuse, I meant by Average FPS, not Minimum FPS. Meaning most the time the FPS you be seeing would be the X number I mentioned. EDIT : Ok everyone doesn't seem to understand the question. My question was, will you spend 200$ more over another GPU just to gain the difference of 5 - 15 FPS. Basically RTX 2070 Super vs 2080 Super As title said. Indeed paying 200$ more just for mere 5 - 15 FPS is utterly stupid...but seeing benchmarks etc. The Average FPS, will easily be above 76 FPS, that's the LOWEST Average FPS I've seen so far.... Point being, yes you're paying a shit lot more money just for so little FPS, but you be keeping your FPS at a higher " point " to get a smoother gameplay especially if you game on 1440p @ 144hz and your eye is so damn pampered by smooth high FPS gaming. So that's my question, would you pay that 200$ premium just to get that " feel good " feeling for your eyes lol ?
  12. If Im looking Cherry MX Brown feel which Gateron would it be ?
  13. How long have you been using Gateron ? More than 2 - 3 Years or less? If it's more than 3 Years are all the switches on that board still working ? And honestly Cherry switches aren't that expensive either I remember seeing you can get like 10X 10 Piece Pack for mere 8 - 10$. EDIT : Only 5$ if you buy 10++ packs.
  14. Lately more and more MKB start using Gateron even till the point some doesn't have the choice of Cherry MX , like Glorious MKB. They are either Kailh or Gateron. As I know more and more people starting to favor Gateron because it's cheaper for one. Secondly people like then because how it " feels " better than Cherry MX. But in reality, I've seen some really negative feedbacks from Gateron as well. As how they aren't equally created, some keys may make a different sound or even sounded noisy over a other. The Stems are lot cheaper, than Cherry MX, it wobbles. Durability isn't so good either I heard. Matter of fact I remember seeing Varmilo had Gateron switches, if you do pick Gateron warranty is not provided. But all these are experience of someone mentioned on the internet it could be entirely false or a minor case only happened to few unlucky people ? I would like to hear the opinion of any long term users. What's your experience like ? I'm most worry is the quality of the switches not how it " feels ".
  15. As of recent Window's 10 Patches, AMD RyZen Balanced Power Plan no longer needed nor exist with their latest Chipset Driver ( from AMD Site ). Now I'm wondering, which Power Plan should I use ?? Window's Balanced / Performance ?? I've try Googling it, but there's no solid answer. Most are old topics. Which suggested to use RyZen Balanced. Some suggested to use Performance. Problem with Performance, it will peg all your Cores to MAX speed even at Idle and never down clocks. I did try using Balanced, only played one or two games, didn't notice any weird lag and such though. I even tried Cinebench....scores is about the same as RyZen Balanced, give or take. No huge dip in scores. But I do notice when using Window's Balanced, some of my Cores doesn't run at 3500Mhz constant. It will go down to 2200Mhz then up to 3500Mhz and it's not like between few long seconds, but it's like ever 0.5, up and down up and down... Is this even " good " ?? I don't recall my Intel CPU even does this, it would least stay at a certain speed for a certain amount of time before it clocks down. Just like while I was playing KF2, some of the Cores be pegged at 3500mhz which it should, but then some of the other Cores be all over the place....constant up and down. But as I said I didn't experience any lag / FPS drops etc though. Because the thing is, back when I was using RyZen Balanced, all my Cores are at 3500mhz in game, constant no drops ever. Maybe a slight Boost on One or Two Cores up to 3700mhz for a mere second. If you do own 1st Gen RyZen do share what Power Plan you use. Did you tweak anything else ? I want to mention my CPU is at Stock obviously, I only OCed my RAM.