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  1. 360 with 2 fans vs 240

    the radiator would also work passivly, but in the end the difference to the 240 should be very small. There is no way to add a slim 3rd fan? There are 120x12 or 120x15 fans.
  2. Must be a mistake with the mounting of the heatsink...
  3. Aluminium VS copper cpu block

    Something to read: https://www.ekwb.com/blog/aluminium-vs-copper/
  4. Just make the loop the way you like. Only rule: reservoir before pump
  5. I would suggest dual 240 (both intake) and back as exhaust (yes, that can work pretty good). And be aware that loop order doesn't matter, no need to put a rad between CPU adn GPU.
  6. Water Temps with this setup ok?

    10K over ambient is quite high! Seems to me like your rads are suffocating. Improve airflow and remove restrictions for the air.
  7. to delid or not to delid

    yeah, it's unnecessary. Especially if the qouted post is just above ^^
  8. Which of these fans to buy?

    no need to get the industrial Noctuas! They only have a "longer" rpm range.
  9. to delid or not to delid

    @Pachuca a full quote with pictures.... damn son
  10. They deliver it with 2 different length of screws. If you need other screws get M4 threaded ones.
  11. Some Poseidon cards are cooling very badly!
  12. Cpu Temp High on Customloop

    Is it a Evo block for this socket? I would also check the already named things: - air pockets - wrong screws/springs - wrong mounting - bad thermal paste In the end the Evo is not the best block, but you should easily outperform an aircooler.
  13. Cpu Temp High on Customloop

    Since your GPU temps are good, your loop itself is working fine. So the problem must be the heat transfer from the CPU to the water. Which block are you using? Have the temperatures been better before? Is the CPU delidded? Are you using the correct I/O on the block?
  14. Need Rad advice

    You will definetly get better temps with a 2nd 360. I would recommend trying all rad fans as intake and only the rear as exhaust. It depends on the case, but some do benefit from this airflow.
  15. Did you ever think about I/O? You have to extend USB, Displayport,... and seal the ports!