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  1. R9 290x Vapor X Water Block

    eBay will be your only option. You will only get it 2nd hand. A new block wouldn't make sense at all with such an old card.
  2. My CPU Temps & Water Temps ?

    Is it just filters or also a front cover of the case? Modern cases suck in airflow.
  3. How many Noctua NF F12 on one fan header?

    Yeah, with a PWM hub or splitter you can connect (almost) any number of PWM fans to a single header while providing power directly from the PSU.
  4. ultra quiet rads

    For 120mm: HWLabs GTS with best cooling for low rpm fans and the Noctua NF-A12x25 for super quiet operation.
  5. My CPU Temps & Water Temps ?

    Idle doesn't really matter, load is more interesting. Can you measure the power drawn by the whole system under that load? Is the intake restricted with filters, mesh, front cover? Try with an unobstructed intake airflow.
  6. My CPU Temps & Water Temps ?

    I will just post some infos to compare... i7 8700k@5GHz and GTX 1080Ti@2GHz both watercooled with a HWLabs GTS and 3xNF-A12x25 and the radiator was NOT in the case (on top of the case, like a open test bench, for testing). I ran a test with The Witcher 3 and Prim95 on 8 Threads (to give enough CPU resources to The Witcher. fans @ 100% ~dT 10K fans @ 80% ~dT 11,5K fans @ 60% ~dT 13,1K I would guess (since the overall energy your system creates is lower than mine) that your heat transfer from water to air is not working properly. Is anything restricting the airflow? How is your rad/fans mounted?
  7. Any other options?

    You could submerge into 2 phase liquid like 3M Novec:
  8. Searching for a rad

    Sandwich the rads? Never do that. Next to each other might be possible with the HWLabs SR2.
  9. Push pull on h100x

    Yes, push/pull is possible. How should push/pull help with the positive air pressure?
  10. Dual Pump/Res Combos, Single Loop?

    Yes, my 755 got replaced 2x as well. Crappy pumps. Dual pumps are overkill for your loop, but you want to run them I don't see a problem.
  11. Dust with filters on radiator fans?

    You can get better filters, but they will restrict the airflow even more.
  12. Since there is not so much ahppening in the radiator market you can still rely on the "old" review. For fan speeds below 1000rpm you should consider slim rads, like the HWLabs GTS.
  13. Dust with filters on radiator fans?

    The filters are not blocking all the dust. Threre are still small dust parts that can pass through.
  14. A good 480 Radiator Out There?

    480 GTX is awesome as well. And really good quality.
  15. A good 480 Radiator Out There?

    Among the best: EK-CoolStream XE 480