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  1. @Bgordy2013 Thanks for the suggestion, tried it which meant updating to 6.1.7 still have the same issue unfortunately
  2. @Mikensan Thanks for the idea, tried it and still unable to access it from windows 10. Screen shots of what happens on windows 10 vs 8.1 took both within a few minutes of each other on different machines. http://imgur.com/a/A2RV6 Unraid box specs, lexar 8gb JumpDrive USB one of the 'good quality' ones listed on their site http://lime-technology.com/unraid-server-installation/ . i7 920, 12gb cosair dominator, amd hd 5450, gigabyte x58 board not sure exact model, intel dual gigabit server NIC (not in use unraid doesn't seem to pick it up), WD red 3tbx4, 500watt cooler master psu
  3. No subnets setup all on the same LAN. To remove any kind of issues like this plugged them both into the switch in the router. unraid box is a physical box. Tested browsers chrome, firefox, edge same result on all 3. Can be pinged by all devices. I was able to SSH into it via putty from windows 10 and login as root.
  4. So trying to make a nas running unraid, however I'm unable to access the web interface from my Windows 10 pro 64bit machine. Tested it on another machine running windows 10 same issue. Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu can both access it fine. Any ideas? More details. Both windows 10 machines on wired LAN, both using local user accounts for windows. Unraid not configured at all just a clean install on a trail key.
  5. Vessel username: Lethalviperr Two favorite and liked videos from the LTT vessel page: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  6. Watched '5K Nvidia GeForce Titan X SLI Performance Benchmarks' and 'Insane Storage Server - Fully 10 Gigabit Network, $1500 Switch' on vessel and wow the video quality on vessel is dreadful and there are no decent quality settings such as 480p, 720p, 1080p. I think I'll just watch your content on youtube even if it is delayed the video quality is a lot better.
  7. yea it was the cables tried new ones and it's running amazingly thanks guys!
  8. Yea I'll buy some cables and try that out seems like the cheapest possible fix, I'll report back eventually (got uni exams coming up so might take awhile).
  9. So in the connector on the end of the cable should be able to see damage you reckon?
  10. Yea the cables are super cheap got them off ebay for a couple of bucks, used the same ones in my desktop fine though, guess I may have broken these ones though?
  11. Ahk, I've put them in my sandy bridge system and didn't benchmark them as such but after multiple reboots they were all always recognised and worked fine making me think it was the motherboard in the other system?
  12. Hi all! So I built a NAS out of old second hand parts etc specs below. I have 4x 3tb WD Red and they seem to keep dying but I now think it's an issue with the motherboard or cables as when one drive was not being recognized I shutdown wiggled the cables and than it appeared next time I booted up. So sometimes drive register and other times they don't, they get dropped from freeNAS arrays etc. So after warranting a few WD Red's and now on all new drives I do not believe that I got duds twice in a row seems unlikely, so is there anyway to test if it's the motherboard? Any add in card solutions to connect the drives? RAID card? Specs -i7 920 -gigabyte extreme x58 -18gb ram Thanks for any responses! Lethal,
  13. Thanks for all the responses yea I don't think I'll get it since in australia 50gb download will takes ages...
  14. Hey all, So I saw Titanfall on sale on origin and wondering what do people think of it? Is it a good game on pc and do people still play it? Cheers,
  15. Random question, why not a ASUS X79 WS board?