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  1. I have a 34" ultrawide with a VA panel and a 27" IPS side by side and the only thing that still throws me off is the deeper blacks on the VA panel.
  2. You might be okay with a 20' cable because I only had minimal artifacts with the 25'.
  3. That's what I did, 15' HDMI and a 16' active USB cable between the PC and link box. I tried a 25' HDMI cable but had some red flashing artifacts.
  4. The majority of the time it will work just fine but a clean install is always best.
  5. johnny5c

    Slow setup

    The two programs I listed don't require Windows, you install them to a USB drive and boot from it like you did with your Windows installation.
  6. johnny5c

    Slow setup

    I would try a bootable program like WD Lifeguard or DBAN to completely wipe the drive before declaring it dead, it could just be a bad partition and you have a lot of them.
  7. johnny5c

    Slow setup

    Will it let you delete all the old partitions on the screen you're stuck on?
  8. Instead of running four capture cards have you considered using a hardware production switcher? I just set a friend up with a Blackmagic ATEM mini for the cameras in his podcast studio and it's a great solution for under $300. It's limited to 1080p60 but the USB output shows as a normal webcam on a PC so streaming to multiple sites is really straightforward. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/atemmini
  9. I built one a few years ago as a gift for a friend, fun project but lots of cutting. This is the solution for using the original keyboard, https://www.vesalia.de/e_keyrahv2.htm
  10. Running two AIOs in a case designed for four 480 rads seems like a waste, I personally would go with a custom loop and something like a EVGA FTW3 Hydro Copper.
  11. I had a couple RPi 3s running Plex and Kodi but switched them out for Firesticks because they offer a much more seamless experience. With the RPis I tried most of the Android remote apps and about a dozen different keyboards, remotes, and touchpads but couldn't find anything that worked with every program or wasn't completely nuked after a update.
  12. I just had the same thing happen after a power outage, file system was corrupted but updating to the latest version fixed it. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/system-updates/ps4/#newinstallation
  13. You'll have to do more research but I'm using this 120hz MSI panel in my Dell G7 without any issues. It has a 30 pin connector and what's referred to as standard mounts. https://www.amazon.com/Screen-Display-N156HHE-GA1-7RG-078US-Leopard/dp/B07CWSWX4Q