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  1. Dschijn

    Best Radiator Static Pressure Fans?

    yey paper specs...
  2. Dschijn

    Best Radiator Static Pressure Fans?

    2000rpm? You wanna vacuum your room with earprotection on? Best fans: Noctua NF-A12x25 (they beat my NF-F12 and are quieter at the same time).
  3. Dschijn


    Mora3 420 with 8x 200mm Noctua fans (push/pull):
  4. Yeah, get the NF-A12x25. Awesome fan. Pretty sure it would perform the same or even better than push/pull wiht the slim ones.
  5. Dschijn

    High/odd Temps after liquid metal

    The total height of the IHS is CPU+glue+IHS After delidding you don't have or way less glue and the height is less. I would recommend using a CPU only waterblock and a dedicated VRM block (if available).
  6. Dschijn

    High/odd Temps after liquid metal

    There is a chance that the IHS of the CPU is now sitting a bit lower since you delidded it (some poeple really had that problem) and the monoblock doesn't have good contact.
  7. Dschijn

    Aquacomputer Quadro - no USB

    Get the last mentioned adapter and and PC / laptop with USB, setup the Quadro and let it work autonomously after that.
  8. Dschijn

    Push vs Pull & Thick vs Thin

    I just used distilled water HWLabs wasn't that dirty.
  9. Dschijn

    Push vs Pull & Thick vs Thin

    Push/pull will give you just a little gain. Would be only worth it on the GTX not the GTS.
  10. Dschijn

    Push vs Pull & Thick vs Thin

    Great! Make sure to seal the gaps around the radiators so you will only use fresh air. Maybe consider front intake and top intake as well! Top exhaust will run on the preheated air from the front and you will waste cooling performance.
  11. Dschijn

    Push vs Pull & Thick vs Thin

    - out of the box 40mm - first step lower 62mm - second step lower 84mm Keep in mind that lowering the mainboard tray will make some PCIe slots unusable since they will be behind the PSU.
  12. Dschijn

    Push vs Pull & Thick vs Thin

    Please forgive beeing brutaly honest, but the GTX setup will work very very poorly! There is barely enough clearance above the fans if you mount them in the upper section and they will suffocate. You know that you lower the mainboard tray of the case to get more distance between the top and the mainboard?! Here is my attempt in getting better airflow in the top:
  13. Dschijn

    Push vs Pull & Thick vs Thin

    Please be aware that the top section of the case is super restrictive and not good for watercooling! Best way to improve airflow in the top is to remove the "sound breaking" sections on the side of the top. Slow rpm fans -> GTS since the other rad will not give you any benefits. But please explain "HWLabs 280GTX 55mm rad with the fans in pull configuration OR the HWLabs 280GTS 30mm rad with the fans in push configuration". Why not the other way around? Why does the GTX qill make you go pull and the GTS push?
  14. Dschijn

    Gentle Typhoon consumption

    0,6W is the Noctua NF-A12x25 ULN. The one with higher speeds consumes more. Why so picky about the power consumption?
  15. Dschijn

    PWM or not ?

    Yes you can! This is why I love PWM. Get the 12V directly from the PSU and connect any amount of fans.